Battlefleet Gothic: Armada

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada is the latest Real Time Strategy Warhammer 40k game. Unlike other RTSes, Battlefleet Gothic takes the game to space, during the time of the 12th Black Crusade. This game, is developed by Tindalos Interactive and published by Focus Home Interactive.

The campaign is unique compared to other games. The story is true to the original story written by Games Workshop and it is real time. As you, an admiral, you control the entire sector which is under siege by aliens, pirates and the forces of Chaos. Instead of conquering, this game is a crisis manager. Whether you should respond to a pirate attack here or deal with an alien incursion there makes a difference in the campaign. If you want to read up about the entire 12th Black Crusade, here is link .

Battlefleet Gothic boasts quite a few multiplayer modes. Escort Convoy, where you will either defend a convoy or attack it. Space Station Assault, where you will defend space stations or attack them. Assassination, where you have to defend your flagship or destroy your opponent’s one. Last but not least, the classic Planetary Assault, where you have to bombard on the planet below three times or prevent the enemy from doing so. In each mode there is one thing that is constant, every move you make matters. In basic, this is Chess made more advanced and harder, every mistake you make will have a repercussion on the game. Under such pressure and the need to make critical decisions makes the already tense game feel more pressurised. The decisions you make is not limited to the battlefield, even customising and choosing the ship to build can play a big part to your strategy.

The game, did stay true to its board game origins. Terrain advantages and disadvantages are a thing, along with the gorgeous background of the void. The planets are detailed and nebulae are vibrant. The ships, no matter from which faction consists of over 60000 polygons. The immense amount of detail and effort put into the aesthetics of the game is massive, and it paid off really well.

Overall, the game has breathtaking graphics but a difficult and steep learning curve which might falter new players to the game or the genre. Most upgrades however, requires a lot of Renown (currency) to unlock. The gem of this is the fact that even in defeat, the felling of pressure and enjoyment is usually present. The game is only available on PC costing $45 on Steam.

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Royal Squad

Royal squad is defense shooter game. It tells a story about a squad sent in the Second Great War, which is a war which happened in the game. There are the undead being summoned as a result of the dark lords which are the antagonists in this game. The story is told with words and pictures, depicting what happened, along with a campaign.

The player plays as a person who controls the archers in the game. The archers are invincible and will automatically shoot at enemies. The player is able to control where they fire by holding down the left mouse button and dragging it around the map. Mages are also deployed to assist you in fighting against the enemies, and will attack the enemies without any prompt from the player, and are unable to be controlled by you. Each unit has 3 different forms and are pretty balanced. One is unable to choose which type of unit is deployed every map, and the amount of which is deployed.

Besides the archers, there are also skills which are given to the player. First, there are warriors on the ground who are able to be deployed by the player, traps which stun and slow, and magic abilities. All the skills are have a cool down before they are able to be reused, and can be upgraded.

Every map you play earns you stars, and it also depends on the difficulty. These stars are then able to help one in upgrading your units or skills. There are 4 skill trees, for warriors, archers, mages and traps. Different skills require different amounts of stars and thus, the player gets increasingly stronger as he plays.

Overall, Royal Squad is a flash game which is worth trying out and  immersing yourself into, and a good way to kill time.

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