AirPods : Wireless earphones by Apple

AirPods : wireless earphones 

Product made by Apple

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The AirPods is Apple’s latest wireless earphones that are very convenient. They contain apple’s latest own custom designed chip called the W1 that helps optimize battery use and processes the Bluetooth connection as well as audio. It has up to 5 hours of usage time while the box to contain the AirPods has up to 24 hours worth of battery to charge the AirPods, 15 minutes of charging is equivalent to 3 hours of use. The Air Pods are immediately connected to your devices when it is taken out of the box and can be used straight a way with the box charging the AirPods the moment they are kept. The AirPods also have sensors to sense if it is in your ear or not so that it can play and stop when it is in or out of the ear respectively with the ability to use one or both of the AirPods at any one moment. The Airpods also has a voice accelerometer that recognizes when you’re speaking and works with a pair of beamforming microphones to filter out external noise and focus on the sound of your voice. AirPods provide rich, high-quality AAC audio and wireless charging. It also has sensors to detect your touch so that it can activate Siri with just a double tap, of which can be changed in settings so that the AirPods can do what you what when you double tap.

There are also some complains about the AirPods like the battery’s idle discharge being too high, people thinking that the AirPods can fall out and go missing when in use and the high price of SGD$238. The battery problem has been solve when Apple upgraded the AirPods’ firmware to 3.5.1 while the Airpods falling out is almost impossible as it is made to fit perfectly and for the high price, it is very worth the price that it cost.

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For more info of AirPods, Apple’s latest wireless earphones, click here to go to Apple’s website.

Logitech Wireless Mouse M510

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If you are sick of using your laptop’s touchpad, the cheap mouse that comes with it or you are just looking for a mouse, then you should consider the Logitech Wireless Mouse M510 in your list.

When you first look at the mouse, it may seem like any other ordinary office mouse. But when you start to use it, you will realize why this is a highly rated product.

The Logitech M510 comes in 3 different colours; black, red and blue. The mouse feels very natural on your palm when you grip it and your thumb and pinky fingers are able to rest on the rubber grip very comfortably.

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Aside from having two side buttons on the left for going back and forward in the browser or to switch between songs, it also has horizontal left and right scrolling, which is very useful for people who may use applications such as Microsoft’s Excel for example.

One very useful thing that this mouse has is Logitech’s “Darkfield” laser sensor, which essentially lets you use it on almost any surface. This would mean that there would not be a need to pack a mouse pad into your bag if you are going to travel with your laptop.

Logitech has said that the M510 is able to run on just 2 AA batteries that provide power for a duration of 2 years. Even better, this mouse is able to run perfectly well with only 1 battery.

Overall, at a price of around 60SGD, this is an relatively affordable mouse  that you might want to consider purchasing. It is comfortable to use, highly portable due to its size and does not require a mouse pad to use and has a very long battery life.

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Seenda IBT-C04

The Seenda IBT-C04 music mouse has a really unique and interesting concept to it. With “music mouse” in the name, you can kind of guess what it is already. The mouse functions like any other and also doubles as a speaker and microphone which makes it stand out in today’s market where people would usually just buy mice from Corsair, Logitech, Razer etc. But a mouse with a speaker and a microphone? That makes mouse stand out from all the others.

The Seenda IBT-C04 is a 2.4GHz wireless mouse and is relatively inexpensive at a cost of about S$41, making it great gift for someone if you ever looking for one. This mouse would be useful for someone who has a laptop with broken speakers or if you are out and the speakers in your laptop suddenly fails.

The Bluetooth speaker and mic will get muffled by your palm and is probably more useful for Skype calls when you are hands free from the mouse. When paired with your smart phone by Bluetooth you can easily accept calls or return the last call. This could be useful when you are struggling to find your phone in your bag in the office when there is an important call you have to accept. The mouse connects to your PC via Bluetooth 3.0 USB dongle.

The mouse is built with ABS plastic and comes with 5 different colours, black, red, blue, silver and gold for the users to choose from. A rubber grip is under your right thumb (sorry left-handers) with the buttons to answer calls and control the speaker’s volume are located right above. The mouse is 121mm long, 70mm wide and 38mm tall. It weighs reasonably light at 125 grams by itself even though it may not be as portable as others available out there. The DPI selector sits right in front of the scroll wheel.

The 900mAh rechargeable Li-Po battery is charged over a micro USB cable and within 3 to 4 hours it reaches a full charge which it can play music for up to 6 hours and about 70 hours for a standard use depending on the user’s usage.

Seenda definitely produced something unique and different. The mouse is relatively inexpensive and has features you would never expect you might need in a mouse and could come really handy in many situations.

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Samsung Level U

Looking for a wireless Bluetooth headphone that is worth the price? The Samsung Level U could very well be the one you’ve been searching for. The Level U is relatively comfortable with earbuds that were designed to fit loosely into the ears. This way, you wouldn’t be able to feel the jamming sensation that some are not used to. The neckband, being thick in the center while a little thinner at the sides, sits at the back of your neck comfortably.

The device comes with two gel covers, the Hybrid Gel and the Stabilizing Wing Ear Gel. The Hybrid gels are made out of soft silicon but according to users, they didn’t stay in their ears as fittingly as the latter. However, both of them only comes in a standard size.

The earbuds have an interesting feature, they are magnetic. Therefore, they clasp together which makes it more compact and convenient to carry around. Though, due to its light weight and comfortable fit, you wouldn’t feel a thing if it was left around your neck.

According to Samsung, the Level U contains dual – mic for noise reduction, preventing the noise from outside interfering with your sound. With that said, the noise reduction isn’t flawless and due to the open design, there is still bound to be some noise leaked in. Therefore, noisy environments aren’t the ideal places to use the headphones.

The device has about 10 hours worth of battery life. When the headphone is turned on and when it goes into paring mode, there would be a voice prompt to inform the user. Also, when there is an incoming call, you will be alerted by the vibration of the back of the neckband. On the right side of the neckband, there are 3 buttons which allows you to pause and play music, answer and end calls, skip tracks and control the volume. These buttons are easily accessible, making it really convenient for the users.

Despite being just a headphone, the Level U is also able to read text notifications to you, which is not a common feature at all and is definitely one of the unique functions which make the headphone stand out from the rest. However, you would need to download the free Level App to gain excess to advance settings like such. This application is unfortunately only available on Android at this point of time.

The device sounded the same when tested with various different mobile devices. With less demanding music, the Level U performed relatively well but it showed its flaws when the incapability to handle more demanding and bass – heavy music was pretty obvious. With that said, this remains as a well – balanced headphone without showing lots of favour in any particular music genre. The headphone does distort at a higher volume though. If deep bass is what you’re looking for, this headphone definitely wouldn’t be the first choice but it still gives a pretty clean sound and is really suitable for casual listening in my opinion.

The connectivity of the Bluetooth was quite smooth but of course depending on the range and situation, there might still be a few problems. Also, the Level U is not waterproof and would become much looser with sweat. Thus it would not be the ideal headphone to choose when going for a run or even to the gym.

In all, it really is one of the more comfortable and convenient in – ear headphones but still, is not suitable for audiophiles at all. Of course, it doesn’t produce the best sound but it stands out most in its design and features. It costs about S$100 and including all its features, it actually is at an affordable price but there are definitely similar sounding in – ear headphones which are at a lower price.

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Logitech Wireless Headset H600

The Logitech Wireless Headset H600 is like any wireless headsets, it comes with a USB Nano Receiver and a chargeable cable. It promises to works well with your normal social media like Skype, Windows Live Messenger and more.

The headset comes with a 2-year limited hardware warranty. It comes with a six-hour long battery life but varies on how much you use it.

If you need to be on the move often, it has a fold-and-go design to pack when space is limited. It has adjustable headbands to suit you best and has simplistic on-ear controls to adjust the volume if it is too loud or soft. It is very lightweight so it wouldn’t burden you much when using it.

It has good Noise Cancelling so there would not be much disturbance and would not have to compete with background noise. It has a using distance of up to 10m but might vary if there are obstructions.

The sound quality is clear and has a lot of bass although the headset doesn’t fully cover your ears. It also does not feel cheap as it is firm and solid.

In conclusion, it is a really good headset that is also not very expensive at a price of S$89.00 and has a battery life that is quite long and will suit most users. However after a few months of use, the sound quality might sound a little choppy and some even experienced one side of the headset not working anymore. The amount of bass and comparability makes up for it though. I wouldn’t recommend this headset as the durability is not great but if you are looking for a temporary headset or doesn’t mind the cons of the device, this might suit you.


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Beats Studio Wireless

The Beats Studio Wireless is a great wireless headphone if you are looking to buy a new headphone. It comes in five different colours; red, blue, white, titanium and black. Despite being a premium headphone, it is made mostly out of plastic. The Studio Wireless comes with a cloth for cleaning, a cord if you want wired listening which sadly only comes in red, and a USB cable.

The headphone has a digital signal processor, three noise cancellation modes: adaptive, balanced and other. In the ‘other’ noise cancellation mode, you cannnot play your music as it is for blocking all noise when you want it to be in a quiet place.

The battery life for the Studio Wireless is at 12 hours and 20 hours for wireless and wired listening respectively. A five-light LED just below the power button shows the amount of battery left. For iOS users, connecting with Bluetooth will display a small battery gauge on your phone. This will be very useful as you need not take off the headphones to constantly check the battery left. The headphone can be folded up neatly and compactly to be kept easily in a small carrying case.

This headphone has a built in microphone for cell phone calls. One button on the headphone allows you to end or answer calls and change to different tracks. The volume control is just below the button.

However, if you are considering on buying this headphone, be prepared for its cost and costly repairs. This headphone costs  US$379 and after about 6 months of using the headphones, some parts have to be replaced, which means paying more.

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Logitech MX Master

The Logitech MX Master is a high-end mouse which works on most surfaces, due to the Logitech Darkfield Laser technology. It has a rechargeable battery with a long battery life which lasts up to 40 days with just one charge, depending on how you use it. Charging it for just a very short period of 1 minute will make the mouse last for 2 hours. If you connect it with a micro-USB cable, it will continue charging while using it. Basically, you will almost never run out of battery. This mouse is comfortable, smooth and precise and costs US$100


Like some high end mouse, the Logitech MX Master has a speed adaptive scroll wheel which changes the speed of the of scrolling automatically, on whether you scroll quickly or slowly and also takes into consideration on the length of the page. You can connect the mouse wirelessly by Bluetooth or by using the tiny USB dongle which is provided. You can also switch between three different computers by using the Easy-Switch button (which you can change the controls) , which is very convenient. There is also a second scrolling wheel which enables side scrolling

If you are a Mac user, there is a gesture support for the multi-finger trackpad gesture which can be controlled using the mouse when holding down an extra key.

However, like all mice, it also has its some minor downsides. This mouse is only made for right handers and there is no left-hander option for the mouse. The battery is also non-removable.

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