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The iPhone X, which was released a month ago, is a better version of iPhone 8.  It has a dual camera and it now has face ID function like Samsung S8.  And the picture quality of iPhone X is very good. When you see your own selfie, you feel like you are much younger. And iPhone 8’s battery have been tested on 22 December 2017. Like Samsung S8, iPhone X’s face ID function is making customers having quite a hard time unlocking the phone. There is also an improvement in adjusting the apps and swiping the phone. Also, iPhone X also has wireless charging.

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(How it looks like when it is being wirelessly charged.)

Instead of swiping down the functions like torchlight from the bottom, now iPhone X functions are swiped down from the top. This product changed people’s impression of apple as this was the only phone that does not have the home button anymore in apple products. But as always, iPhone is expensive. Converted into Singapore dollars, it is $999 for one. Although iPhone X looks big, but the black sides of the phone are actually not the part of the display screen of the phone. It is the front camera and sensors. iPhone X’s resolution is better than all the other apple phones. The color of the iPhone X is amazing that it can even blend in the dark. iPhone X’s battery life is around 11.45 hours. Portrait mode is a mode that allows you to take a very clear picture of yourself but in exchange for your background not being as clear. Normally, face ID requires your eyes to unlock it, but you can deactivate it by going to settings. That is very special, which other phones are unlikely to be able to do it. All this features makes this phone that expensive.

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(Colors of iPhone X)

You will have to buy a case to protect the iPhone as it is fragile and just one drop is enough to break it. I think this phone is something who wants to buy a phone that can last very long. Repairs for iPhone are very expensive so I think buying a case would be safe.






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HTC One A9


The HTC One A9 was confirmed by HTC themself on September 2015 and expected release date is November 2015. HTC claims that the HTC One A9 is a design worth imitating. Photos the professionals will admire. And offers a high resolution audio. Making the HTC One A9 the smartphone which gets all the important elements right.

The HTC One A9 offers a sleek metal frame with a touch of perfection. It has a SD Card slot and comes in many different colours.

With the HTC One A9 you can take blur free photos and any photo with a blurry person will most probably be some supernatural being. Capture RAW images with Pro mode and speed up your video by 12 times with Hyperlapse.

With a 1080p and energy efficient screen, and a 40% increase in colour compared to a normal LCD screen you’ll surely get the best graphics and gaming experience.

With a built-in DAC, all your 16 bit audio will turn into 24 bit high resolution sound for the best listening experience.

Design your own phone with the HTC One 9 it offers you the choice the personalize your smartphone.

For the price of US$399.99, the HTC One 9 is a phone that has quite a lot to offer. It has a great user interface, a great battery life and the other important elements of a smartphone are all perfect. A great choice for consumers looking for a new different smartphone.

Photo courtesy of: http://drop.ndtv.com/TECH/product_database/images/10212015110003AM_635_htc_one_a9.jpeg