DJI Spark

The five colours of the DJI Spark:                                                                      Blue,Green,Red,White,Yellow.

The drone that I will be doing today is the DJI Spark. Its advantage is that it is light, has a very good camera, can sense obstacles and dodge it and has gesture controls. It is suitable for taking good pictures.But the gesture mode can only take pictures and it flies for a very short time.

The app is not very efficient , especially on phones with small screens and frustrates the user. In general, it a good camera in a small flying package.

With a affordable price of $468.49, like a efficient camera , you can get many good functions of this portable camera.At first, DJI Mavic Pro($999) with its features like the compact folding design, it went to the top ranking amongst the drones.But after the appearance of the Spark in may, everyone forgot the rest of the drones and only remembered this one.It has many features like the Mavic such as dual-band GPS and a visual positioning system to let it “float” 30 feet above the ground without falling.

For the Spark, there is a bundle for you to get a set of prop guards, extra props, batteries for only $699. You save $154, so why not get this bundle right?It comes in five colours- blue, green, red ,white ,yellow.

How do you operate it?Simple.

Just power on the blades of the Drone, put it in your hands and your face. facing the camera, tap twice of the power button.The camera scans your face.Simple as that.

I personally think this Drone is great for people who love flying objects, love to take pictures and people who likes cool and trending stuff. Basically, it has a great camera quality in a small package but it cannot hover in the air for long.

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Turtle Beach Grip 300

The Turtle Beach Grip 300 is a plug-in and you’re ready to go gaming mouse that is quite affordable by many. The mouse is a small and black with red backlighting and a design that leans towards the left. If you’re a left-handed, sadly this mouse isn’t for you. There is no thumb rest though the mouse juts out to support the thumb. The texture of it is smooth but rough enough so that your sweaty hands won’t slip off.

If you travel often, the mice is small enough which makes it convenient to pack. However, this does mean that the mouse is unable to support a palm grip. This is made for gamers with smaller hands.

The mouse doesn’t have any special drivers or software to be installed to work properly. Though it may seem the mouse doesn’t have much customisation, it does have 2 switches at the bottom of the mouse. You can control both the DPI and polling rates of the mouse using the switches provided. You can use this to fit your play-style really well.

The mouse performs best on first-person shooters and is not very suitable for RTS or RPG games that require lots of scrolling across the screen but not terrible. You would also still feel comfortable even after your hand perspires a lot.

In conclusion, this mouse is really useful if you’re an avid gamer who travels often, it is also not at all expensive at the price at S$57. Not only is the mouse affordable by many it also has excellent performance when playing games. Though this mouse is generally targeted at first-person shooters, you could find fun in other games of other genres too. I would recommend this mouse to anyone who loves FPS games and is looking for a cheap but effective mouse to use then this mouse would really suit you.

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Google Nexus 5X

Priced at about S$530, the Google Nexus 5X has a light weight, thin and small in size. In fact, it’s so small that you would be able to  control the phone from one side of the screen to the other single – handedly. The Nexus 5X comes in the operating system of the Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

The device comes in both black and white. The white colour has a plastic rear and due to the plastic material, many users have pointed out that its design looks a little cheap compared to other phones on the market. On the other hand, the black colour version is made up of rubber, which probably is the reason why most of the consumers prefer the black one over the white version.

On the right edge of the phone, you would be able to find the volume and power buttons. The buttons are relatively shallow so that it suits the small design of the Nexus 5X. There are two visible speakers which sticks out at the front of the device. The 5X also has improved and sharper graphics compared to the Nexus 5. And the graphics isn’t the only thing that has improved, the new 5X has other functions too.

At the rear of the phone below the camera, there is an imprint fingerprint scanner on a silver disc. It also serves as a disc which you can balance your phone using your index finger when you only have one hand available. Google has intelligently hidden their fingerprint scanner beneath this disc, therefore allowing it to serve various purposes at the same time. It also is placed really conveniently and would definitely be in the reach of your finger. Furthermore, it also acts as the phone’s power button, meaning that no swiping or touching on the screen is needed at all. This way, you can power up the device efficiently without needed to place your thumb in an awkward position by finding it at the bottom of the device. This feature seems really remarkable and definitely is one of the main attraction of the phone.

The phone also has a brand new Android feature called Google Now on Tap. It allows you to search on Google without interrupting your activity on the phone. After scrolling through information, all you have to do is hold down the home button and the device will automatically search for that particular information through Google. This feature is pretty refreshing and creative. It does make searching more convenient though manually opening your browser wouldn’t occupy that much of your time.

The rear camera of the Nexus 5X has 12.3 megapixels while its front camera has 5 megapixels. Interestingly, it has a sensor known as the Sony IMX377, which has relatively large pixels and therefore, let in more light so that pictures would have better lighting. The front camera though doesn’t have excellent images to boast about, but is actually quite sharp. However, it doesn’t cover that big of an angle thus taking fitting in a whole lot of people into the picture might prove as a problem.

The interface of the phone is also really smooth and seems to have little problems at handling games. Compared to the Galaxy S6, the speed of the Nexus 5X isn’t that far behind at all. The battery life of the phone though doesn’t really seem to be that impressive and lasts for only about 9 hours on an average, a result many high – end phones would be able to surpass easily.

Though the design of the phone isn’t the best you can get, I personally feel that the phone has lots to offer and its refreshingly convenient features are really attractive. It just feels absolutely convenient in every way possible. Does it have lots of mind – blowing specs and an unmatchable performance? I guess not. But all that isn’t the main attraction of the phone at all, its how all the features are so intelligently implemented in a way that you get a whole creative and unique device. I honestly feel that the phone is worth the price and has definitely gave me an excellent first impression.


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Seek Thermal

With the Seek Thermal, one would be able to have thermal vision as long as he possesses a smartphone. It is easy to carry around due to its small and light size. However, it does not come at a cheap price at all. When the users move the camera too quickly, the images would become grainy too. Despite that, it is still quite a useful piece of attachment for outdoor enthusiasts. It can also be used for security to keep any unwanted people away.

There are two cameras which Seek offers. The cheaper Thermal camera and the more expensive Thermal Xtra Range. They are available for both iOS and Android. As its name suggests, the Thermal Xtra Range is able to see objects which are further and has a manual focus function too. Jelly Bean 4.3.1 or higher is needed for Android while iOS 7 or 8 is needed for the iPhone.

The device weighs only 14 grams, is 1.6 inches long, 0.8 inches tall and 0.6 inches thick. On the left side of it, one would be able to find the chalcogenide lens and the connector which users would plug into their phones’ Micro – USB port on the right. Even though the device’s size makes it convenient to carry, it is really quite vexing to take care of such a costly device at such a small size. To help the users with this, users would also get a carrying case with rubber interior for protection of the camera when not in use. There is also a loop on one side to attach the case to a keychain or hang it from a workbench.

The application for the device launches automatically when it is plugged in. It would then be followed by an easy setup which takes only a few seconds. The device will work at any point of the day, with any amount of light. It would pick up any infrared waves emitted which we cannot see with our naked eyes. The maximum temperature it is able to detect is from -40 degrees Celsius to 330 degrees Celsius.

The camera does not really stand out when taking long shots but some details could still be made out. The application needed for the device is where one would be able to look at the camera’s viewfinder and perform other functions such as taking pictures. Users are able to control the colour palettes that the camera displays. Different scene modes are also available. An example of this is the Spot mode, which allows users to find out the approximate temperature of the object in the center of the camera. There is also a High/Low mode where users will be showed where is the highest and lowest temperatures in the camera’s field of view. The threshold mode allow users to customize the scene and show areas which are only above a certain temperature. There is also a Thermal+ mode where a split screen of both the image of the Seek camera and the phone’s main camera would be displayed. There is a slider on the screen of the user’s phone where users can drag to control how much of each image the user sees.

The Seek Thermal is a very interesting equipment which might be quite revolutionary. It is quite suitable for people who are very enthusiastic in the outdoors. One would also be able to check if hot air is escaping your house and is fantastic for home or personal security. With that said, it does come at a very costly price.

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