Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II

The Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II is the successor of the Bose SoundTrue Around-Ear with the addition of Bluetooth.

Only just weighing slightly over 200 grams, it has plush memory foam ear pads and a really strong frame. Although it does not look sturdy, Bose has tested this in their labs and said that it can survive falls, bumps and grabs due to the materials used are like impact resistant, like glass-filled nylon and corrosion-resistant stainless steel. However light and hardy this headphones are, it does not feature active noise-cancellation, but the around-ear design will help a bit by blocking off some noise, just do not wear it too long in hot areas as your ears will go steaming but during winter or cold areas, this will do fine to keep your ears warm and comfy.

It also has a two-way microphone system and what Bose calls Adaptive Audio Adjustments which changes volume based on speech level and ambient noise.It pairs well with both iOS and Android. It also pairs well with Bluetooth enabled computers but for iMacs and MacBook Air, the sound quality it is not as good. There is a case that carries the headphone itself and some wires that makes it a wired headphone. That carrying case has a pocket to store the USB charging cable and a headphone cable to use in case the battery dies and you want to listen to the headphones in wired mode (that cable doesn’t have an integrated microphone, but that’s a minor omission). It boasts remotes buttons that are placed on the right cup that can answer calls. Tapping the middle buttons allows you to skip tracks forward and back when you’re playing music. This headphone uses Bluetooth 4.0 multilink. It has NFC tap-to-pair technology is also on board (Apple’s phones currently don’t support this feature but most Android devices do). But AptX streaming didn’t make the features list. AptX is supposed to improve the quality of Bluetooth streaming but it’s unclear how much of an impact it has (Apple phones currently don’t support this feature either but many Android devices do). It also has a 15 hour battery life(dependent on usage) and charges really fast.

The sound quality is really fine too but it is not bass boosted whatsoever so you will not receive any extra crispness, sparkle, and depth that you get from a really good pair of wired headphones. But the sound is still pleasant and smooth.It also has digital processing going on board the headphone. This one,  Bose put in Active EQ and volume-optimized EQ. For volume-optimized EQ is designed to make your music sound better at lower volumes. Often, when you lower the volume, you lose the bass, and Bose’s digital processing makes things sound fuller and more detailed at lower volumes. Active EQ however, makes sure the incoming signal is complete and accurate and isn’t distorted. The idea is to get a more perfect transmission without boosting anything, the bass, for instance. The problem, of course, is that the quality of the digital files you’re streaming to your headphones vary but Bose is doing their best to smooth everything out and make it sound better.

All in all, this piece of headphones is not made for Techno songs or Pop songs, rather for softer songs instead.At a cost of 385SGD this is worth the price for its comfort and things Bose added to make this as reliable to Bluetooth connections.×433/6f70c5a00deae056c93cfa705617d6b3/06bose-soundlink-around-ear-wireless-headphones-ii.jpg”

Destiny:The Taken King(DLC)


To start off the second year of Destiny, Bungie  released a mega DLC( downloadable content) a for the already massive game. It is none other than The Taken King. Being so big , the DLC can be considered as Destiny 2.

In the DLC Bungie fixed some things for free( vanilla players) and introduced many other things that improves the game. First of all, this is the pre-story of the DLC: You killed a god.(in another DLC raid) His father is really angry and corrupted forces of enemies you have fought before and controls them. He will bring extinction to us.

In the new chapter of the game these are the things that are new. The AI you travel with , Ghost , the voice actor will be changed form Peter Dinklage to Nolan North, additional missions can be returned and tracked whenever you want or complete them,more Vault space,longer and better stories,old things are having a revamp, Strikes( or a dungeon equivalent ) are now being more Raid-like , a new raid, Exotic blueprints that allows you to purchase Exotic-tiered gear and weapons once a week, bounties for Crucible(pvp) and possibly Vanguard(pve) that are weekly and gives you Nightfall-tiered items( elite version of strikes), the gunsmith will have untested weapons that you can pick up for and do bounties to earn reputations that will allow you to have armsday purchases on Wednesday(buy Legendary-tiered weapons with random perk rolls) and lots of new gear.

As of now(26/8/15), these are all the new things the world knows. The prices are:85SGD for the ‘Legendary Edition for new players which includes the past DLCs,133SGD for the collector’s edition which are add-ons to the ‘Legendary Edtion’,Digital Collector’s Edtion which is the same at 133SGD and the Digital Download for 58SGD.

As the DLC continues to fully develop,the recent addition of cosmetic microtransaction, future content will be free(as the funds for the cosmetic pays for everyone).For example if I spend 7SGD for the cheapest pack, i can get the next DLC for free.The really competitive PVP modes are back online, Trials of Osiris, a weekly nine round elimination tournament that can grant you really good loot and rare materials. Iron Banner, a monthly PVP event that lasts a whole week,where you can win exclusive loot.With the harder mode of the Raid is being online soon, the full force of this mega-sized will soon be unleashed.

As a stepping stone of epic proportions, this is a must buy for those who have like a big friend groups on Xbox and Playstation. Taken King) Banner) of Osiris)

Bang and Olufsen BeoPlay H8


The Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H8 is a over-the-head wireless headphones.The aesthics of the headphones comes with a sturdy design made out of metal and leather.

Armed with sheepskin memory foam ear cups, this design is comfortable but not as comfortable as others.Only weighing 255 grams, this will not be a burden for your ears to support.With a switchable rechargeable battery that can last for 14 hours with Bluetooth and noise cancellation on  or 35 hours on wired mode with noise cancellation on.The makers of the headphones also included a set of cables if you do not use wireless.The headphone uses Bluetooth 4.0.On the right ear cup interface , there is a movement sensor that can detect gestures to  answer calls,adjust volume,change songs and pause or play songs. The sensor works well but taking off the headphones may pause or play your song by accident. It features Aptx technology which is available for certain smartphones to improve sound quality of Bluetooth streaming. It may or may not improve sound quality but for now, it is still a topic in debate.

For the sound quality, it has a lot of bass which goes really deep with some warmth and really good clarity. It has some edginess of the treble when its on wired mode. If noise cancelling is on, most of the treble will be eliminated. Honestly, this headphone is more of a wireless headphone but it will not be a surprise that people will still forsake some quality for Bluetooth. However,the Bluetooth does not transmit well through our body so it is recommended to put your phone in the right pocket.If you have a quieter track playing, walking around will have a banging noise in the headphone, so it will be best to listen to slightly louder tracks to counter heal strikes.

All in all, it is a headphone that is worth buying if you have the budget to. There are some cheaper ones out there but with a few functions not available.It will be a headphone worth purchasing if the cost of SGD $703 does not bug you.

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Destiny is a MMO FPS games developed by Bungie and published by Activision and released on The PS4, PS3(both with exclusives), XboxOne and Xbox360. Like all MMO games, things like raids, special pvp events, lots of stats and things that could be upgraded. The unique thing is that it has an open world element with lots of side missions and public events. The open world is shared with other players across the world, meaning that you can add people to your friends list on both consoles. With a slightly vague storyline but with lots of reading and ‘easter egg’ hunting to do, the game would be a fun one.With some PvP maps, quests and modes. This is a hybrid-like game.

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Unfortunately, the loot drop system in really bad. To get 1 legendary drop, the chances are literally really low. That is for the second best tier! If you do not mind about the farming, this game would be interesting for you.(In the recent DLC, The Taken King, the loot system and matchmaking will be revamped.Even for vanilla players).

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With 2 DLCs available (The Dark Below and The House of Wolves) and a major one upcoming on 9/15/15 (The Taken King). With 9 years more in this 10 years series, the amount of DLCs may be overwhelming. but they are worth SGD24.90 for a normal DLC and SGD53.90 for a larger one(Subject to change). The price for the game itself is SGD74.90.

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All in all, if you like FPS and MMOs and are able to afford the DLCs, Destiny is your game.

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Sony Extra Bass Smartphone Headset Mdr-Xb950AP/H







Sony’s Extra Bass Smartphone Headset Mdr-Xb950AP/H is a headphone that provides more bass than some of its counterparts.

Being compatible to smartphones and computers, it is a jack-of-all-trades headphone. Having 106 dB/mW sensitivity, 40mm dome type driver unit and a frequency response between 3 to 28,000 Hz, the audio is really good. It can be used for  Apple smartphones and tablets, Android smartphones and tablets and PC .

The cord is 1.2m long and a Y-type. The cord is a tangle resistant cord so you do not have to spend 30 minutes trying to untangle a circular cord. It has a remote control in a form of an app (SmartKey) with a Multi-function button (which I never know what it does as I did not download the app).It also have a microphone(which I didn’t know about) that has an in-line elecret condenser and omni-directional ear cups. But the ear cups are not that big , so it may be slightly uncomfortable if you have bigger ears.

It has a power handling capacity of 1000mW(IEC).

The speaker has an impedance of 24 ohms at 1kHz and the speakers are closed and dynamic.

Having a lightweight of 245g (without cord) and a 1.2m cord.

Being a lightweight headphone, turnable and confortable ear cups,tangle resisitant cord and extra bass, there is  no reason under the sun why I would not buy this.However, it costs 120 USD or 162.60 SGD which is really worth it as there are so many variables that makes the price worth.

All in all, Sony has made a wonderful music headphone that is really an all-rounder.

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Iluv neon sound iep336 earphones


The Iluv neon sound iep336 earphones is an all rounder earphones that is compatible withall iphones , ipods , ipads , Samsung Galaxy Series , Galaxy Note series , Galaxy Tab series , LG , HTC and other smartphones , tablets and other 3.5mm Audio Devices. Being so all rounded , there is no reason why people should not buy it. It has durable designs , in-line volume control which is unused on computers and non-apple devices. It has tangle resistant cables which is useful if the earphones that you are using now are always have thier cords being tangled. Having a comfortable in-ear fit with small, medium and large ear tips, you can modify which ear tips fit your ear holes.

The noise cancellation is stellar and it fits into ears perfectly that running will not shake it off. If you use voice calls with it, you will be stunned how great the quality of the speaker you are listening to. However, you would also have to cope with you hearing your own voice when you speak , though. the microphone is just under the jaw, so the person on the other end can hear you loud and clear too. Unfortunately for music lovers, the thing that the earphones lack is that there is not enough contrast in the sounds being delivered and the bass is not low enough.

All in all, this pair of earphones is worth using when in a voice call and listening to music while exercising is where it excels. However, if you buy this to just listen to music, it might not be the best of all choices.With such a good piece of earphones at the cost of 27 SGD is totally worth it.


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