Google Nexus 5X

Priced at about S$530, the Google Nexus 5X has a light weight, thin and small in size. In fact, it’s so small that you would be able to  control the phone from one side of the screen to the other single – handedly. The Nexus 5X comes in the operating system of the Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

The device comes in both black and white. The white colour has a plastic rear and due to the plastic material, many users have pointed out that its design looks a little cheap compared to other phones on the market. On the other hand, the black colour version is made up of rubber, which probably is the reason why most of the consumers prefer the black one over the white version.

On the right edge of the phone, you would be able to find the volume and power buttons. The buttons are relatively shallow so that it suits the small design of the Nexus 5X. There are two visible speakers which sticks out at the front of the device. The 5X also has improved and sharper graphics compared to the Nexus 5. And the graphics isn’t the only thing that has improved, the new 5X has other functions too.

At the rear of the phone below the camera, there is an imprint fingerprint scanner on a silver disc. It also serves as a disc which you can balance your phone using your index finger when you only have one hand available. Google has intelligently hidden their fingerprint scanner beneath this disc, therefore allowing it to serve various purposes at the same time. It also is placed really conveniently and would definitely be in the reach of your finger. Furthermore, it also acts as the phone’s power button, meaning that no swiping or touching on the screen is needed at all. This way, you can power up the device efficiently without needed to place your thumb in an awkward position by finding it at the bottom of the device. This feature seems really remarkable and definitely is one of the main attraction of the phone.

The phone also has a brand new Android feature called Google Now on Tap. It allows you to search on Google without interrupting your activity on the phone. After scrolling through information, all you have to do is hold down the home button and the device will automatically search for that particular information through Google. This feature is pretty refreshing and creative. It does make searching more convenient though manually opening your browser wouldn’t occupy that much of your time.

The rear camera of the Nexus 5X has 12.3 megapixels while its front camera has 5 megapixels. Interestingly, it has a sensor known as the Sony IMX377, which has relatively large pixels and therefore, let in more light so that pictures would have better lighting. The front camera though doesn’t have excellent images to boast about, but is actually quite sharp. However, it doesn’t cover that big of an angle thus taking fitting in a whole lot of people into the picture might prove as a problem.

The interface of the phone is also really smooth and seems to have little problems at handling games. Compared to the Galaxy S6, the speed of the Nexus 5X isn’t that far behind at all. The battery life of the phone though doesn’t really seem to be that impressive and lasts for only about 9 hours on an average, a result many high – end phones would be able to surpass easily.

Though the design of the phone isn’t the best you can get, I personally feel that the phone has lots to offer and its refreshingly convenient features are really attractive. It just feels absolutely convenient in every way possible. Does it have lots of mind – blowing specs and an unmatchable performance? I guess not. But all that isn’t the main attraction of the phone at all, its how all the features are so intelligently implemented in a way that you get a whole creative and unique device. I honestly feel that the phone is worth the price and has definitely gave me an excellent first impression.


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AD Viso HP50

The NAD Viso HP50 has a few excellent features. It is very well – designed and comfortable to wear. The device also can be folded straight for easy storage. The headphone also has a clean and accurate sound. On the wire, you would be able to find a microphone/remote which is Apple friendly. Another unique feature it possesses is that it has a straight cable. However, Android might not support some features that this device has to offer and this headphone is a little costly.

You would be able to choose from three different colours when choosing the headphone, black, red and white. It can be considered quite lightweight for an over – ear headphone at 226 grams. When buying the headphone, it comes with two 1.3m cables which are detachable, a carrying case and a separate accessories bucket case to hold the cables and airline adapter. One of these two cables comes with an Apple – friendly three – button remote and microphone. Unfortunately, Windows and Android phones are not compatible with some of the remote’s features. The carrying case has a eye – catching design and is well – made to suit the headphone’s design.

The ear cups has a squarish shape, which might not suit everyone’s comfort and preference. The headphone’s ear cups are also plushly padded with memory foam and although the headphone does not offer noise cancellation, the ear cups does a great job at sealing out ambient noise.

The headphone is not extremely aggressive and would be very ideal for audiophiles finding an accurate sound balance as the headphone’s sound is really clear. Compared to other headphones, its sound covers a lot of details at a softer volume. However, the bass on this headphone might not be as strong as the ones on others.

Overall, this is a headphone made for audiophile which does not adore a specific genre of music and its great detail and sound quality makes it an ideal headphone. However, it might not be the best headphones at its sound price of around $400 and you might be able to find headphones of higher quality.


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