Asus ZenFone AR

Asus ZenFone AR looks Daydreamy

Lets talk about the Asus ZenFone AR, a phone that amazes many. The first ever first phone that lets you use Google Tango AR and Google Daydream VR. Tango lets you see more of your world. Just hold up your phone and watch as virtual objects and information appear on top of your surroundings and also allow us to measure the distance between the chair and the coffee table by overlaying line segments in real time on the phone’s display. While the Google Daydream takes you on incredible adventures in virtual reality.

Daydream View

The phone also has a faster Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor and 6 or 8GB of RAM and this allows more apps to be kept running at the same time. Faster speed to run games, allowing smooth gameplay and able to enjoy your time. Its screen is a 5.7-inch screen that’s just a bit taller than the iPhone 7 Plus and also with a “Tri-Cam” systems that combines motion, able to sense depth and a 23-megapixel camera. The camera can take 23-megapixel photos and 4K videos which is pretty impressive. 

Now lets talk about its appearance and materials. With a glass front and a soft leather back with a ugly-like rear camera which made the phone looks like something out of a mad scientist’s laboratory.

With a affordable price of  $599 seems worthy and a much better offer than a Apple phone in my opinion.With a raised home button that doubles as a fingerprint sensor makes it look like a more modern, advance  andriod phone.

In my opinion, purchasing the Asus ZenFone AR is a good choice out of all phones. Although the Asus ZenFone AR  is lightly skinned with the version of Android Nougat 7.0, setting up Tango and Daydream will be easy and straightforward taking only a few minutes.

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Critical Ops (FPS game)


I will be talking about Critical Ops, a first person shooter. A game with good graphics and nice gun/skins. Critical Ops is a fast-paced FPS that will test your reflexes and tactical skill. There are 18 weapons excluding the knife.

There are 2 game mode, Defuse and Death match. Defuse is a game mode where there are 2 different team, counter terrorist and terrorist, 2 different bomb sites A and B. A game mode where terrorist will have a bomb to plant while the counter terrorist needs to defend bomb sites and kill each other.$800 will be given to each player at first and the money will increase on whether you win or lose, you will need to use the money to purchase guns.

There is a timer of 1 minute 40 seconds, if time runs out without terrorist planting the bomb, counter terrorist wins. If terrorist plants bomb at a site and after 35-40 seconds counter terrorist does not defuse it, bomb will explode and terrorist will win. If you are near the bomb, you will take a lot of damage and might die. if teams kill each other and if all of the teammates dies, the team who survives win.

Death match is a game mode where you get any game you want and there are still 2 teams of counter terrorist and terrorist but this time you get to go wherever and kill the opponent. You will respawn every time you die. There is a timer of 8 minutes, 1 kill 1 point added to the scoreboard. 

The graphics are stunning with a maximum of 60 fps(frames per second) here are some pictures of the maps in-game. Requires Android 4.1, iOS 8.4 or later. Works best with a IPhone 6 or Samsung S6 or up

There is a control setting containing shooting/crouching/jumping/scoping layout settings like changing the x and y sensitivity and where the shoot button will be. There is also missions, complete missions and get around 20-30 credits. You will need 200 credits to buy a case. You can get skins for cases, skins are ranked from tier 1-7 . Tier 1 are commons while tier 5 are the maximum/legendary tier for normal guns, tier 6 are different type of knives without skin while 7 are knives with skins. In-app purchase are:

-240 credits for $2.98

-400 credits for $4.48

-1400 credits for $14.98

-3000 credits for $28.98

-10000 credits for $68.98

Overall i think that Critical Ops is a really good game to try out, it is not pay to win and can relax minds. Killing opponents allows you to relieve stress and have fun. Critical Ops a no-nonsense, action packed first person shooter, playing it can allow you to be amazed.  


Logitech Wireless Mouse M510

Image result for Logitech Wireless Mouse M510

If you are sick of using your laptop’s touchpad, the cheap mouse that comes with it or you are just looking for a mouse, then you should consider the Logitech Wireless Mouse M510 in your list.

When you first look at the mouse, it may seem like any other ordinary office mouse. But when you start to use it, you will realize why this is a highly rated product.

The Logitech M510 comes in 3 different colours; black, red and blue. The mouse feels very natural on your palm when you grip it and your thumb and pinky fingers are able to rest on the rubber grip very comfortably.

Image result for Logitech Wireless Mouse M510 colours

Aside from having two side buttons on the left for going back and forward in the browser or to switch between songs, it also has horizontal left and right scrolling, which is very useful for people who may use applications such as Microsoft’s Excel for example.

One very useful thing that this mouse has is Logitech’s “Darkfield” laser sensor, which essentially lets you use it on almost any surface. This would mean that there would not be a need to pack a mouse pad into your bag if you are going to travel with your laptop.

Logitech has said that the M510 is able to run on just 2 AA batteries that provide power for a duration of 2 years. Even better, this mouse is able to run perfectly well with only 1 battery.

Overall, at a price of around 60SGD, this is an relatively affordable mouse  that you might want to consider purchasing. It is comfortable to use, highly portable due to its size and does not require a mouse pad to use and has a very long battery life.

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Dell Inspiron 15 7000

This laptop can play pretty much any PC game you want without spending tons of money on the device. However,It is thick and heavy and has a mediocre battery life. It is a cheap yet has great performance. It works well on games like Fallout 4 and Bloons TD 5 quite well.

However games that require a better processor to play needs to be set to low graphics in order to have a smooth gameplay. I like to think of this is more of a gaming laptop.

The keyboard is responsive despite being shallow but the touchpad does not perform well but most people will use a mouse for gaming anyway so it does not matter.And as I said the battery life is not very good so avoid long periods of constant gaming.The screen does not reflect much light so you will not have any distractions when gaming.

It has a hybrid hard drive which can slow application and game load time But for $850(For better speed),I doubt anyone can find a better gaming laptop than this.

I would purchase this laptop for gaming due to its price and performance and I would also definitely recommend it to friends.Its only has a few shortcomings like its battery life. I do not think battery life is a significant problem unless the laptop need to be frequently moved around.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 4

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is a tablet PC with a detachable keyboard with the intended theory of a tablet that can replace your laptop.

Starting at $899 and for that price you get a Surface Pro tablet with an Intel Core M3 CPU, 128 GB of solid state storage and 4 GB of RAM, plus a touchscreen stylus that magnetically attaches to the side of the screen.With a Core i5 the price jumps to $999.Double the storage to 256GB and the RAM to 8GB, and the price is $1,299.This computer is not inexpensive.

There are also type covers, it connects via a magnetic hinge along the bottom of the tablet, and folds shut over the cover for easy transport. These type covers,costs an extra $129.The one design issue that Microsoft hasn’t changed with the Surface Pro 4 is its “lapability” problem. When the keyboard is attached, its rear kickstand works well on a tabletop — but typing on your lap or in a crowded airline seat remains a logistical challenge.

The “pen” is almost perfected and it is so accurate you can do art and even draw cartoons  using the surface pro.There is also a little eraser at the end of the pen.

Overall I think the surface pro is worth the money as it has good performance,design and graphics.However, it does not have as good battery life and may not be suitable for people who need the laptop for long periods of time.

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Lenovo LaVie Z

This is an extremely lightweight laptop and it is made from a magnesium/lithium alloy, much lighter than the aluminium that makes up most premium laptop bodies. It weighs approximately 1.9 pound (0.86kg) and is 13 inches.

It has a Core i7. The Core i7 is paired with 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD at $1,499 in the US .That’s a premium price but only $200 more than Apple’s lauded 12-inch MacBook . Yet the LaVie is lighter than the MacBook at 1.9 pounds versus 2.04 pounds (0.86kg to 0.93kg), and it has a larger screen and a much more powerful processor plus most of the standard ports and connections missing from the USB-C-only MacBook. It has good performance and battery life and is also one of the lightest laptops but it has a small keyboard.

Overall I think it is worth its price as it is a portable computer and it has good battery life too . It is good for people who work in an office and needs the laptop to be carried along with them wherever they go .However it is expensive and purchasers should think through thoroughly before they purchase this item.

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Lumia 640 XL LTE

The Lumia 640 XL LTE is a budget phone. Usually the camera of most budget smartphones are not that great and it is not cost-effective to get better lenses for it. However, Microsoft has managed to get a quality camera in this big screen phone without making it really expensive.

The phone comes with 4G connectivity and has a 3,000mAh battery inside to ensure a long lasting battery life. The battery life can last up to 10 hours of  web browsing time.

There are variations of the Lumia 640 XL LTE like one with a single SIM slot and an LTE 4G modem. You can also get it in different colours such as black, white or cyan. The colour cyan stands out most among most other smartphones that usually come in either black or white making it quite unique.

The Lumia 640 XL LTE does feel like plastic but it is quite solid and the casing adds a small amount of texture so it doesn’t slip off your hand that easily. It weighs around 171g and thus it is not much of a burden to hold on to as it is not that heavy.

It has a resolution of 1280×720 pixels and the colours are rich and bright with great contrast so it is easy to read it under bright sunlight. It runs on Windows Phone 8.1 and comes with 1GB of RAM.

It has quite smooth and great performance for basic use and the only time when it is usually slow is when it is turning on as it takes around 25 seconds from pressing the power on button. However it is not going to break any records.

In conclusion if you’re looking for a great budget smartphone that has not only long battery life but also comes with a great camera that is able to take photos with solid detail and great colours then the Lumia 640 XL LTE is great choice for you. Although the 720p resolution makes the pixel density lower and the performance is not great if you’re a power user, it is priced at around S$322.88 and might vary from different retail stores. I really recommend this phone for people who are wanting a cheap yet great phone.


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Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse


The Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse is a special type of mouse. Unlike other average computer mice, it has a flexible design. The flexible design allows the mouse to be curved to suit to what you think best and can be flattened after use for packing.

Another unique feature is that it does not have a mouse wheel. Instead it comes with a touch-sensitive scroll wheel, where all you require is a quick flick and a hyper fast vertical scrolling for smooth, intuitive navigation.  However, the mouse wheel tab is easy to lose track of and might cause some minor annoyance.

It comes with the usual two physical buttons for both the left-click and right-click functions. The mouse comes with the BlueTrack Technology which allows you to track on almost any surface, from your office desk to your living room floor. However, it doesn’t work on clear glass or mirrored surfaces.

A Plug-and-go Nano Transceiver is provided where it can either be stowed magnetically in the mouse or it can be plugged into your computer’s USB 3.0 port, but it does not support Bluetooth. By flattening the mouse, it turns off the mouse to avoid draining its AAA batteries with a green light to show the battery working.

In conclusion, the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse is a great mouse for people who are required to travel a lot and need an easily portable mouse. It also has a variety of surfaces that you can use it on. However, it is said to have a slightly unresponsive scroll tab and it is easy to lose track of the scroll tab, making it slightly inconvenient. The price of it is around S$59.95 depending on the retailer price. Thus, I would recommend this mouse if you find the price affordable and need to travel frequently.


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Seagate Seven Portable Drive

An extremely thin portable drive, the Seagate Seven has a helpful backup software and relatively fast performance. Despite being aesthetically pleasing, the only capacity available for the it is 500 GB. For a portable drive with that capacity, it can be considered as relatively expensive at a price of around S$137. For users who desire only a moderate amount of storage space, this device would be quite ideal to invest in, especially because it has quite an attractive design.

Being the thinnest portable drive currently available on the market, the Seagate Seven also has an eye – catching design. Besides its design, it delivers a performance which is quite satisfactory. It supports USB 3.0 and has a helpful backup software. The portable drive can also work on USB 2.0 at a speed of around 30MBps, which is the fastest speed a standard USB 2.0 can achieve. However, at its price, it is possible to get a portable drive with a capacity of 200 TB.

Its name, Seven, was taken from how thin it is, 7mm. It has a chassis made out of hardened aluminium. This will protect the drive inside from crush damages and shocks. According to the company, the device is able to function even after being run over by a small car. Users have also given feedback that the portable drive feels rugged and is almost impossible to bend.

The device also comes with a USB 3.0 cable which has a foot – long length. When it is connected, a small blue status light would light up and it would pulse lightly when data activities are taking place. The portable drive is preformatted by using exFAT file system. This would mean that both Windows and Mac would work with it without requiring a software installation or setup.

The device also comes with the Seagate Dashboard application. The application has three main backup functions, the PC, Social and Mobile Backup. Only available for Windows, users are able to back up a computer’s file and its folders to the portable drive by using the PC Backup. You are able to let the software pick what should be backed up or alternatively,  you are able to choose the files yourself. The Social Backup function will allow users to share your media to social – networking sites, and the other way around too. The Mobile Backup will allow you to store content on mobile devices by using the downloadable application, Seagate Mobile Backup.

Overall, this is not a portable drive with extremely stunning performances nor does it have a very huge capacity. It is though, extremely sleek, good looking and has a very helpful backup software. I personally would not pay for a portable drive at this price but it might be a more attractive choice if its price dropped.

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The AirDog is a is an extremely accurate drone. This drone does not have  a large remote control and has the AirLeash, which is an armband which has a control pad on it. The drone is wirelessly tethered to the AirLeash by using very long – range Bluetooth connection. The drone will fly around the AirLeash in order to keep up with the user’s movement.

Its turning is very smooth and keeps up with movement smartly. Tests have shown that when the user stopped, the drone stopped and hovered. During takeoff and landing, it is completely autonomous. Alternatively, you can fly it with a radio transmitter by using the directional buttons on the AirLeash. It can also be folded into a tidy package. The propellers are able to be folded into half to make the AirDog more portable and easier to carry around.

It has a GoPro camera and weighs 1.85kg including its removable battery. Its battery life depends on how fast it is travelling and is estimated to last between 10 – 20 minutes. It has a maximum speed of 64kph. There is also a downloadable app which the user can use to program the AirDog to perform actions like hovering and  adjusting the angle of the camera or to just stay on the subject. The AirDog also comes with the AirLeash, a gyro – stabilised gimbal to mount the camera on, a battery and a charger.

Overall, this is a very creative and unique drone at quite a costly price. It most probably will have more features and improvements and is a product worth to take your eyes on.

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