Realm of the Mad God (bullet hell mmo)

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Rotmg or RotMG is the short form of the game


Wild Shadow & Spry Fox

The game was created in 2010 and was launched in 2011 by Wild Shadow Studios and Spry Fox. During this period, which players refer to as “Wild Shadow Era”, people were satisfied with the game and was very free to play friendly, where the main currency was available to all.


Unfortunately, because of this, Wild Shadow was forced to sell the game as they were running out of funds. Kabam saw potential in it and bought it. Most players consider this era  bad overall, although it does has its strengths. Kabam implemented arguably the best and only true endgame content. However, Kabam does  not deserve all the credit as, an ordinary player was the one who gave both the idea and the code. This was mainly the reason why many players stayed through the long time Kabam abandoned the game. Now, to the important cons (too many cons): after Kabam came, they turned this once co-operative(co-op) game into a pay to win and money-grubbing game. If that was not enough, they introduced pets. Pets enabled a single player to be stronger than 6-7 players combined. Pets were what destroyed the co-op aspect of this game. For context, it used to be about survivability, helping other players out and co-op. Now? its about who can get the most and deny the most loot from others. Have I mentioned about the amount of hackers? Adding that would be too long.

Deca Games

The game was at the verge of dying, but then, came Deca Games. Deca Games is an indie company that was formed for RotMG. The main team is made out of former Kabam employees. They started out by making everyone like them by giving away free stuff. They then continued by addressing the hackers (basically almost none now). Finally, they start adding more content and fix kabam’s many mistakes, like the imbalanced economy. However, a lot of content are new cosmetics( how they intend to make money without making RotMG pay to win), but there are also some quality content and quality of life changes that are quite frequent. Events such as Cinco De Mayo event.

Basic mechanics:

Upon starting the game, there should be a outdated tutorial about the very basics. Like controls, shooting and looting. Before I get started, you can change the controls by pressing “o”.

One of the main aspect of the game is permanent-death(perma -death), so prepare to rage, but prepare to come back afterwards.

Start out at the beach( where scorpions are at) and slowly move inland. They will drop some bags where loot like weapons, abilities, armor( how it is spelled in game) and rings can make you stronger.


Brown BagPink BagPurple BagEgg BasketCyan BagBlue Bag White BagBoosted Bag

There are a total of 8 types of bags: brown, pink, purple, cyan, blue, white and red. Brown and pink is not soulbound, meaning that they can be seen by other players and they can take whatever is inside. Brown bags are mainly consumables that are such as health potion(not potion of life) and mana potions. Pink bags contains low tiered gears like tiers( tiers 1-6 for weapons and armors, 1-2 for abilities, and 1 for rings( higher tiers are better)). Purple and above are soulbound, meaning that they can only be seen by you and no one else they usually drop tiers 7-9 for weapons and armors, 3-4 for abilities, and 2-4 for rings. Egg baskets contain pet eggs. Cyan bags contain all other better gear. Blue bags contain stat potions. The legendary rng bag is the White bag, they are very rare and drop special items according to the enemy. Red bags drop when you use loot drop or tier potions or lucky clovers. The bags overwrite each other in this order: Red>White>Blue>Cyan>Egg>Purple>Pink>Brown


Health(Life)-If it reaches -1 you die

Mana(Mana)- You use this to use your abilities


Dexterity(Dex)-Rate of fire

Speed(Spd)-Movement speed

Defense(def)-reduces damage taken by the amount you have until 85% reduction of the bullet’s damage

Vitality(Vit)-The rate in which you regenerate Health

Wisdom(Wis)-The rate in which you regenerate Mana

These stats can be increased permanently by leveling up and drinking potions, referred to as pots. There are maximum amount of each stats that are different for every class. They can be increased by gear and temporary boosts such as gumballs and tinctures above the maximum.


There are a lot of items and they are self explanatory when you mouse over them. If you are unsure about what it does, you can go to                eye-bigrealmeye to check.

Character slots and Vaults:

Char Slot UnlockerVault Chest Unlocker

The amount of character slots is the amount of characters you can have alive at once. Vaults are chests which let you store items which do not disappear when you die. These can only be obtained by paying or when Deca Games decides to give them out. If you are paying, it is best to wait for deals such as Super Ample Packs where you can get more value for money.


The most over powered thing in RotMG. They have various abilities and the most significant two are ‘Heal’ and ‘Magic Heal’. The abilities heal and increase your mana(not maximum) respectively, they get more efficient every level. There are 5 rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary and Divine. To make sure  you do not waste your time with your pet, you can go here.Pet Fusing



Using flash projector is arguably one of best ways to reduce lag, close to Steam. Steam is a lot easier to set up and they offer a free pack, however, Steam is known to crash when playing RotMG, unlike flash projector, which is harder to make work. A step by step tutorial here. Another way to reduce lag is to go to the options and turn off ‘Draw shadows’, ‘Hardware acceleration’ and disabling player projectiles. In options, you can also assign a key to open the stats of the game, such as the memory and frames per second. RotMG is prone to memory leak, which causes a lot of lag, so you can use the stats to know when a memory leak is about to occur.



If you do this I have lost all respect for you… unless it is a weird game like Growtopia that is literally about merching. Merching in RotMG means buying low and selling high. This is most of the time used by players who have no skill to actually play the game and have no access to their mom’s credit card to pay their way to being “pro”. Basically, go here to see the offers and gauge the price, although most of them are overpriced(because most of them are also merchers).

Paying to win:

There are 2 types, the stupid one is buying gear from the nexus shop, the smarter ones are investing into their pet or Character and Vault slots(Lasts forever) and buy mostly great deals such as the Cinco De Mayo packs and Super Ample Packs.

Fame farming:

People with no life who farm for fame in the godlands( a currency mostly only used to feed pets) 24/7 and think that they are pro.

PPE and NPEs:

PPE stands for Pet Player Experience, you start with no gear except t 0 weapon and ability, you can’t trade or get free items. The goal is to get 8/8(8 out of 8 stats maxed) and good gear. Most of time it is very easy as pets are over powered. NPE stands for New Player Experience, which is the same thing as PPE except no pets are allowed. This is mostly played for fun as it increases the difficulty of the easy game.

Actually playing the game:

The best way to improve is to learn from your mistakes and invest in pets as they can carry you. After having a good pet, preferably at least a rare, you can farm godlands and certain dungeons for pots to max your character and store items in vault in case you die for the next character.

This game has kept me entertained for 5 years now, so I recommend it, although it is not for the faint of heart.

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Apple Macbook (2016)

It was designed to be small and lightweight but, in the process, it lost to other similar models in terms of other functions. It, even though was designed to be light, was still defeated by Lenovo LaVie Z HZ550 which weighs 0.85kg compared to the Apple MacBook which weighs 0.9kg. Its dimensions are 0.52 by 11.04 by 7.74 inches or 1.3 by 28 by 19.7 centimetres. Considering this, one will have no problem fitting it in a 13-inch laptop bag and maybe even a bag made for 10-inch tablets. It has the butterfly-keyboard, Forcetouch track pad and uses USB-C, which may or may not be bad depending on the user for the following reasons. Firstly, most reviews on the Force touch trackpad was negative but many of them were due to the users not being used to it. Secondly, it uses USB-C and most people don’t have it, many are forced to buy USB-C-to-DisplayPort and USB-C-to-Ethernet cables from third party companies. Lastly, the butterfly-keyboard will feel uncomfortable for a varying period of time depending on the user. The keys are larger causing the gap to decrease but the key’s centre to centre is still the same. Thunderbolt 3 support is also not added into the MacBook even though it uses the same port as the USB-C.

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Toshiba Satellite Radius 12

The Toshiba Satellite Radius 12 has a face-recognizing camera that can log the user into Windows just by sitting in front of the camera. Therefore, the user does not need to type or create any complicated password.

Its touchscreen traps grease from fingers and thus making it slimy. Furthermore, if you use as a laptop, the screen will wobble when touched.

If you use it as a tablet, the lid isn’t rigid which would make some users uncomfortable.

The audio is decent and is louder and clearer when used as a tablet. However, the sound gets muffed when you place it on your lap.

The keyboard isn’t very bad but it isn’t good either. The keyboard’s keys are oddly shaped and some undersized. The only good thing about the keys are that it does not take a lot of effort to press down.

The touchpad however, is uneven, on the bottom left side of the keyboard, meaning that you will accidentally click something using the touchpad. You can change the settings of the touchpad to reduce the frequency of accidental clicks but you cannot disable certain part of the touchpad like some other laptops.

The laptop also has a C-type USB port but it cannot be used in the current situation as it is only used for fast USB 3.1 data. It was made just for future peripherals that have not been invented yet.

There is also another version of Radius 12 which has better battery life and an 1080p non-touchscreen which costs $ 1000 instead of the usual $ 1299.

In conclusion, I think that there is way more laptops that can do better at certain more important areas that cost the same or lesser than the Radius 12.

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Sony Xperia Z Ultra

Based on the design of the Xperia Z, the Xperia Z Ultra is a very attractive-looking phone. It combines a metallic frame with tempered glass on both the front and rear, giving it a minimalistic, stylish appeal. It is impossibly thin at 6.5mm but is surprisingly not the thinnest and lightest. The 6.44-inch full-HD Triluminos display’s colours were vibrant and crisp, and Sony seems to have resolved the colour shift issue with the Xperia Z. Like more recent Sony smartphones, the Xperia Z Ultra uses onscreen menu buttons.

It is also water and dust proof therefore, you can take HD photos underwater with its 8-megapixel camera. While it doesn’t come with pen-style input device, the smartphone’s display is capable of taking notes using the built-in handwriting recognition tool which even allows you to write using a pencil or metal pen. However, it is not pressure sensitive so you have to do the size manually on the app. It uses the 2.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor so it is extremely fast.

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Dell XPS 13(non-touch)

First off, I should clear the confusion, there is another Dell XPS 13 with touchscreen and poorer quality so it is cheaper by $ 300+ but has better battery life (I’ll explain the reasons later on).

Dell XPS 13 has a nearly borderless display and a small body for a 13-inch laptop. It does not have a high-resolution screen and an edge-to-edge glass overlay which makes it not look as slick. It also loses touch screen as the name suggests, which makes Windows 8 harder to use.

The original version has a better pixel resolution and touchscreen and this version has poorer resolution and no touchscreen but with better battery life. The battery life improved from 7 hours to 12 hours. The touchscreen is the biggest sacrifice as the mousepad is one of the laptop’s weakness.

Most of its designs is the same as the original version, with a silver top, gently rounded corners and a circular logo in the centre of the lid.

The inside is basic black with a subtle dark pattern over the wrist rest and black keys in a black keyboard tray. The keys are also nicely spaced for quick typing and responsive. Function keys row is reversed which means that you can adjust the volume and brightness without holding down the function key. The clickpad-style touchpad works well for basic navigating and tapping and clicking but the two-finger scroll is not as smooth as one may expect from a MacBook.

Because of the small body, there is only 2 USB 3.0, audio and SD card ports and nothing else.

In my opinion, you are choosing between battery life and content or a lot touchscreen and better quality and content so do choose carefully

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Alienware 13(OLED)

The highlight and uniqueness of this laptop is its OLED screen, that has very bright and clear display. To make even more unique, it is the first laptop(as far as I know) to have it. The OLED is found in only the best big-screen televisions besides other laptops. This is also a limited edition laptop. It costs from $1800 to $2400SGD online(shipping takes 3-4 days). If you are getting your hopes up, don’t. This is one of the few good things about this laptop. Its battery life is not amazing and there are better gaming laptops out there. Its aplication performance is quite bad and the when gaming, the battery lasts only 90 minutes.OLED is not as good as televisions with OLED an example is that the colour is not accurate as it was tested by a television expert, you can trust him. But there are good things about the OLED such as how it shows the colour black and its brightness(tested by the expert mentioned earlier). Before I end this, I want to warn you that the bottom gets hot easily, so don’t burn your lap or anything else.


Acer Aspire Switch 10

blame it on Songze

It can be found in Challenger but it is currently sold out. The Acer Aspire Switch 10 has a hybrid mechanism. It is a budget hybrid as it using magnetic connection to attach its screen. It has the same hardware limitations as other similar sized hybrids. It is built to work in 4 different modes as seen above. Powerful magnets pull the keyboard and screen together, and surprisingly, it would not fall even when you hold it by the screen and shake it. Its CPU is not as good as some other similar sized hybrid tablets. It runs for about 6 hours before its battery drains out, therefore, it cannot be your full-time PC with.The Acer Aspire Switch 10 costs a bit less than other small-screen hybrids, but also gives you less: a slower processor, less RAM, and a smaller hard drive. But when it comes to actually using the system, and taking advantage of its tablet and hybrid shapes, you should find it easier to use, and more fun, than some recent fold-back or pull-apart hinge hybrids.

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Pony Island

Pony Island

Before you assume that this is a  game made specifically for girls, I assure you that it is not one of those games. I do not want to give away a lot of spoilers so the information here may not be a lot. By the way, this game is on steam and is released only this year on 4 Jan 2016.

First off, you will be forced to play this game called “Pony Island” inside this game Pony Island.


When playing any “Pony Island” in this game, you will play as a pony and has to jump over the white bars. Overtime the game will get increasingly ridiculously difficult and may even make you rage quit. You will get wings and be able to shoot laser beams later on in this game. While playing, the in-game programmer of the game “Pony Island” will try to talk to you and try to persuade/threaten you to not cheat.

Later on in the game there will be puzzles like the one shown above. It tests your intellect and tries to make you rage quit. Most of the time you get to this screen when you are “hacking” in the game.

Story Line

I will not be talking a lot about this because the main attraction of the game is the plot/story line. As you progress in the game, you will discover many secrets and have many questions and you still will even after the completion of the game. A person named “Hopeless soul” (the one in the picture) will guide you through the entire process and is the one hacking for you. The main goal is to destroy the 3 core files. I will leave one spoiler at the end of this review.


For this one, I will not show any pictures as it will be very obvious what the plot is after seeing the pictures.

1st boss name: Azazel

It will give you 4 puzzles for you to solve to destroy the 1st core file and it will try to ruin it for you. After that, once you open the menu for the deletion of the core files, he will use his own cursor to close it and this is testing on your speed.

2nd boss: (name unknown)

It occurs in the game “Pony Island” which you have to dodge the projectiles shot by him and kill him with your laser.

3rd boss : (I will not reveal it yet)

It uses many, many tricks and smart ones also. You don’t need any skills to win it as all you need to do is to LISTEN and FOLLOW its instructions CAREFULLY and I really mean it. To win him all you really need to do is FOLLOW his instructions. By the way he is very difficult to win and you can end up rage quitting.

I will leave the final boss for you to discover on your own.

The secrets are for you to find and this is available in steam and there may be a sequel.


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Samsung Galaxy Beam 2

The Galaxy Beam 2, as shown on the picture, has a built in projector which projects the screen onto a nearby matter. The projector is located at the top of the phone which “swells” that part slightly. The projector is controlled with the DLP app which can be quite troublesome. The app does not automatically toggle presentation mode even for very common presentation formats. Another disadvantage is that you will have to reopen the app just to set the projector since there is no shortcut or anything like it. It also cannot play embedded videos. The LED bulb in the projector can last for 20,000 hours so you should not need to replace it anytime soon.

It has a 1.2GHz quad-core processor and a microSD card slot which can hold up to 6GB of external storage. It has a screen size of 4.66 inches.

There is no continuous focus for the camera but there is a button to tap for focus. It has a lot of different adjustments and settings, for example: white balance, ISO, metering and resolution. There is evena  blink detection to detect blinking in photos to avoid closed eyes in pictures.

Its speed is enough to watch an online movie without any lag.

It can last for only 3 hours if the projector is “beaming” throughout the 3 hours.

In my opinion, I think that the main focus of this phone is its projector and nothing else.

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