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Hearthstone is a free to play online card game that has been around for over 2 years now. It was not very popular in its beta version but has become very popular now. It consists of nine basic classes, the mage, warrior, druid, shaman, hunter, rogue,priest, paladin and warlock. There are also bonus characters like Lady Liadrin and Medivh but they are just skins for the class.

Over the years hearthstone has gone through a lot of different changes updates and patches, this resulted in some cards too powerful or too odd. At first, Blizzard just removed these cards but now there is a game mode called wild that allows those cards to be used.

There are some expansions in this game like The Grand Tournament and Mean Streets of Karazhan.  So how are these different from the classic cards? Well each of the expansion has a theme and is you want a certain card from an expansion, you would have to buy a pack from the expansion.

The main objective of the game is to lower the opponent’s health from 30 to 0. Damage can be dealt using spells or minions. Spells are one use only (most of the time) and minions can deal damage as long as they are alive and do not have abilities or effects that prevent them from damaging.

Some minions, in fact most have special abilities like spell damage, which increases damage of spells. Some abilities are conditional and will only trigger if the condition is met like: If you have a dragon in your hand, deal 3 damage to a character. The different card keywords would be shown below. Most expansions have a theme like Knights of the Frozen Throne having Death Knights.  Journey to Un’goro having Quests and Adapt. Mean Streets of Gadgetzan have Potions and Hand Buffs (give a random minion/all minions in your hand +x/+x

Every game you start with 3 or 4 cards depending on who starts first (the person who goes second gets a extra card and a coin which grands an extra mana crystal that turn only.) and you draw a card every turn. There are also abilites of minions and spells that allow you to draw more cards, but be careful not to draw too many, as one can only have up to a maximum of 10 cards in hand. The extra cards that you draw will be burnt( removed in that match) and if your deck of thirty cards has been all used, you will receive fatigue damage.Fatigue starts off at 1 damage but will keep increasing the more you draw.

There are several gamemodes in this game, tavern brawl,arena,standard and practice.

There is a different tavern brawl every week but some brawl will be repeated, and every brawl lasts a few days.The brawl has a unique set of rules and are all fun and challenging.

Arena is where players make a deck out of the cards they choose and 3 losses or 12 wins means that your arena game is over and you will receive rewards depending on how many wins you get.

Standard is where you fight with other players with the cards you collected made into a deck of 30 cards.

Practice is where you can face off against bots for experience or if you have not unlocked a certain class.

Most cards can be obtained through packs but basic cards can only be obtained by leveling up your class, there is also adventure cards that can only be obtained if you beat the adventure. However each adventure has multiple levels which take 700 coins to unlock. In comparison  arena needs 150 gold to enter and a pack costs 100 gold.

Even though this game in my opinion, is very fun and addictive, it does has its flaws. It is very rng(random number generator) based sometimes. You may lose the game because of extreme bad luck or win a game because of it. In fact, a Hearthstone Tournament Champion won largely because of luck.

Overall I would recommend this game to my friends and family, despite its flaws.


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An online multiplayer card game, Hearthstone is an addictive and enjoyable game. Although the game seems simple at first, it is actually very complex at its core. As stated on its website “Deceptively simple, insanely fun”.  With many features, and free updates, this game is easily one of my top ten games.

Consisting of 9 classes, and over 100 different cards to choose from, this game has a wide variety of strategies. The 9 classes each have their own special abilities, from dealing damage to your enemies, to healing your own, and spawning your own minions. Some minions also have their own special abilities, such as taunt, which makes enemies take attacking them a priority. Running out of cards also causes fatigue, which causes the player to take increasing damage over each turn. Winning requires players to make their opponent’s health points drop to 0.

There are 3 modes currently in the game, playing against enemies, the arena and practice. The play mode allows you to fight  against other players, or against bots. Unlike some other games, the bots in this game are quite proficient and would easily triumph over you if you are not experienced.

Secondly, there is the arena, which allows you to create your own deck. They will give you three cards to choose from, and continue doing that until you have chosen 30 cards. Then, you will use that deck to fight against other players who have also done the same. Each win will reward you with a key, which increases in rarity in each win. However, a loss will make your key drop in rarity, besides that, with 3 losses, you are immediately disqualified from the arena, and get the key you previously had. Of course, you could decide to drop out at any time during the arena in order to receive the key you earned.

Finally, there is the practice, which initially allows you to fight against bots. These bots are relatively easy, and they are the way you earn different classes. Winning against a class you do not have allows you to get that class.

Cards are earned through leveling up each classes, and experience points are gained through playing games, not dependent on your wins or losses. Winning 3 games in a row rewards you with 10 gold coins, while there are daily quests which reward you with coins when you complete them. Each card pack costs 100 coins and an entry to the arena costs 150 coins. With the latest update, there are 2 types of card packs you can buy, the goblin vs gnomes pack and the original hearthstone pack.

They also have basic features like the adding of friends, and the latest would be the spectator mode. You can learn from your friends or just watch and laugh as they meet their demise.

A free to play game with a lot of depth and strategy involved, it is a game I would definitely recommend someone to get it. Even though it might get boring at times, revisiting the game once in a while provides one with an enjoyable experience.

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