Pokemon Emerald






Pokemon Emerald is the third generation of Pokemon together with Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire. The player starts out with either a Treeko, Torchick and Mudkip. This Generation has 135 new Pokemon on top of the 251 Pokemon from generation 1 and 2.


As you could probably see in the picture, the Rayquaza is one of the legendaries in the game, and with Ruby and Sapphire, the legendary is Groudon and Kyogre respectively.There is also the Regi trio RegiRock RegIce and RegiSteel, Latios and Latias, Jirachi and Deoxys.

This Generation features new things like Pokemon natures, genders, personalities  and abilities. There is also now berries that Pokemon can hold and use during battle so that you can heal status effects. one can heal paralysis, one can heal burn effects, one that cures poison and more.

There is the addition of Double battles, and a Battle Frontier, adding to the original battle tower.


The villains are no longer team rocket, but team magma and aqua, who wants to capture Groudon and Kyogre respectively.

There is also a new set of Gym leaders, Elite Four and Champion.

The Gym leaders are Roxxane who uses Rock types, Brawly who uses Fighting types, Wattson who uses electric types, Flannery who uses Fire types, Norman who uses Normal types, Winona who uses Flying types.

There are two Gyms where you would have to do a double battle. The psychic type gym and the water type Gym. The Elite is Phoebe who uses Ghost types, Glacia who uses Ice types, Drake(not from the orange islands) who uses Dragon types, and Sydney who uses dark types.

Spoilers Ahead

The Champion is… Wallace! The same Wallace in the water type gym. He still uses water types. However, he does not use the same team so he would be much tougher.

End of Spoiler


Personally, I have enjoyed the game a lot, and I would recommend others playing it.

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Mac Pro

The Mac Pro has powerful hardware, and can output up to three 4K displays simultaneously. However it has a hefty price of around $3000. It is meant for professional use and not very suitable for home use. So it is probably not the best idea to purchase it for home use as it is pretty costly.

This new version’s interior space has about a tenth of the old Mac Pro and it is very significant when put side by side. It can still be used for home-use however it is not recommended as it is costly as I mentioned and it is not the best way to spend your money. The smaller design is aimed to be more efficient and cooling. The noise level of this item is also more quiet than the Mac Mini. It is appealing in design and performs greatly.

Overall, I personally will not purchase this product to use as leisure due to its price and you can probably use the money on another computer without as much features that we do not use. However it can be incredibly good when for professional use as it in most cases work well and faster than most other high-end Windows desktops.

60 Seconds

60 seconds is a game all about scavenging and decision making. You have 60 seconds to get all the supplies you want(and people) and put them into the bunker the way that you will be safe from the nuclear bomb. After 60 seconds, you jump into the bunker and try to survive. There are multiple items and threats in the game such as mutant spiders and different kind of illnesses.

There are 4 main characters in the game. Ted the father, Dolores the mother, Timmy the son, Mary Jane the daughter and last but not least, pancake the dog. Timmy is known to be the best at going out to the aftermath of the nuclear bomb. Of course there will be radiation but you can use a gas mask to protect Timmy. Some say that Mary Jane is the worst character as she eats up all the food and she uses up the most of the resources. No one seems to have any opinion on the other characters though. Pancake can only be unlocked in certain events.

The general resources are food and water. But due to the lack of resources these must be rationed. There are other resources like ammunition for trading and cleaning, however, it is not used for firing a gun. This might or might not be a bug. There is also an axe for defence, medical uses and removing indoor threats. There is the boy scout handbook that is very useful and not consumed when used. A checker board prevent characters form going insane. Deck of cards for gambling and gaining sanity. Flashlight for getting Pancake. Gas Mask helps to prevent sickness when going into the wilderness Map for military event. Medkit for curing someone of all sickness and wounds. Poison will kill roaches and it can also be turned into a medkit. It can also be used as a defence. Radio for contacting military and increasing sanity. Rifle for defence. Padlock for locking shelter when it is left abandoned. Suitcase used for bringing additional items when scavenging.

This game costs $10.50 and if you can, you should try this game, it is fun and enjoyable. It is available on steam now.

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Dell Inspiron 15 7000

This laptop can play pretty much any PC game you want without spending tons of money on the device. However,It is thick and heavy and has a mediocre battery life. It is a cheap yet has great performance. It works well on games like Fallout 4 and Bloons TD 5 quite well.

However games that require a better processor to play needs to be set to low graphics in order to have a smooth gameplay. I like to think of this is more of a gaming laptop.

The keyboard is responsive despite being shallow but the touchpad does not perform well but most people will use a mouse for gaming anyway so it does not matter.And as I said the battery life is not very good so avoid long periods of constant gaming.The screen does not reflect much light so you will not have any distractions when gaming.

It has a hybrid hard drive which can slow application and game load time But for $850(For better speed),I doubt anyone can find a better gaming laptop than this.

I would purchase this laptop for gaming due to its price and performance and I would also definitely recommend it to friends.Its only has a few shortcomings like its battery life. I do not think battery life is a significant problem unless the laptop need to be frequently moved around.

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HP ProBook 6360b


The HP ProBook 6360b has a solid feel, an excellent keyboard, and an up-to-date second-gen Intel Core i5 processor. However it has boring looks, a bulky design, and business-oriented features that make this a laptop your IT department may love, but you probably won’t be enthusiastic about.

We have seen some high-design business laptops, particularly thin 13-inchers, emerge as trendy alternatives to the consumer laptops, but the ProBook 6360b isn’t one of those. While well-appointed, this $814 laptop is neither a bargain nor a real looker, and it’s one of the thickest 13-inchers we’ve ever seen.If an IT department hands you one of these, don’t worry: it’s a good laptop. I just wouldn’t advise running out and buying one for home use.

Squared-off, darkly bronzed, and thick like an office chair, the HP ProBook 6360b is the plain blue blazer of laptops. It’s timeless, but not in a way you’d be proud of. Open it up in a coffee shop, and you’ll instantly be seen as someone who took your business laptop for a walk.

The 4GB of RAM included in the ProBook 6360b is increasingly standard on mainstream Windows laptops, but the 320GB hard drive, albeit at 7,200rpm, feels a little small for the price now that we’ve become used to seeing 500GB

It has a very good processor (Core i5-2410M), programs run fast and multitasking is a breeze, unlike the laptop I have at home,*cough cough*.However most of us are already used to such speed so its does not really stand out.

Overall I think it is worth the money and although it is not very thin,who cares? All I care about in a laptop is speed and memory which this laptop has so I would not mind purchasing this laptop to replace my old laptop.

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iPhone 6S Plus

The iPhone 6S plus has a bigger battery, a larger screen than an iPhone 6.The Plus gets you a 5.5-inch display instead of the 4.7-inch one of the iPhone 6S. And while the Plus’s camera sensor and resolution is identical to that on the smaller iPhone, it adds optical image stabilization, which can deliver more blur-free photos in certain light conditions (especially if you’re zooming).I think it is suitable for gaming , watching videos and stuff like that due to the big screen.

This iPhone has better speed and the new A9 and 2GB RAM makes it feel faster than normal phones the apps also load better and faster.The camera is upgraded but if you are such a serious photographer that you take note of the small difference , you might as well get a camera.The only obvious difference is when you take a picture while zooming in.

However , this iPhone still cannot replace an iPad or tablet.Also some apps still do not optimize for the iPhone 6S Plus’s larger screen.In my opinion its battery life makes up for that as it can last throughout the day even without using power-saving mode.

Its average price is around $870 and if I could afford it I would definitely purchase it.For its better speed larger screen and camera performance although the camera is not much different than the 6S. Its battery life still can be improved though.

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Samsung Portable SSD T1

The Samsung Portable SSD T1 is a one-of-kind portable drive. It’s a bit larger than a thumbdrive, as easy to use, yet has up to 1TB of storage space.It has great performance.It has a three year warranty and you can also set a password to it.It is lightweight yet has 250GB , 500GB or 1TB depending on how much space you need.It is $179,$299,$599 respectively.If you can pay for it, I would recommend it , but only if you need this much space.

Just one thing , if you have valuable information and it gets exposed to water, it should be taken to a technician quickly or the data may be gone for good.It is NOT waterproof so beware! Other than that, I feel that it has amazing performance!

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HTC Desire 520


HTC’s latest budget-friendly smartphone is one of the cheapest available. On the surface, the phone looks appealing to average consumers.It’s when you dive deeper that you see a dated operating system, limited storage and poor battery life. While it may be cheaper than the competition, the Desire 520 sacrifices more to get there. For that reason, I don’t recommend it.

Sense gobble up most of the phone’s 8GB storage, leaving you with 3.25GB of storage for all of your apps, music, videos and photos. Luckily, there’s a microSD card slot under the back cover for added storage. Like many other recent budget-friendly phones, the Desire 520 lacks NFC, which means you can’t make mobile payments through Android Pay.

Overall,I think it is definitely not worth the money as its performance is extremely poor and its camera and battery life is not any better.It’s small, which makes it comfortable to hold, but the sleek backing which may cause it to slip from your hand more than once. The camera lens also protrudes slightly from the back which means you will have to worry when placing it on a rough surface. I would personally not purchase the phone due to its shortcomings.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is a tablet PC with a detachable keyboard with the intended theory of a tablet that can replace your laptop.

Starting at $899 and for that price you get a Surface Pro tablet with an Intel Core M3 CPU, 128 GB of solid state storage and 4 GB of RAM, plus a touchscreen stylus that magnetically attaches to the side of the screen.With a Core i5 the price jumps to $999.Double the storage to 256GB and the RAM to 8GB, and the price is $1,299.This computer is not inexpensive.

There are also type covers, it connects via a magnetic hinge along the bottom of the tablet, and folds shut over the cover for easy transport. These type covers,costs an extra $129.The one design issue that Microsoft hasn’t changed with the Surface Pro 4 is its “lapability” problem. When the keyboard is attached, its rear kickstand works well on a tabletop — but typing on your lap or in a crowded airline seat remains a logistical challenge.

The “pen” is almost perfected and it is so accurate you can do art and even draw cartoons  using the surface pro.There is also a little eraser at the end of the pen.

Overall I think the surface pro is worth the money as it has good performance,design and graphics.However, it does not have as good battery life and may not be suitable for people who need the laptop for long periods of time.

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Lenovo LaVie Z

This is an extremely lightweight laptop and it is made from a magnesium/lithium alloy, much lighter than the aluminium that makes up most premium laptop bodies. It weighs approximately 1.9 pound (0.86kg) and is 13 inches.

It has a Core i7. The Core i7 is paired with 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD at $1,499 in the US .That’s a premium price but only $200 more than Apple’s lauded 12-inch MacBook . Yet the LaVie is lighter than the MacBook at 1.9 pounds versus 2.04 pounds (0.86kg to 0.93kg), and it has a larger screen and a much more powerful processor plus most of the standard ports and connections missing from the USB-C-only MacBook. It has good performance and battery life and is also one of the lightest laptops but it has a small keyboard.

Overall I think it is worth its price as it is a portable computer and it has good battery life too . It is good for people who work in an office and needs the laptop to be carried along with them wherever they go .However it is expensive and purchasers should think through thoroughly before they purchase this item.

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