Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a game that requires your hands to be quick and agile. It costs $2.69 for iOS and Android. It ranges in different levels from the easiest to the hardest. It is about a character in a square-like shape that you can change its colour and face as you complete levels.Levels are downloaded and there is a name of the creator to tell you who created the level. The popular levels are always at the top with many comments.Some levels require to switch to different transportation such as spaceships, through portals as shown above in the picture.

People who cannot handle the levels and try a demo of the level through a button named “Practice” before trying the actual level. But the level will not be considered complete through Practice.

Until now there are still a lot of people playing it even it was released long ago. For those who cannot spend money on games, they can try the other two versions of the game such as ‘Geometry Dash World’ and ‘Geometry Dash Meltdown'(shown above in the pictures) for free for a glimpse of the game even on iOS.

The other two versions has almost the same features as the original version of the game , ‘Geometry Dash’ except ‘Geometry Dash Meltdown’ cannot download levels and only has trial levels which are very few. ‘Geometry Dash World’ has almost the same features as ‘Geometry Dash’ except it has lesser levels.

And all the levels in the 3 versions even the trial levels , has its own unique background music to enhance the level and attract music lovers to play.

This game was released by Robtop Games and was produced by Robert Topala. The character reacts by jumping and dropping by tapping and not tapping respectively.

This game contains achievements that are completed through finishing difficult levels , collecting stars etc.

Sometimes , after you complete a level , you can get a secret silver colour key that can unlock a secret vault that contains many attractive treasures as you collect more keys to unlock them.

This game is suitable for people who loves music or gaming , even both.

I think this game is in general very demanding and requires quick reaction.  For people with not that fast reaction, i would recommend them to start from the easiest level. This game is compatible with iOS 8.0 or later, with iPhone, iPad and iPhone touch, requires Android 4.0 and up.


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Plantronics Voyager Legend

Plantronics Voyager Legend

Advantage: Smaller and lighter then other typical headsets. Very clear sounds can be heard from the headset and its design is very innovative and ingenious. It is very smooth so people feels good when they wear it.

Disadvantage: Its large boom mic arm is. Its tip do not form a secure audio zip.

Generally: The microphone is not for people who likes to keep up with the trend but is for people who love talking for its clear music quality and its comfortability.


Let’s kick off by talking about its design and its origin. Plantronics has been in the market since the arrival of the Jet Age and popular days of the Apollo space program. This event displays the company’s latest Bluetooth Headset, the $99.99 Voyage headset. It is definitely a famous name but created as a product after the Plantronics Voyager Pro Plus, and the Legend does the unexpected. Improved, it has a better quality, it is smaller, it is easier to wear and its battery life lasts longer. It is still incomparable to minute headsets but if clear sound quality is the main thing you want, then this will be the best headset for you .

This contraption is one of the best headsets created these days. Its well-respected design makes it more bulky than its rivals such as Motorola Elite Silver, Jawbrone Era, or even Plantronic’s own M55. It is beautiful compared to Jedra Supreme. Compared to the Supreme, it has a great feel made from plastic. Although its ear loop is wide , but it provides maneuver in easy touch. The ear loop’s bottom poses a robust power.

I feel that generally this product is very worthwhile the deal and a very good option for buying. It costs only $99.99  so the more you should buy it.

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Corsair Void Surround

Corsair’s products have been ergonomic and eye catching. The Corsair Void Surround is no different. One of the 5 Void headsets on sale, the Void Surround has a few things the other Voids don’t.

To start off, imagine a peripheral device that can be used on pretty much anything that is up to date. That is the Void Surround. It is able to be used on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and even on mobile devices, if they have a 3.5 mm audio jack. The versatility of this headphone is one of its strengths. However it is still able to be used on older platforms, some however might require an adapter.

Another feature is a Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound, by using the USB Dolby Headphone adapter. What does this mean? You can have surround sound while playing your favourite games on console. So if you want to experience The Last of Us or Uncharted with surround sound to have the best experience possible, this is also a good pick.

The microphone and the frame is not to be underestimated. Corsair teamed up with a few designing experts from BMW to make an ultra-iconic and ultra-comfortable design. The ear cups are ear-shaped and fit around your ear instead of rubbing against them. This itself allows a long lasting gaming marathon without fatigue kicking in very quickly. The icing on the cake for comfort is that the ear cups have memory foam microfibre wrapped around it.

The microphone itself has a program called InfoMic. On the tip of the mic, there are two lights, one to notify you about battery life, microphone mute condition and some settings. Unlike most other headphones, the buttons to toggle mute, adjust volume or swapping presets are not on the cords. Instead of making the cords look slightly weird, with that little bulge,  the buttons are on the ear cup to make it more comfortable and efficient to use and there is no need to fumble about to find that bulge.

Sound quality wise, it is still something to look up to. With 50mm neodymium drives and the aforementioned Surround Sound, listening experience are both gaming and music are equally good. Due to its strong drivers, the bass is strong and its pirmary focus. It also has a very wide dynamic range. The mid-range and high-end might not be on par with the bass’ quality, they are regardless still very good and decently clear.

So, if you want a gaming headset that looks nice, have quite a good sound quality and have a microphone that updates you about its status. This is one of the best choices. The surround sound is an ad-on that quite some people will like, giving more immersion to those epic singleplayer games and campaigns. With a price of 115SGD, this headphone is a good deal for its price.

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Monstercat Best of 2016


The annual mix for Monstercat is out, with 2 and a half hours of songs altogether, this album has a good number of songs. Out of the 40 songs, I will only review 10 of them. They are in no order.

Noisestorm – Antihero

Using the same formula as Heist last year, the trap song has a catchy start with Arabic-sounding buildups and using horns for a good portion of the starting melody. The drop is somewhat good, but it can surely be better.

Marshmello – Alone

A big hit in the electronic charts, undoubtedly Alone will be in the Best of 2016. With additional vocals, the song is generally good. A good buildup and melody helps it very well. The drop is also well produced. The vocals are quite good and fits the theme of the song.

Muzzy – Crescendo (featuring MYLK)

Part of the 5 Year Anniversary songs, Muzzy has shown what he has been doing. With one of the best vocals in the album, this is further complimented with a good mix of styles by Muzzy. The drop is somewhat bouncy and the buildup is intense. This is one of the best song produced by Muzzy.
Vicetone – Nevada (Featuring Cozi Zuehlsdorff)

Vicetone has made on of the best songs this year. With simple, slick and catchy synths and melody, with out any vocals, this will already be a well produced song. Ever since her inception last year in The Girl, the songs that she is starred in has beautiful vocals. Undoubtedly, this is one of the hottest songs on Monstercat this year.

Feint – Words (Featuring Laura Brehm)

The same formula is used twice, and it worked twice. In Words, Feint has produced a song with intense beats and still sound very melodic. Laura’s vocals are unbelievably good this time round, even though it is more intense than last year’s We Won’t Be Alone.

Pegboard Nerds and Grabbitz – All Alone

What could be considered a ‘dream collaboration’, when you have two of the most recognised artists to collaborate. With good vocals by Grabbitz and both artists producing the melody, it is a masterpiece by default.

Dirty Audio – Gorilla Glue
With an ominous start and a good drop, this is one of the better trap songs this year. Both parts are well produced and catchy. As compared to the ‘legendary’ trap songs on Monstercat, this is on the better end of the stick.

Rogue – Nemesis

To put simply this is Rattlesnake VIP. With the ‘pots and pans’ in the drop and reusing some sounds from Rattlesnake, this is a catchy song. A worth successor of Rattlesnake, this song is no doubt Rattlensnake 2.0, but better than a reskin or remake.

Hellberg – Synchronize (Featuring Aaron Richards)

An underrated song, but nevertheless a very good one. It is very well made, smooth and melodious. Aaron Richards’ vocals are well done and the lyrics are well thought-out. The well choreographed and touching music video is just the icing on the cake.

Richard Caddock, WRLD, Nitro Fun, Slips & Slurs & Subtact – Break The Silence

More is better in this scenario. With Richard Caddock doing the lyrics and vocals, WRLD and Nitro Fun doing melody and synths. Slips & Slurs and Subtact should be doing the bass and adding some of their signature sounds into the mix. This is very diverse and able to fit the styles of everyone in the track.






Cozi Zuehlsdorff


Laura Brehm

Pegboard Nerds


Dirty Audio



Aaron Richards

Richard Caddock


Nitro Fun

Slip & Slurs


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Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear

Image result for sennheiser momentum in ear

While many Sennheiser’s in-ear headphones look ordinary, this however is very well crafted. Being the first in-ear headphones to enter Sennheiser’s Momentum series, this earphone definitely lives up to the premium quality of the other models.


The Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear is available in 2 different colours, black and a semi-red version, where the main parts of the earphones are red. Both of them have a nice matte glossy finish on the housing which helps bring out the already sleek, stylish looking design.  The earphones bodies are however made out of plastic despite looking metallic. On the opposite end of the ear tips are circular shaped metal pieces where the Sennheiser logo sits on.

The wire coming out of the housing is put through a loop sticking out of the back metal piece on the back, which not only helps prevent the wire from being twisted or breaking at the top end, but also gives it a unique look. It is also worth noting that the earphones have flat wires, reducing the chances of it tangling. Going further down, there is a movable stopper to keep the wires nice and tidy.

Image result for sennheiser momentum in ear

The Momentum In-Ear does have an in-line remote located on the right cable, which has three buttons to carry out various things like answering or ending a call and of course controlling the volume. One nice thing to note is that since different phones uses different signals for special functions such as starting voice control, Sennheiser has cleverly worked around it by having two separate models, one for the iOS fans and the other for the Android fans. In short, this means that if you use the correct models, you should be able to use various controls your phone allows, such as enabling voice control. Sadly, not every Android phone is compatible, but the more popular ones like the Galaxy series by Samsung and some others are.

You may have noticed that the Momentum In-Ear has relatively large housing which sticks out quite a bit but I have found that this actually makes it much easier to grab and remove compared to regular earphones.

Apart from making it look fantastic, Sennheiser seemed to put as much effort in making the carrying case. The carrying case that comes with the earphones is square in shape with red stitches around the zip and has the Sennheiser logo on one of the sides. When you first open the case, you are greeted with a hard plastic piece in which the earphones are twirled around, along with a few pairs of ear tips in many sizes, from really tiny to huge ones. I must say that even though the case looks splendid and actually feels especially well made, it seems a bit too large for my liking.

Related image


Having used the earphones for a couple of months now, I can say that comfort is not a problem. The earphones fits nicely and tightly into the ear and it also helps that it comes with multiple ear tips with varying sizes. I could barely feel earphone when I used  it as it is fairly light and compared to most earphones which has a straight housing, this pair however has a body which curves in a direction away from your ear, avoiding any extra contacts with it which could be annoying for certain people.


The Momentum in-ear drivers produce pretty good sound for its price at around 130SGD, creating superb bass at a level that you might not expect from a mid-range earphone and when it is combined with the good treble and sound clarity, this pair of earphone generates excellent lively music. Sure, it may not compare to other immensely ‘bassy’ earphones or those high-end $300 ones, but at 130SGD, it was more than I expected. The treble and bass is pretty heavy but not that strong to a point that it muffles other sounds so you would be able to hear every detail of the instruments playing along with the vocals.


At around 130SGD, the Sennheiser Momentum in-ear headphones produces sound that could potentially match up to other slightly more expensive earphones out in the current market. Being very well designed both aesthetically and ergonomically, I would definitely recommend anyone to pick these up if this is the price of earphones you are looking for.

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Sony H.ear On Wireless NC

The Sony H.ear On Wireless NC is Sony’s latest wireless headphone to be on the market. Being quite similar to Bose’s QuietComfort 35, H.ear has an edge over QuietComfort in a few ways.

H.ear On Wireless NC is only 290 grams heavy, just slightly heavier than the QuietComfort and not as comfortable. However, with some parts of the headphone being not as elegant, it will take a while for you to fatigue. It is folds up into an included carrying case, though it does not fold flat. The case is also very bulky too. Aesthetically, H.ear comes in 5 colours, some of which are really striking.

Sound and track control are on the right ear cup, and you can choose to have noise cancelling on or off. You can also plug in a cord to make it a wired headphone. Its Automatic AI Noise Cancelling function constantly analyses environmental ambient sound components and automatically selects the most effective noise cancelling mode. H,ear is a textbook headphone for calling with two microphones, one external and one in the housing.

The headphone can last for 20 hours on Bluetooth and with noise cancellation active, it will last longer if you were to bring the volume down and not use noise cancellation. Compared to its rival, the QuietComfort 35, H.ear has an edge over it in terms of sound quality. The sound quality is also really clear, with tight bass, all these being natural for Bluetooth headphones, but it sure does a good job imitating a wired headphone.

Even though it is not the most comfortable Bluetooth headphone in the market, it makes it up for its excellent sound quality, being so good, that it does sound a bit like a wired headphone. For the price, 468 SGD is quite pricey, however, it is a good trade-off for the sound quality.

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Destiny : The Taken King OST

No matter how critics react to Destiny , the soundtracks are still the golden thing that was quite well received. This is the second official soundtrack for Destiny, but it also contains the soundtracks of all expansions, The Dark Below, The House of Wolves and The Taken King. Since there is about 2 hours of audio to listen, I will select 6 soundtracks that stood out to me as favorites.

Track 2 – Regicide

This soundtrack raised the hype metre for The Taken King when the first trailer of the DLC was made public. The start is very loud to begin, combine it with the brass and percussion, it is the most epic theme in the whole album. The brass is repeated in the second minute but the main melody are from the string instruments. Though after the first minute, the epic feeling of the song subsides, with the string and brass being focused too much with  different keys. Most of the soundtrack is mainly consists of the less epic melodies. However, at the end of the song, the epic feeling is once again put back. To be honest, this soundtrack fits Oryx quite well. The main theme is played in some cut scenes too.

Track 39 – Dark Blade

This is the soundtrack for Alak-Hul, the final boss of the strike The Sunless Cell. Unlike the other soundtracks of this review, this is quite electronic to begin with.  It has an ominous start, which fits the boss fight really well a you cannot see him due to the fact that the arena has no visibility at all and he teleports. The soundtrack is mainly soft to begin with, in game it is not really noticeable, but it gradually increases in volume. By the 3 minute marker, the volume has reached its loudest. The melody is injected with more melodies that form the part when the boss becomes stronger and teleports even more frequently. It ends of with the same ominous tune from the start.

Track 10 – Surge of Light

This is one of the soundtracks that is used in the trailers for The Taken King. It is used for the missions for the new subclasses. It starts off with the the string instruments which forms the main melody of the soundtrack. It does share some melodies with Regicide here and there in a discreet way. With the its own melody and Regicide’s it does send sone form of anticipation to those who watched the trailer or played the subclasses’ qust

Track 28 – Soul of Crota

This is the soundtrack for the second raid boss of Destiny, Crota. Till this day, people still run this raid for the nostalgia or for the challenge of soloing it. The sound track is played throughout the entire raid. It starts off with the brass and some background effects, it makes you feel that you have no hope in beating the raid, helpless and weak. After the start of the soundtrack, the brass becomes more high pitched and louder, it does not feel as helpless as the first minute, the drums also seemed more noticeable after the first minute. The tune with the brass is basically repeated over and over as it is the main melody of the soundtrack. After the second minute, the feeling of being a hero has taken over the original feeling, with the drums being even faster and more noticeable. In the end, this suits the raid a lot. Considering the things you have to do to reach Crota is painstaking hard, this is fitting to the entire raid. Some parts of this soundtrack is also used for other bosses too.

Track 34 – Fallen S.A.B.E.R

This soundtrack is really uplifting, but don’t let it fool you, as the strike that accompanies it is one of the most rage inducing ones. This soundtrack can be heard throughout the entire strike from the start to the very end. Most of the soundtrack is composed of string instruments for example the melody and  there is some resemblance to another community favorite soundtrack The Last Array.

Track 20 – Cabal Breach

The theme for the Cabal in The Taken King, this soundtrack is the succesor of Cabal Stomp, which is an inconic soundtrack within the community itself. Using mostly brasswind instruments to make it have this Roman legion feel to the song. Unlike Cabal Stomp, this is less catchy by a lot.

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Audeze Sine

Looking like an ordinary headphone, the Audeze Sine actually has lots of quality up its sleeves. For a first, it features planar magnetic drivers. This technology is meant to lower the device’s rate of distortion, get stronger bass and have more responsiveness by making use of electromagnetic force. Next it also offers a Cipher Lightning headphone cable which you can choose to purchase together with the headphone. Thus you would be able to listen through the lightning cable if your device contains the Lightning port.

The Sine looks relatively simple. Covered in leather with earcups made of sturdy metal, it doesn’t have a really complex and unique design to make it stand out but it does have some small details which makes it really convenient. For example, its cord is tangle-resistant and is also detachable so you will be able to switch between the Lightning and the default cables. The Lightning cable is also said to improve the headphone’s performance. However, this performance boost does come at a cost of taking up more battery from your phone. The Lightning cable also has an integrated microphone, which is unfortunately not available on the standard cable, so that you would be able to make calls with it.

The Audeze Sine sounds really revealing and clear so it’ll sound really similar to the source itself. Compared to other headphones at this price range, the Sine performs really well and really shows its worth in this aspect. Along with its planar magnetic drivers its sound really proves how its popularity did not come by luck at all.

Spearheading the new technology of planar magnetic drivers, the Sine is definitely a headphone you should consider if you are looking for something high – end sounding but yet not all that unaffordable. Even though it doesn’t have spectacular features or unexplored technology, I strongly believe that the Sine is worth a listen.


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Amazon Tap

The Amazon Tap, is a smaller, more portable and cheaper version of the Amazon Echo smart speaker. Of course it also has complete access to Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant. The Amazon Tap is completely different from the Amazon Echo, it is wireless and you can charge it by placing it on the cradle which comes with it and then you can take it to wherever you want to go to. It will stream up to nine hours of audio on a full charge, or last up to three weeks in standby mode. However, The Tap is not always on and you need to press the microphone button instead to wake it up and get access to all the tricks Alexa can do provided you are connected to the internet.

There are several things Alexa can do:

  • Streaming internet radio. (Like from TuneIn and iHeartRadio)
  • Streaming music. (Like from Amazon Prime Music, Pandora, and Spotify.)
  • You are able to do a lot of tricks like commanding Alexa to read audio books from Audible or the Kindle Store, or read the morning headlines.As for the sound, Tap promises to have the same quality as the Echo.

    In my opinion, i would definitely buy the Tap as it is cheaper and more portable and around the same quality as the Echo but at the same time better in its own ways too.

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    Best of Monstercat 2015

    Best of Monstercat 2015 has finally been released. After the long voting process, the best of the best have been picked and mixed. (This review will only cover the songs and not the album mix as different platforms receives different mixes. E.G: Spotify mix and Youtube mix are different)

    Aero Chord – 4U (Featuring Klaypex)

    This song is released as Aero Chord got 100k followers on Soundcloud. It is not the most flashiest song or complex, but it is sure a very catchy song of 2015. With Klaypex’s vocals, it is no doubt a good song to release as a celebration and to jam to.

    Slips & Slurs – Divided

    This is Slips & Slurs first song released on Monstercat. Rather than being very fast, it is significantly slower than most other trap songs on Monstercat. It does not have the loudest drop in the album, it is still a really good song nonetheless.

    Grabbitz – Float Away

    This song is quite repetitive lyrics wise, but the lyrics is rather depressing. It shows that a guy rather commit suicide than to live without his girlfriend.

    Grant Bowtie – High Tide

    During the Future Bass 24/7 period of Monstercat, this is the crown jewel of them. Being really calm the whole song and the usual chirp of Future Bass. Though I am not a Future Bass fan, this is good.

    Varien and Mr FijiWiji – We Are The Lights (Featuring Anna Yvette)

    It is a very chilled song to begin with. With very distinct sounds, it is possible to tell who made which part of the song. With Anna Yvette’s vocals as an add-on, it is a beautiful chilled song.

    Pegboard Nerds – Emoji

    The song Pegboard Nerds hyped for for months payed off. This song is the main song of their Pink Cloud EP. The drops have the happy and angry drops, which both are very fitting. The vocals are great. The lyrics can be dark, as the singer is singing to someone who has breast cancer (which is what the EP is funding for), allowing her to show her emotions. Still a good song though.

    Hyper Potions & Subtact – Adventures

    A really short song made by the two main Future Bass artists during the Future Bass 24/7 period. Though short, it is very cheerful and chirpy, makes one feel optimistic about one’s life.

    Excision & Pegboard Nerds – Bring The Madness(featuring Mayor Apeshit)

    The first Drumstep song of 2015, has a legendary buildup and vocals. The vocals have quite a deep meaning about the government spying on us making us barbaric due to money. The drop was really not the best the trio can do. It is really a wasted opportunity but still, the vocals and beats are really golden.

    Rogue – Rattlesnake

    The joke of the year is a really good trap track. With the community classifying this as ‘kitchenstep’ due to the drop, it still is quite a nice song to listen. Rather than a loud drop, this balances the synths and bass really well.

    Noisestorm – Heist

    This song uses double harmonic scale, which makes it have an Arabic-like sound. The drop was really catchy but it is not the best trap song in the mix.

    Snavs – Time

    This is Snavs’ first solo song on Monstercat. He is really smart as he made the song using slightly rarer sound design and using the tick-tock for the snare pattern. In my opinion, Snavs made this song really catchy.

    San Holo – Victory

    This song is pretty repetitive but ultimately very catchy. Still I’m not sure if Monstercat purposefully released this song on May 4th, also known as Star Wars Day due to the artist’s name. Anyways it sounds quite catchy and chirpy like all other Future Bass songs.

    Razihel & Aero Chord – Titans

    The two legends of Monstercat collaborated and made this beast. Though catchy and sounding slightly repetitive and familiar to some of the artists’ recent songs, this is still a nice song.

    Razihel – Legends(featuring TeamMate)

    This is one of the best songs of the year, mainly due to its synths and vocals.The lyrics are pretty inspiring with a streamlined synths to compliment it. The drop was not very crazy  but it was long, very long. Anyways, it is a strong contender for being the best song of 2015.

    Haywyre – Insight

    This is Haywyre’s first song of 2015 where he recorded the performance live. It is his usual glitch hop sounds with some calm piano sounds.  This however does not take away the beauty from the song made by Hawwyre.

    Deon Custom – Roses

    This is Deon Custom’s debut on Monstercat.It has the future bass chirp but rather than a uniform calmness , it fluctuates so much during the drop, it makes it sound very unique.

    Draper – Pressure (Featuring Laura Brehm)

    Draper and Laura made a beautiful track together. It is really calm throughout the song, even during the drop.Laura’s vocals are on spot in this piece of masterpiece, there is no doubt Draper’s vocals during the drop was makes the drop so much more memorable.

    Rameses B – Mountains (Featuring Veela)

    The king of  Drum and Bass (DnB) has made another song that nails DnB really well.It is not your usual DnB that has a fast beat.This song like his previous song Dream Catcher, are both liquid DnB that feature a female vocalist. Veela did an outstanding work for this song.

    Botnek & I See MONSTAS – Deeper Love

    This is a DnB song but it is totally opposite of Mountains. It starts off with a quick beat and the catchy synth.Whoever sang in this song did a stellar job in this song. The drop was distorted probably to make it sound catchy, and it does.

    Stonebank – Stronger (Featuring EMEL)

    The first song of 2015 is no doubt one of the best songs in the year. It does no have so much bass to make the fans like the song as the synths basically hypnotise you mainly due to its ‘catchiness’ and how fast it is. Though the second drop was not really good, it was followed up by the last drop which was a good way to end off this song. EMEL’s vocals did really improve since her last song.

    Feint – We Won’t Be Alone (Featuring Laura Brehm)

    Feint has made a beautiful song with Laura Brehm. Her vocals just makes the song so much better. the song is generally calm even during the drop(though the drop is slightly intense as it is the drop). Overall, this song is mesmerising and it is my favorite song of 2015.

    WRLD – Little Too Close (Featuring Veronika Redd)

    WRLD made his debut on Monstercat with Future Bass, but it was a surprise that this song was an Indie Dance song. It starts off with a really catchy synth and Veronika’s vocals, though the start sounds sounds similar to Hello. Though her vocals were soft, they were good too. Overall, this song is quite like Stronger, having a good synth that it is the best part of the song.

    Protostar & Draper – Chrysalis

    It starts off quite similar to Pressure as it starts off calmly. It has a repetitive synth that makes this song really catchy. The drop is a Glitch Hop drop, not a Moombahcore drop. This is a really unique song of 2015.

    Volant – Minty

    This was the debut of Volant. This song is song unique and it got quite a lot of views quickly. It was a really catchy song during the early months of 2015.

    Karma Fields – Build The Cities (Featuring Kerli)

    The song Monstercat hyped for since late 2014, was released. The song was generally good but Kerli’s vocals was not really fitting. The drop and the animation was the thing that made this song good.

    Stephen Walking – Dads In Space

    This song has quite a catchy drop. Most of the song was great but after the drop, it was extraordinary.

    Tut Tut Child – I Can’t

    This song is probably a surprise as Tut Tut Child pretty much never does House, but hey this song is really catchy, especially its drop. Though both drops were repetitive, the second one sounds quite similar and catchy nonetheless.

    Jauz & Pegboard Nerds – Get On Up

    Jauz’s debut on Monstercat is quite golden. Whoever did the vocals did quite a good job. Though it does not sound quite like Pegboard Nerd’s style, it is still a nice song as the drop was amazing.

    Nitro Fun – Final Boss

    Nitro Fun totally nailed this song. The synths were really catchy with the usual Nitro Fun retro arcade sounds implemented into it. The drop is pretty much the most intense drop Nitro Fun had done which sits very well the song’s title. To be honest this song deserved its own rightful place in the Best of 2015 mix.

    PIXL – This Time

    PIXL released another song with his iconic kick and snare pattern. It sounds similar to other songs he released like The Escape and Buzz Kill, this is like a mixture of both. The drop was not heavy but the synths made this song really wonderful, which is kind of surprising as PIXL’s drops always make the song what it is, this time is probably an exception.

    F.O.O.L – Need You

    F.O.O.L’s style is hard to pin point but this is does not have much similarity with other Electro tracks he released. The only thing that I can describe about this song is that the drop sounds like it has some Chinese Drama sounds inspirations. Other than this, F.O.O.L made an okay song for 2015.

    Tristam – Crave

    This song’s meaning only works wells with the music video. The song has really good synths which is a trait that makes Tristam songs unique. Now, about the music video, it is very confusing if you do not get the lyrics right, so yeah. Firstly there are 5 people who are depicted in the video, a bride( that is what I assume) who had something wrong, and old man who took drugs and shot himself in the head, a ballet dancer who did not succeed in her goals ,took heroin or cocaine and silt her throat, a rugby player who killed himself due to his father being abusive to him by shooting himself and an African American who harmed someone with his hands and killed himself(this is really dark). The ‘tar’ represents the addiction and where is started shows how the person died. The bride was not depicted with the tar engulfing her but for everyone else, it did. In the end, this music video was to promote a help hotline for anti-suicidal thoughts and help. This is the only music video or song on Monstercat that has such a dark meaning behind it.

    Hellberg – The Girl (Featuring Cozi Zuehlsdorff)

    This song was made whilst Hellberg was recovering from an operation. Unlike all of the other songs he made this one is more of what he actually felt at the point of time. Yes the vocals were done by Cozi, yes she was featured on Disney XD and Dolphin Tale. Her vocals were beautiful and the drops were on point for being catchy. No doubt this is one of the community’s favorite song of 2015.

    AU5 – Inside (Featuring Danyka Nadeau)

    AU5 made a song that could be compared to Snowblind which was a near perfect song. Of course adding Danyka’s vocals will make the community go wild but AU5 used this to his advantage. The synths were incredible and so were the vocals. It is a more or less a song made out of pure gold.

    Rezonate – Rebirth (Featuring Ashley Apollodor)

    If you have been listening to Rezonate’s songs chronologically, you will find out that it is kind of like a story. this being after Shake It Off where someone was left to waste after cheating his wife. Hence the song name. It has a carnival-like theme and beautiful vocals from both Rezonate and Ashley. One of my personal favorites without a doubt.

    LVTHER – Dots (Featuring Jenny Broke The Window)

    This is a really cheerful song to begin. The vocals were auto-tuned but for this, it made it sound nicer. The lyrics to be honest are like the description of a student falling in love with someone around his or her age. Though a good song, I would suggest not playing this at events where vulgar songs are prohibited as there are mispronunciations or misheard lyrics.

    Summer Was Fun – Watching (Featuring Colordrive)

    DotEXE had rougher songs before he dropped his old alias for a new one. To be honest, this is one of those songs with catchy synths, lyrics and vocals. Summer Was Fun did a nice good making the song sound cheerful and Colordrive’s catchy vocals.

    Laszlo – Home ( Featuring Richard Caddock)

    It starts off with the familiar Laszlo chirpy synths and the vocals were quite good to start off with. The synths are the reason why this song is really loved by the community. Richard did an amazing job for this song.

    Puppet & The Eden Project – The Fire

    The song start off slow and soft, Puppet style.  The vocals were really done, so were the synths. The song is really too long for my liking but it is really good. Just like Dots, misinterpreting this is not really good in a crowded place.

    Tristam & Braken – Far Away

    Of course, this mix started of with a legend, why not end it with two legends? If Tristam is in it, expect high quality synths and catchy vocals by Tristam and Braken. This no doubt one of the best songs of 2015 because of Tristam but to be honest, it is a really good way to end of the mix.



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