Corsair Void Surround

Corsair’s products have been ergonomic and eye catching. The Corsair Void Surround is no different. One of the 5 Void headsets on sale, the Void Surround has a few things the other Voids don’t.

To start off, imagine a peripheral device that can be used on pretty much anything that is up to date. That is the Void Surround. It is able to be used on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and even on mobile devices, if they have a 3.5 mm audio jack. The versatility of this headphone is one of its strengths. However it is still able to be used on older platforms, some however might require an adapter.

Another feature is a Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound, by using the USB Dolby Headphone adapter. What does this mean? You can have surround sound while playing your favourite games on console. So if you want to experience The Last of Us or Uncharted with surround sound to have the best experience possible, this is also a good pick.

The microphone and the frame is not to be underestimated. Corsair teamed up with a few designing experts from BMW to make an ultra-iconic and ultra-comfortable design. The ear cups are ear-shaped and fit around your ear instead of rubbing against them. This itself allows a long lasting gaming marathon without fatigue kicking in very quickly. The icing on the cake for comfort is that the ear cups have memory foam microfibre wrapped around it.

The microphone itself has a program called InfoMic. On the tip of the mic, there are two lights, one to notify you about battery life, microphone mute condition and some settings. Unlike most other headphones, the buttons to toggle mute, adjust volume or swapping presets are not on the cords. Instead of making the cords look slightly weird, with that little bulge,  the buttons are on the ear cup to make it more comfortable and efficient to use and there is no need to fumble about to find that bulge.

Sound quality wise, it is still something to look up to. With 50mm neodymium drives and the aforementioned Surround Sound, listening experience are both gaming and music are equally good. Due to its strong drivers, the bass is strong and its pirmary focus. It also has a very wide dynamic range. The mid-range and high-end might not be on par with the bass’ quality, they are regardless still very good and decently clear.

So, if you want a gaming headset that looks nice, have quite a good sound quality and have a microphone that updates you about its status. This is one of the best choices. The surround sound is an ad-on that quite some people will like, giving more immersion to those epic singleplayer games and campaigns. With a price of 115SGD, this headphone is a good deal for its price.

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Sony H.ear On Wireless NC

The Sony H.ear On Wireless NC is Sony’s latest wireless headphone to be on the market. Being quite similar to Bose’s QuietComfort 35, H.ear has an edge over QuietComfort in a few ways.

H.ear On Wireless NC is only 290 grams heavy, just slightly heavier than the QuietComfort and not as comfortable. However, with some parts of the headphone being not as elegant, it will take a while for you to fatigue. It is folds up into an included carrying case, though it does not fold flat. The case is also very bulky too. Aesthetically, H.ear comes in 5 colours, some of which are really striking.

Sound and track control are on the right ear cup, and you can choose to have noise cancelling on or off. You can also plug in a cord to make it a wired headphone. Its Automatic AI Noise Cancelling function constantly analyses environmental ambient sound components and automatically selects the most effective noise cancelling mode. H,ear is a textbook headphone for calling with two microphones, one external and one in the housing.

The headphone can last for 20 hours on Bluetooth and with noise cancellation active, it will last longer if you were to bring the volume down and not use noise cancellation. Compared to its rival, the QuietComfort 35, H.ear has an edge over it in terms of sound quality. The sound quality is also really clear, with tight bass, all these being natural for Bluetooth headphones, but it sure does a good job imitating a wired headphone.

Even though it is not the most comfortable Bluetooth headphone in the market, it makes it up for its excellent sound quality, being so good, that it does sound a bit like a wired headphone. For the price, 468 SGD is quite pricey, however, it is a good trade-off for the sound quality.

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Mac Pro

The Mac Pro has powerful hardware, and can output up to three 4K displays simultaneously. However it has a hefty price of around $3000. It is meant for professional use and not very suitable for home use. So it is probably not the best idea to purchase it for home use as it is pretty costly.

This new version’s interior space has about a tenth of the old Mac Pro and it is very significant when put side by side. It can still be used for home-use however it is not recommended as it is costly as I mentioned and it is not the best way to spend your money. The smaller design is aimed to be more efficient and cooling. The noise level of this item is also more quiet than the Mac Mini. It is appealing in design and performs greatly.

Overall, I personally will not purchase this product to use as leisure due to its price and you can probably use the money on another computer without as much features that we do not use. However it can be incredibly good when for professional use as it in most cases work well and faster than most other high-end Windows desktops.

Samsung Galaxy S7

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is Samsung’s latest phone that was released on 11 March. It is a a significant upgrade of the S6 in many ways, mainly the battery life and water resistance. Other than that, this is just a way better Galaxy than its older counterparts.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has a comfortable curved back and sides which is quite resistant, falling a few feet wont crack or dent it, just don’t expect it to be the next Nokia. It is also water resistant and can survive 5 feet underwater, without any protective case. These feature already made a durable smartphone more durable. Aesthetics wise, the curves and build is better than previous Galaxies, the S7 is no doubt built better than its older counterparts. The drawback is that the glass and metal backing is a smudge magnet. There will always be fingerprints on the phone, making it annoying to clean all the time and sort of forcing you to buy a case to prevent this problem.

Phones nowadays are used for taking beautiful shots while on holidays or just selfies. This phone has a really good rear camera, with 12 megapixels  with dual pixel
CMOS 5MP front camera. The rear camera is a  low-light camera, whatever photos taken will come out crisp. Though the low light photos have better quality now, digital noise was still there, those small speckles of color that infiltrate the picture are an inevitability in low-light digital camera shots. The auto-focus is really fast and good , grabbing clear shots from moving objects. This is good news to those taking normal landscape photos, but the selfies camera, armed with 5 megapixels, was not really good. It has even more ‘beautification’ filters, making the skin look youthful, but it does it too much. It makes the skin look plastic. The selfies comes out either too fake or too harsh. The flash used for the front camera is quite good, considering it whites out the screen, so your next selfie in a dark location will not be really muffled, but the flash in unbelievably blinding.

The S7 has lesser bloatware, unlike the S6, which leaves the S& with tons of customisation for you to do. Samsung also added a Game Launcher which has a set off quick action tools for you to use, like screenshots and recording. It can be use to turn off all alerts except for calls. The call notification takes up a big bulk of space, which would be better if it were to be toned down. It has an always on feature that shows either the clock, calendar or an image. It is useful a you need not to wake your phone up to check the time, battery levels or date.

The battery life is astronomically long lasting, even better than the iphone 6S. I mean if 16 hours of heavy use(still dependent on what the use is) is not enough for you, there is the S7 Edge anyways.  The amount of storage has been increased too, with a microSD card slot to use, that is an extra 64GB or more extra storage.

Here are some specifications that you might need to know. It runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, has 4GB or RAM and capture videos in 4K

Though it is pricey, I think it is worth buying it if you have no phone or have the money to buy this high-end phone. It costs 905SGD to buy the S7.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 4

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is a tablet PC with a detachable keyboard with the intended theory of a tablet that can replace your laptop.

Starting at $899 and for that price you get a Surface Pro tablet with an Intel Core M3 CPU, 128 GB of solid state storage and 4 GB of RAM, plus a touchscreen stylus that magnetically attaches to the side of the screen.With a Core i5 the price jumps to $999.Double the storage to 256GB and the RAM to 8GB, and the price is $1,299.This computer is not inexpensive.

There are also type covers, it connects via a magnetic hinge along the bottom of the tablet, and folds shut over the cover for easy transport. These type covers,costs an extra $129.The one design issue that Microsoft hasn’t changed with the Surface Pro 4 is its “lapability” problem. When the keyboard is attached, its rear kickstand works well on a tabletop — but typing on your lap or in a crowded airline seat remains a logistical challenge.

The “pen” is almost perfected and it is so accurate you can do art and even draw cartoons  using the surface pro.There is also a little eraser at the end of the pen.

Overall I think the surface pro is worth the money as it has good performance,design and graphics.However, it does not have as good battery life and may not be suitable for people who need the laptop for long periods of time.

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Bose SoundTrue In-Ear

As Bose SoundTrue In-Ear nears its retirement,there is no denial that this pair of earphones are really comfortable.Unlike other earphone that has a earbud stuck in your ear, this ‘open’ design basically hangs on the edge of your ears loosely.

Most of Bose’s ‘open’ earphones does not feature noise cancellation with the exception of QuietComfort 20, which costs considerably more than the rest.With this pair costing 186SGD with an inline microphone or 143SGD without it. As this phases out certain colours have a 30% discount online, making them good deals.The buds basically cling around the sides of your ears and does not fall off when running wire which is a good thing for athletic people, but it is not sweat resistant.

The SoundSport In-Ear comes with a round neoprene carrying case (plus a carabiner) while the SoundTrue In-Ear and Freestyle ship with a larger, rectangular case.The design of the remote is well done.The buttons are easy to feel, hence operation by feel is much easier.Call quality was also good, and this headphone works well as a substitute headset.The plug is not l-shaped but straight, which in theory, should be more sturdy. The straight plug is compact, so it’s designed to work with most cell-phone cases.

Performance wise, this uses the same driver as other Bose open earbud-style headphones.Bose does a good job making smooth-sounding headphones that are pretty well balanced with good bass performance. The headphones are like a Jack-of-all-trades headphones, not limited to a specific music genre.If you like to blast loud music, this may disappoint you.The top volume is 10 to 20 percent softer than a lot of in-ears on the market.With a sound-isolating in-ear headphone like the Ultra, you also get some cord noise when the cord rubs against your clothes. The open design of the SoundTrue, SoundSport, and Freestyle In-Ears eliminates the cord noise but lets ambient noise in.

If you really want or need a pair of high quality headphones or like Bose products, this may be a cheap grab for you, especially if you were to buy it online with the discounted colours. I would personally buy this for the cheap price if a have a lack of headphone or earphone to use.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+



The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is not just a larger version of the original Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. In fact, it is just a small upgrade from its smaller counterpart, it adds a shortcut menu to the edge screen for quickly opening apps, in addition to the existing menu for contacting your favorite people.

Sharing the exact same specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5,  which includes a strong 16-megapixel camera, 4GB of RAM and an octa-core processor of Samsung’s own design (that means it has eight computing chips for completing tasks). Besides its snazzier design, though, the Edge+ lacks the Note 5’s signature stylus. That leaves potential buyers having to choose between the Edge+’s inviting curves or the Note 5’s scribble-friendly practicality.

As of now, the S6 Edge+ comes in gold, silver, black and white, though different regions may carry different colors. Prices vary by retailer and country, but this Edge+ will cost more than the Note 5 overall. The design of the Edge+ are as follows:5.7-inch display; 2,560×1,440 pixels (518 pixels per inch), metal and glass construction, 6.1 by 3 by 0.3 inches (154 by 76 by 6.9mm), weighs 5.4 ounces (153 grams).If the regular Edge’s curved screen and thin edges are familiar to you, you should know how the Edge+ looks like.

Unlike the other Galaxies, this one does not have a removeable battery or microSD card.The curves on the screen, unlike previous curved-screen Galaxies, are not merely ‘cosmetic’ but a function. A special display utilises the curves on the screen.Hence, it hides from view until you pull it out, so most of the time, you don’t see it. When you do want to summon the edge display (which you can now do from any screen, not just the home screen, as was the case with the original S6 Edge), you grab a slim onscreen tab that tastefully lies low on whichever side you put it, and swipe to reveal the full menu. The settings menu also lets you turn on a newsfeed, so you can see various alerts and news headlines in the sidebar as well as through the customary notifications tray up top. The benefit here: the edge screen’s longer window lets you see more text, without expanding the alert the way you would with the notifications shade.

In my opinion, this is basically a Note 5 with a slighty larger Edge cover with extra features. Worth the price of more than the original Edge? If you really need a new phone and or have the money, this probably will suit you. If not, I’d say skip this phone.


Sony MDR-1A


Sony’s new headphone, MDR-1A is the successor to the discontinued MDR-1R a “premium” over-ear headphone. Just like its ancestor, the 1A did inherit some of its traits.

The MDR-1A is just like the MDR-1R, being very, very comfortable. They both look really similar,  but thanks do design changes, 1A beats its ancestor. The earcup design is subtly different, with softer padding and cushions that are slightly angled to confort to the user’s head better, the finish on the MDR-1A is also a bit more textured. But the biggest change is that the earcups can rotate in an opposite direction from the MDR-1R’s. Which means, that the headphones can rest flat,(pads down), which makes it more comfortable when it is resting on your neck.

Now for the stats. Only being 225 grams light and fitting somewhere between snugly and not too snugly, this pair of headphones can fit well to all sizes of heads. The sound quality is quite balanced( the bass, midrange and the treble is really smooth), the stereo soundstage is spacious and the dynamic range is quite dynamic. It is not bass boosted whatsoever or zippy treble it is just there, balanced and all-rounded. And it is just so comfortable that fatigue will happen after listening to music after quite some time.

What you will get from its box is 2 standard 1.2 meters long,one of which has a one-button inline remote and microphone. It is also geared towards Android but it works well with iPhones but you are unable to adjust volume on the iPhone. But if you use an Android phone, you can use Android’s free app SmartKey to customise the button control. A carrying pouch is also included. Sony do sell 3 higher end cables if you want even better sound quality.

All in all, Sony’s MDR-1A is a very balanced headphone that balances clarity with just enough of laid-backness to make it a very versatile headphone that is well worth for a headphone in the SGD400 range, SGD417 to be exact.

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Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II

The Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II is the successor of the Bose SoundTrue Around-Ear with the addition of Bluetooth.

Only just weighing slightly over 200 grams, it has plush memory foam ear pads and a really strong frame. Although it does not look sturdy, Bose has tested this in their labs and said that it can survive falls, bumps and grabs due to the materials used are like impact resistant, like glass-filled nylon and corrosion-resistant stainless steel. However light and hardy this headphones are, it does not feature active noise-cancellation, but the around-ear design will help a bit by blocking off some noise, just do not wear it too long in hot areas as your ears will go steaming but during winter or cold areas, this will do fine to keep your ears warm and comfy.

It also has a two-way microphone system and what Bose calls Adaptive Audio Adjustments which changes volume based on speech level and ambient noise.It pairs well with both iOS and Android. It also pairs well with Bluetooth enabled computers but for iMacs and MacBook Air, the sound quality it is not as good. There is a case that carries the headphone itself and some wires that makes it a wired headphone. That carrying case has a pocket to store the USB charging cable and a headphone cable to use in case the battery dies and you want to listen to the headphones in wired mode (that cable doesn’t have an integrated microphone, but that’s a minor omission). It boasts remotes buttons that are placed on the right cup that can answer calls. Tapping the middle buttons allows you to skip tracks forward and back when you’re playing music. This headphone uses Bluetooth 4.0 multilink. It has NFC tap-to-pair technology is also on board (Apple’s phones currently don’t support this feature but most Android devices do). But AptX streaming didn’t make the features list. AptX is supposed to improve the quality of Bluetooth streaming but it’s unclear how much of an impact it has (Apple phones currently don’t support this feature either but many Android devices do). It also has a 15 hour battery life(dependent on usage) and charges really fast.

The sound quality is really fine too but it is not bass boosted whatsoever so you will not receive any extra crispness, sparkle, and depth that you get from a really good pair of wired headphones. But the sound is still pleasant and smooth.It also has digital processing going on board the headphone. This one,  Bose put in Active EQ and volume-optimized EQ. For volume-optimized EQ is designed to make your music sound better at lower volumes. Often, when you lower the volume, you lose the bass, and Bose’s digital processing makes things sound fuller and more detailed at lower volumes. Active EQ however, makes sure the incoming signal is complete and accurate and isn’t distorted. The idea is to get a more perfect transmission without boosting anything, the bass, for instance. The problem, of course, is that the quality of the digital files you’re streaming to your headphones vary but Bose is doing their best to smooth everything out and make it sound better.

All in all, this piece of headphones is not made for Techno songs or Pop songs, rather for softer songs instead.At a cost of 385SGD this is worth the price for its comfort and things Bose added to make this as reliable to Bluetooth connections.×433/6f70c5a00deae056c93cfa705617d6b3/06bose-soundlink-around-ear-wireless-headphones-ii.jpg”

Bang and Olufsen BeoPlay H8


The Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H8 is a over-the-head wireless headphones.The aesthics of the headphones comes with a sturdy design made out of metal and leather.

Armed with sheepskin memory foam ear cups, this design is comfortable but not as comfortable as others.Only weighing 255 grams, this will not be a burden for your ears to support.With a switchable rechargeable battery that can last for 14 hours with Bluetooth and noise cancellation on  or 35 hours on wired mode with noise cancellation on.The makers of the headphones also included a set of cables if you do not use wireless.The headphone uses Bluetooth 4.0.On the right ear cup interface , there is a movement sensor that can detect gestures to  answer calls,adjust volume,change songs and pause or play songs. The sensor works well but taking off the headphones may pause or play your song by accident. It features Aptx technology which is available for certain smartphones to improve sound quality of Bluetooth streaming. It may or may not improve sound quality but for now, it is still a topic in debate.

For the sound quality, it has a lot of bass which goes really deep with some warmth and really good clarity. It has some edginess of the treble when its on wired mode. If noise cancelling is on, most of the treble will be eliminated. Honestly, this headphone is more of a wireless headphone but it will not be a surprise that people will still forsake some quality for Bluetooth. However,the Bluetooth does not transmit well through our body so it is recommended to put your phone in the right pocket.If you have a quieter track playing, walking around will have a banging noise in the headphone, so it will be best to listen to slightly louder tracks to counter heal strikes.

All in all, it is a headphone that is worth buying if you have the budget to. There are some cheaper ones out there but with a few functions not available.It will be a headphone worth purchasing if the cost of SGD $703 does not bug you.

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