Portal 2

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Portal 2 is the long awaited sequel to Portal, made by Valve, the same developer of half-life, Team Fortress 2 and Counter strike.  The puzzle game challenges people to use their mind and navigate through the now decrepit Aperture Science facility with only a portal gun in hand to try to escape. Along the way you may find yourself solving test chambers the evil AI GLaDOS has set up, exploring the buried old Aperture Science facility and meeting new characters like Wheatley, an AI personality core that assists you as you escape.


Other than the unique portal mechanic added with the first Portal, all new mechanics have been introduced to enhance the puzzle solving experience. Some of the new mechanics include lasers, laser redirecting cubes, bridges of made of light and gels that give surfaces and objects new properties.


One of the most long awaited feature is the 2 Co-op mode. Named the cooperative testing initiative, you play as 2 robots built by GLaDOS, Atlas and P-body. In the co-op mode, there are all new maps and puzzles to solve, pushing for communication and co-operation between the 2 players. Another new feature is the The Perpetual Testing Initiative, allowing players to make their own puzzles for others to solve.

Image result for cooperative testing initiativeAtlas on the left, P-body on the right



The game occurs an unspecified amount of time from the original game, but the state of the surroundings show that the time difference is quite sizable. You play as Chell, a portal gun wielding test subject from Aperture science. Woken up by Wheatley, an AI personality core, you try to escape the facility, accidentally reactivating GLaDOS. Eventually you defeat GlaDOS, and Wheatley takes charge of the facility. This drives Wheatley mad with power and knocks you down into the old Aperture facility. While doing so, he also puts GLaDOS into a potato. After exploring the old facility and uncovering the backstory of GLaDOS and the Aperture Science, Chell together with GLaDOS find a way back, put GLaDOS back in charge and send Wheatley to space.


This is a great game with compelling story and interesting characters and the feeling of finally solving a puzzle on your own is a very rewarding one.

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Turtle Beach Grip 300

The Turtle Beach Grip 300 is a plug-in and you’re ready to go gaming mouse that is quite affordable by many. The mouse is a small and black with red backlighting and a design that leans towards the left. If you’re a left-handed, sadly this mouse isn’t for you. There is no thumb rest though the mouse juts out to support the thumb. The texture of it is smooth but rough enough so that your sweaty hands won’t slip off.

If you travel often, the mice is small enough which makes it convenient to pack. However, this does mean that the mouse is unable to support a palm grip. This is made for gamers with smaller hands.

The mouse doesn’t have any special drivers or software to be installed to work properly. Though it may seem the mouse doesn’t have much customisation, it does have 2 switches at the bottom of the mouse. You can control both the DPI and polling rates of the mouse using the switches provided. You can use this to fit your play-style really well.

The mouse performs best on first-person shooters and is not very suitable for RTS or RPG games that require lots of scrolling across the screen but not terrible. You would also still feel comfortable even after your hand perspires a lot.

In conclusion, this mouse is really useful if you’re an avid gamer who travels often, it is also not at all expensive at the price at S$57. Not only is the mouse affordable by many it also has excellent performance when playing games. Though this mouse is generally targeted at first-person shooters, you could find fun in other games of other genres too. I would recommend this mouse to anyone who loves FPS games and is looking for a cheap but effective mouse to use then this mouse would really suit you.

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Corsair M65 RGB

The Corsair M65 RGB is an excellent gaming mouse if you are searching for one. Armed with a 8200 DPI laser sensor it can detect the slightest movements and can perform pixel precise tracking. The configurable RGB LEDs allows you to choose between the 16.8 million selection of different colours for each of the three different zones, the front , the logo on the palm rest and on the dpi indicator, allowing for many different colour combinations to suit your personality. Unlike the lights for the front and the logo, the colour on the DPI indicator is not only for aesthetic purposes but also shows the DPI level.

The easily adjustable weight system allows to change three removable weights under the mouse for better control over the mouse to match your play style. The weights can easily be removed and switched with different weights with a screwdriver. It has eight different buttons that can be changed and assigned to perform different functions using the Corsair Utility Engine that you can download easily, which is also used to change the colours for this mouse. You can also adjust the polling rate of the mouse selecting between 1000Hz for maximum response, 500Hz, 250Hz and 125Hz.

The slick design fits your palm really nicely and provides a comfortable grip with maximum comfort. Since it is designed for first person shooter games, it has a unique “sniper” button at the left for your thumb. It allows you to quickly switch between different sensitivity  much quicker than many other gaming mice which is great when changing between long ranged weapons and short ranged weapons for maximum accuracy. The five high quality PTFE glide pads  allows for very smooth and low friction movements.

The Corsair M65 RGB is made out of durable aluminum unibody shell that makes it feel very solid and sturdy and it is covered with a rubber grip.

The Corsair M65 RGB comes in either black or white with a price tag of S$104 and it is definitely worth every cent.

In short, the Corsair M65 RGB is a brilliant gaming mouse if you are looking for one especially if you play first person shooter games such as Counter Strike or Call of Duty, offering amazing performance and is very customizable.

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