Motorola Moto G4

The Motorola Moto G4 is a budget phone that is claimed by many to also be good. Certain key features that might seem interesting is that the phone is able to survive being dunked into water and will not turn off immediately after it comes in contact with water. This is really useful for those who have tendencies of spilling or are generally much clumsier.

The Motorola Moto G4 is also pretty thin which is handy if you want to keep and take out of your pocket easily. The Motorola Moto G4 has a 14cm screen with a HD display with 1080p resolution. The colours are well saturated which is ideal for usage.

The Motorola Moto G4 comes with a battery life of around 13 hours which is quite a long usage time for an average user and is really useful if you’re unable to charge the phone. There’s also a fingerprint scanner at the front which is a nifty function as it is more convenient for those who finds typing in the passcode repeatedly to get into their phone a burden. Do note that this is not a home button and some long time apple or android users may mistake the fingerprint scanner for it.

The Motorola Moto G4 comes with octa-core processors which are adequate for video streaming or playing casual games. However, if you’re planning on using this phone for gaming, this phone isn’t ideal for it.

The camera of the Motorola Moto G4 is a 13-megapixel camera which produces generally satisfying images that are acceptable by society’s standards. Even in bright lights, it will still produce really decent images.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a cheap yet decent phone to use for your everyday social media needs and have a battery that lasts for a long period of time. The phone can be bought at around S$269.99 at retail price. However, do not expect much from it if you’re using it for gaming.

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Logitech Wireless Mouse M280

The Logitech Wireless Mouse M280 is a compact mouse with comfort in mind. Usually when companies try to make compact mice, they usually make it too small for people with larger hands which would be uncomfortable if used for long periods of time. However Logitech made this mouse just the right size for both travel purposes and comfortable usage.

Logitech said that the mouse has a battery life of 18 months depending on the user’s usage and would go to sleep when not in use to conserve battery life. It uses an AA battery so having one on standby would ensure that the mouse never runs out of battery. It comes with a nano receiver where all you have to do is plug it in one of your computer or laptop’s USB port and forget all about it afterwards. The mouse also comes with a small compartment to store the nano receiver if you want to store it after using. Of course, it is quite easy to lose the nano receiver due to its size and would cause inconvenience as the mouse would be practically useless without it.

This mouse is designed only for people who use their right hand and not left as the left side of the device comes with a natural curve and soft rubber grips for the comfort of your hand. The mouse also works on almost every surface other than glass and works at long distances up to around 25 metres.  It comes in 3 different colours, black, red and blue so you get to choose which colour suits your taste best.

In conclusion, this mouse would be great for both office work and playing mostly casual games. It is not too expensive as it only cost around S$32.00 at retail price. With the battery and comfortable design, users would not have much to complain about. Although it lacks the thumb button at the side, it is expected from simplistic mice like this. Thus, I would really recommend this mouse to people who are on a budget but still want a decent mouse for use.

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Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II

The Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II is the successor of the Bose SoundTrue Around-Ear with the addition of Bluetooth.

Only just weighing slightly over 200 grams, it has plush memory foam ear pads and a really strong frame. Although it does not look sturdy, Bose has tested this in their labs and said that it can survive falls, bumps and grabs due to the materials used are like impact resistant, like glass-filled nylon and corrosion-resistant stainless steel. However light and hardy this headphones are, it does not feature active noise-cancellation, but the around-ear design will help a bit by blocking off some noise, just do not wear it too long in hot areas as your ears will go steaming but during winter or cold areas, this will do fine to keep your ears warm and comfy.

It also has a two-way microphone system and what Bose calls Adaptive Audio Adjustments which changes volume based on speech level and ambient noise.It pairs well with both iOS and Android. It also pairs well with Bluetooth enabled computers but for iMacs and MacBook Air, the sound quality it is not as good. There is a case that carries the headphone itself and some wires that makes it a wired headphone. That carrying case has a pocket to store the USB charging cable and a headphone cable to use in case the battery dies and you want to listen to the headphones in wired mode (that cable doesn’t have an integrated microphone, but that’s a minor omission). It boasts remotes buttons that are placed on the right cup that can answer calls. Tapping the middle buttons allows you to skip tracks forward and back when you’re playing music. This headphone uses Bluetooth 4.0 multilink. It has NFC tap-to-pair technology is also on board (Apple’s phones currently don’t support this feature but most Android devices do). But AptX streaming didn’t make the features list. AptX is supposed to improve the quality of Bluetooth streaming but it’s unclear how much of an impact it has (Apple phones currently don’t support this feature either but many Android devices do). It also has a 15 hour battery life(dependent on usage) and charges really fast.

The sound quality is really fine too but it is not bass boosted whatsoever so you will not receive any extra crispness, sparkle, and depth that you get from a really good pair of wired headphones. But the sound is still pleasant and smooth.It also has digital processing going on board the headphone. This one,  Bose put in Active EQ and volume-optimized EQ. For volume-optimized EQ is designed to make your music sound better at lower volumes. Often, when you lower the volume, you lose the bass, and Bose’s digital processing makes things sound fuller and more detailed at lower volumes. Active EQ however, makes sure the incoming signal is complete and accurate and isn’t distorted. The idea is to get a more perfect transmission without boosting anything, the bass, for instance. The problem, of course, is that the quality of the digital files you’re streaming to your headphones vary but Bose is doing their best to smooth everything out and make it sound better.

All in all, this piece of headphones is not made for Techno songs or Pop songs, rather for softer songs instead.At a cost of 385SGD this is worth the price for its comfort and things Bose added to make this as reliable to Bluetooth connections.×433/6f70c5a00deae056c93cfa705617d6b3/06bose-soundlink-around-ear-wireless-headphones-ii.jpg”

Bang and Olufsen BeoPlay H8


The Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H8 is a over-the-head wireless headphones.The aesthics of the headphones comes with a sturdy design made out of metal and leather.

Armed with sheepskin memory foam ear cups, this design is comfortable but not as comfortable as others.Only weighing 255 grams, this will not be a burden for your ears to support.With a switchable rechargeable battery that can last for 14 hours with Bluetooth and noise cancellation on  or 35 hours on wired mode with noise cancellation on.The makers of the headphones also included a set of cables if you do not use wireless.The headphone uses Bluetooth 4.0.On the right ear cup interface , there is a movement sensor that can detect gestures to  answer calls,adjust volume,change songs and pause or play songs. The sensor works well but taking off the headphones may pause or play your song by accident. It features Aptx technology which is available for certain smartphones to improve sound quality of Bluetooth streaming. It may or may not improve sound quality but for now, it is still a topic in debate.

For the sound quality, it has a lot of bass which goes really deep with some warmth and really good clarity. It has some edginess of the treble when its on wired mode. If noise cancelling is on, most of the treble will be eliminated. Honestly, this headphone is more of a wireless headphone but it will not be a surprise that people will still forsake some quality for Bluetooth. However,the Bluetooth does not transmit well through our body so it is recommended to put your phone in the right pocket.If you have a quieter track playing, walking around will have a banging noise in the headphone, so it will be best to listen to slightly louder tracks to counter heal strikes.

All in all, it is a headphone that is worth buying if you have the budget to. There are some cheaper ones out there but with a few functions not available.It will be a headphone worth purchasing if the cost of SGD $703 does not bug you.

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Lumia 640 XL LTE

The Lumia 640 XL LTE is a budget phone. Usually the camera of most budget smartphones are not that great and it is not cost-effective to get better lenses for it. However, Microsoft has managed to get a quality camera in this big screen phone without making it really expensive.

The phone comes with 4G connectivity and has a 3,000mAh battery inside to ensure a long lasting battery life. The battery life can last up to 10 hours of  web browsing time.

There are variations of the Lumia 640 XL LTE like one with a single SIM slot and an LTE 4G modem. You can also get it in different colours such as black, white or cyan. The colour cyan stands out most among most other smartphones that usually come in either black or white making it quite unique.

The Lumia 640 XL LTE does feel like plastic but it is quite solid and the casing adds a small amount of texture so it doesn’t slip off your hand that easily. It weighs around 171g and thus it is not much of a burden to hold on to as it is not that heavy.

It has a resolution of 1280×720 pixels and the colours are rich and bright with great contrast so it is easy to read it under bright sunlight. It runs on Windows Phone 8.1 and comes with 1GB of RAM.

It has quite smooth and great performance for basic use and the only time when it is usually slow is when it is turning on as it takes around 25 seconds from pressing the power on button. However it is not going to break any records.

In conclusion if you’re looking for a great budget smartphone that has not only long battery life but also comes with a great camera that is able to take photos with solid detail and great colours then the Lumia 640 XL LTE is great choice for you. Although the 720p resolution makes the pixel density lower and the performance is not great if you’re a power user, it is priced at around S$322.88 and might vary from different retail stores. I really recommend this phone for people who are wanting a cheap yet great phone.


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Vector Smartwatch

Although Vector is a fairly new company to most people, it promises a great smart watch and goes against Google and Apple by promising a battery life of at least 30 days.

The displays of the Vector Smartwatch is digital but in monochrome. This is done to increase the contrast so that you are able to read what is on the watch even in bright lights.

Of course, the Vector Smartwatch comes with all the functions you would expect from a typical smartwatch. It comes with a step, calorie and distance activity tracking and also sleep tracking. All this are linked to your android, IOS and the Windows Phones, providing incoming notifications, appointments that you have set or even read the news. The Look of the watch face is also customisable from the app you downloaded on your phone too.

The Smartwatch does not come with a touchscreen and it has to be navigated with the buttons located at the side of the watch. This is a little of a hassle as it’s a little hard to navigate with if you’re in a rush.

The watch faces are designed with simplicity and is easy to read. Notifications would come in but they’re not immediately displayed, instead if you would like to read the notification, you can flick the watch within 5 seconds to view it. Third-party app developers are also allowed to install their own software on the watch.

In conclusion, it’s a huge risk for a small company like Vector to go against huge companies like Apple and Google but with the 30-day battery life and the simple and easy-to-use functions the watch has makes it very appealing. Its design also doesn’t affect the watch that much either. With the price of US$349.00, it’s a somewhat a worthy purchase if you are okay with the simple design and function. Thus, this smartwatch has potential and I would recommend this watch if you’re not worried about the price.

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HP Spectre x360

The HP Spectre x360 is made up of solid aluminium and has hinges which are smooth. The device also has great display and quite a long battery life. However, it does not has a very light weight like typical hybrids.

The device is a hybrid laptop which has a foldback hinge so that users would be able to convert it into a tablet easily. It is made up of premium metal and has an extremely fantastic battery life for a 13 – inch laptop. It offers both Core i5 and i7 CPUs. Above the Pavilion and Envy lines, the Spectre is considered to be the most premium line.

Without sacrificing its features and design, the device is able to have an extremely long battery life. According to owners, it is able to run for a maximum of a stunning 12 hours. The device contains a 1,920 X 1,080 touch display, Intel Core i5 – 5200U(or i7) processor, a relatively huge 256GB SSD, 8GB of RAM, and costs about $1400. According to HP, there would be a more improved version of it which will cost a little more.

Similar to its rivals, the Spectre x360 is crafted by using large aluminium sheets. This gives a seamless look to its chassis and makes its outer look highly polished. It also has an interior which is matte silver – gray and produces contrast. The laptop however is heavier compared to its rivals such as the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro and the MacBook Air.

The hinges of the laptop is fantastic. They are not too smooth to fail to keep the device in place but they not to stiff to maneuver. The internal mechanism also has a new design which has now three interlocking gears. The device has rounded corners and four edge keys. As it has a IPS device, it would look good from almost any angle, which is great for a hybrid laptop. However, there are some complaints that it reflects too much light.

Overall, the HP Spectre x360 has a nicer design compared to it predecessor and is built from premium materials. It also has fairly good specs but one of its biggest flaws is its heavy weight.

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Sony Xperia E4g

The Sony Xperia E4g was an improvement of the E4. Unlike the E4, the E4g now has 4G services. The phone has a jaw – opening battery life. According to Sony, the device will last for two days without charging and one week with battery – saving settings. There are many settings you can further tweak to prolong the life or the phone. There are power – saving modes such as the Battery Stamina Mode, which disallows functions which consume most battery and the Ultra Stamina Mode will only allow the most basic functions of the phone to continue running.

For users which are not familiar with smartphones, the device also offers a Simple Home interface, which will increase the size of icons and make accessing applications quicker. For some countries, the phone would contain a dual – SIM feature which will allow you to change between phone numbers in the same phone.

The phone has a screen of 4.7 – inch with a resolution of 960×540 pixels, which means that there would be only 234 pixels per inch.  This definitely is not a very high definition and would not offer a great deal of detail as a result. Therefore, this would not be an extremely ideal phone to watch videos or view websites and pictures.

The camera of the phone is of 5 – megapixels and is able to shoot videos with a high definition of 1080p. The default storage space of the device is 8GB and can be expanded with a memory card to the maximum of 32GB.  It has NFC and Bluetooth 4.1 which would allow wireless connection between the phone and other devices.

Although this phone does not have the perfect specs, it compensates that with an extremely long battery life. People who are looking for an affordable phone with a very long battery life would therefore find this phone quite ideal.

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The LG G3 is a smartphone. It has a weight of 149 grams and the average in the market is 138 grams. Therefore, this phone is a little heavier than average. It has a dimensions of 146.3 mm x 74.6 mm x 8.9 mm. The physical size of the phone is 5.5 inches and its resolution is 1440 x 2560 pixels. It has a pixel density of 538 ppi.

This phone has many features such as the light sensor, the proximity sensor and the oleophobic coating. It has a camera of 13 megapixels. the camera have many features such as Back-illuminated sensor (BSI), autofocus, touch to focus, optical image stabilization, face detection, smile detection, ISO control, burst mode, geo tagging, High Dynamic Range mode (HDR), panorama, voice activation.

There are many advantages of the phone and zero disadvantage. The advantage are it has a big display of 5.5 inches, high-resolution display (1440 x 2560 pixels), extremely high pixel density screen, over 430ppi (538 ppi), high screen-to-body ratio (75.22 %), Quad core processor, lots of RAM (3072 MB RAM), fast mobile data support (4G). It has a long lasting battery too!

In my opinion, i recommend people to buy this phone. It only has advantages and zero disadvantage. This phone is simply amazing!

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Asus Fonepad 8


The Asus Fonepad8 is a multi-touch tablet. It has an 8-inch screen and so far it is the largest Fonepad yet. As a tablet, it is light and thin. The chassis is made up of plastic and is solid enough to withstand many attempts to bend it. It weighs around 328 grams and it has a thickness of 8.9mm.

The back of the tablet is soft and smooth. The resolution of this tablet is 800 x 1280 pixels and it has a pixel density of 189 ppi density. The viewing angles of the tablet is good as it has an in-plane switching display. There are also disadvantages for this tablet such as the screen is reflective as the outer protective glass is not optically bonded to the display. The text of the tablet does not look so clear.

The price of this tablet is $299. Its ram is 1GB. It has a long battery life. The Fonepad lasted about 11 hours in the video-playback battery test. It has a variety of colours which the user can choose from such as black, white, red and gold.

In my opinion, it is far from being the best tablet, but this tablet has an excellent battery stamina and is good value for money. I will give it an overall rating of 7/10. I will recommend people to buy this tablet as it is cheaper than other tablets. The price group of this tablet is 4/10 hence it is quite cheap and I would recommend people to buy it.

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