Recently, a new web based game became extremely popular. has gained the attentions of young and old gamers both casual and hardcore gamers. The game has a very simple concept. You start of as small and speedy cells. You eat smaller cells and become a bigger cell and climb your way up the leader boards.

You can split your cell into half while chasing a faster smaller cell and your cell if your split cell is larger than the cell you are chasing. There are also spiky green object that you can shoot mass into. If it hits a large cell, the cell will split into many other smaller pieces which you can eat to become way larger. Another feature in is it’s skin. Key in the right username and your cell will have a different kind of skin. For example if you key in North Korea you will get a cell with the North Korea flag on it. If you are a huge cell, you need to keep eating other cells if not your cell will start decomposing and losing mass.

Overall, is a simple and fun game for people of all ages. It’s a very easy game to pick up. I would recommend this game to both casual and hardcore gamers. You can just play this while waiting for your AAA game to download or if you just want to have some comical fun.

The Ensign

The Ensign is the prequel to rope-playing text-based game A Dark Room. Awake. Head throbbing. Vision blurry. Come light the fire. A Dark Room was not really welcomed. It received many 1 out of 5 star rating when it first came out. Many people calling it a waste of money. At the price of USD$1.99 many people thought that it was a cheap game thus buying it. But after playing the game for a few minutes, they clearly were not impressed at all. But after a few minority of people completed the game, they were amazed by the storyline. This lead to the game A Dark Room becoming popular.

The main reason why A Dark Room is considered one of the best games in the app store, is because of it’s storyline. It starts out with nothing but a fire that you need to stoke to keep yourself warm, that slowly expands out in an unexpectedly large and depressing adventure.

The Ensign will give us a clue on the events that took place before A Dark Room. But The Ensign is a different game from A Dark Room in terms of it’s gameplay. In A Dark Room, you had to explore A Dusty Path and slowly expand your base of operation and explore the wasteland. You also had to do town management, you had to build huts with the materials you gathered and send workers to either chop wood or work in the mines. But whereas in The Ensign, it focuses much more on the exploration side of things. There will be new dungeons that won’t simply lead you in one direction, weapons will break if you are not careful and a new enemy will be stalking you all over the mad.

Another huge difference is that The Ensign will be extremely difficult. You will die alot. But the main purpose of it is for you to learn from your death and advance further each time you die. If your character dies it shows “Time Paradox” instead of “Game Over” then the game restarts from the beginning.

If you are looking for something that takes the mechanics of A Dark Room and builds on it this game has very less to offer to you. But if you are really interested in the games story and would play it again to fill in a little bit of details, or you would like to play a RPG game with much higher difficulty, you can spend your money guilt free.

So, overall I would give this game a rating of 7 out of 10, I really expected more from The Ensign. It had a great storyline but the gameplay could have been better. But because I am a A Dark Room fan, I would not mind spending a little bit of money to experience this game.

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