Monstercat Best of 2016


The annual mix for Monstercat is out, with 2 and a half hours of songs altogether, this album has a good number of songs. Out of the 40 songs, I will only review 10 of them. They are in no order.

Noisestorm – Antihero

Using the same formula as Heist last year, the trap song has a catchy start with Arabic-sounding buildups and using horns for a good portion of the starting melody. The drop is somewhat good, but it can surely be better.

Marshmello – Alone

A big hit in the electronic charts, undoubtedly Alone will be in the Best of 2016. With additional vocals, the song is generally good. A good buildup and melody helps it very well. The drop is also well produced. The vocals are quite good and fits the theme of the song.

Muzzy – Crescendo (featuring MYLK)

Part of the 5 Year Anniversary songs, Muzzy has shown what he has been doing. With one of the best vocals in the album, this is further complimented with a good mix of styles by Muzzy. The drop is somewhat bouncy and the buildup is intense. This is one of the best song produced by Muzzy.
Vicetone – Nevada (Featuring Cozi Zuehlsdorff)

Vicetone has made on of the best songs this year. With simple, slick and catchy synths and melody, with out any vocals, this will already be a well produced song. Ever since her inception last year in The Girl, the songs that she is starred in has beautiful vocals. Undoubtedly, this is one of the hottest songs on Monstercat this year.

Feint – Words (Featuring Laura Brehm)

The same formula is used twice, and it worked twice. In Words, Feint has produced a song with intense beats and still sound very melodic. Laura’s vocals are unbelievably good this time round, even though it is more intense than last year’s We Won’t Be Alone.

Pegboard Nerds and Grabbitz – All Alone

What could be considered a ‘dream collaboration’, when you have two of the most recognised artists to collaborate. With good vocals by Grabbitz and both artists producing the melody, it is a masterpiece by default.

Dirty Audio – Gorilla Glue
With an ominous start and a good drop, this is one of the better trap songs this year. Both parts are well produced and catchy. As compared to the ‘legendary’ trap songs on Monstercat, this is on the better end of the stick.

Rogue – Nemesis

To put simply this is Rattlesnake VIP. With the ‘pots and pans’ in the drop and reusing some sounds from Rattlesnake, this is a catchy song. A worth successor of Rattlesnake, this song is no doubt Rattlensnake 2.0, but better than a reskin or remake.

Hellberg – Synchronize (Featuring Aaron Richards)

An underrated song, but nevertheless a very good one. It is very well made, smooth and melodious. Aaron Richards’ vocals are well done and the lyrics are well thought-out. The well choreographed and touching music video is just the icing on the cake.

Richard Caddock, WRLD, Nitro Fun, Slips & Slurs & Subtact – Break The Silence

More is better in this scenario. With Richard Caddock doing the lyrics and vocals, WRLD and Nitro Fun doing melody and synths. Slips & Slurs and Subtact should be doing the bass and adding some of their signature sounds into the mix. This is very diverse and able to fit the styles of everyone in the track.






Cozi Zuehlsdorff


Laura Brehm

Pegboard Nerds


Dirty Audio



Aaron Richards

Richard Caddock


Nitro Fun

Slip & Slurs


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Pink Clouds EP

Pegboard Nerds, arguably the best artiste in Monstercat has released their EP titled Pink Clouds which consist of five different tracks. The thing that makes Pink Clouds very different from the rest of other Pegboard Nerd’s or Monstercat’s EPs is that it has tracks made of many different genre. Ranging from Pegboard Nerd’s first future bass song to a drum and bass remix of their song Fire In The Hole which came out years ago.

The EP start’s off with the song that every Pegboard Nerd fan was hyped about. It has been teased 1 year from it’s release and the wait was really worth it. The switching of notes at the start of the song was really satisfying and vocals that fit in perfectly to the song. Transition to drop was fitting and not overdone and really happy sounding as well. Just when you think that the song can no longer get better, the second drop arrives. The 2nd drop really reflects Pegboard Nerds’ style in my opinion. Pegboard Nerds’ style is not having a fixed style when making their song which results in lots of wonderful surprises when listening to one of their songs for the first time. Even if you have listened to all of Pegboard Nerds song, you’ll never really know what they would come up with next.


The next song, Pink Clouds featuring Max Collins, is a cheerful track with a deep meaning in it. It has a catchy beat which makes you feel like dancing to it. The vocals were not the greatest and can be done better. But overall a really great song.

Pink Clouds

And Just Like That, we are halfway through the EP. Just Like That featuring Johnny Graves was really well done. It is a really fluid future bass song. Each part links perfectly to each other. Vocals by Johnny Graves were well done. Really nice future bass drop even though it was kind of different from your typical future bass drop.

Just Like That

Even though we are halfway through the EP you don’t have to be Downhearted. Downhearted featuring Jonny Rose is a house song which is  a genre you rarely see the Nerds touching. It has a nice melody to start the song of which leads to the intro vocals which was just angelic and the build up was great. The transition from the angelic voice to the melodic drop was really well done. In my opinion it is the best song in the EP closely followed by Emoji.


As the End Is Near, lets take a trip down memory lane and head back a few years back with a remix of classic Fire In A Hole. End Is Near (Fire In The Hole VIP) is really well made and is truly a master piece and shows how much Pegboard Nerds have evolved over the past few years.

End Is Near (Fire In The Hole VIP)

Overall, I think as long as you’re a fan of EDM, you would love this EP and I can’t wait to see what Pegboard Nerds bring in the future.

Varien – The Ancient & Arcane LP

Varien is definitely no stranger to Monstercat fans. He has released many songs on Monstercat before this LP. Like Aether and Light, Whispers in the Mist, Resurrection of the Dagger. All these song ranges from genres like Glitch Hop to Dubstep. Varien is known for his instrumental style despite many of the darker song he release like Moonlight. In this LP which is his debut album, many people agree that he has decided to go for a mixture of genres. The songs in this album has elements of jazz, electro swing and Japanese future bass.

The album’s intro “The Ancient & Arcane” transport listeners to a completely different world. Giving listeners the feeling of peace and calmness which is really rare in the bustling world we live in today.

Varien – Ancient & Arcane

In the next song “Snowlight” the chopped vocals and the instruments go hand in hand. Giving the song a certain kind of uniqueness that is present in many of Varien’s song but different.

Varien – Snowlight

When “Supercell” music video was released on Monstercat, I was really satisfied with it. The vocals were well done. Veela’s voice really suited the song. And as usual, Varien’s instrumental style went hand in hand with the rest of the song, making this song my personal favorite in this album.

Varien – Supercell

“Transmissions From Lemuria” has a very futuristic spy tune to it. I find this song less atmospheric than the other songs in this album but you can definitely hear the futuristic tune in it.

Varien – Transmission From Lemuria

“Hypnotique” has a instrumental festive essence in it due to the conga drums and guitar, it just makes you want to jump up and swirl to it. The vocals of Charlotte Haining went really well with the song.

Varien – Hypnotique

“Firefly (Intermission)” is really a ambient track. With the calming vocals, it really sounds like you approaching maximun inner peace.

Varien – Firefly (Intermission)

When you listen to “Kamisama” it brings you to Japan. Tranquil Japan out of the city and into the mountainous area. The vocals of Miyoki went really well with the song which was really unexpected. Looks like Miyoki is great at both fast paced songs like Phosphor and slow paced.

Varien – Kamisama

Before you know, the last song of the album is already playing. “Ghost Spores” brings out the inner Varien, the instrumental chords were perfect. Last but not least a familiar face to all Monstercat fans Laura Brehm. She really did a good job in the vocals for this song.

Varien- Ghost Spores

Overall, this LP is a great one for all Electronic Dance Music listeners who are looking for something different. Varien fans will definitely love this LP due to this reflecting a lot about his style of creating.

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