AirPods : Wireless earphones by Apple

AirPods : wireless earphones 

Product made by Apple

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The AirPods is Apple’s latest wireless earphones that are very convenient. They contain apple’s latest own custom designed chip called the W1 that helps optimize battery use and processes the Bluetooth connection as well as audio. It has up to 5 hours of usage time while the box to contain the AirPods has up to 24 hours worth of battery to charge the AirPods, 15 minutes of charging is equivalent to 3 hours of use. The Air Pods are immediately connected to your devices when it is taken out of the box and can be used straight a way with the box charging the AirPods the moment they are kept. The AirPods also have sensors to sense if it is in your ear or not so that it can play and stop when it is in or out of the ear respectively with the ability to use one or both of the AirPods at any one moment. The Airpods also has a voice accelerometer that recognizes when you’re speaking and works with a pair of beamforming microphones to filter out external noise and focus on the sound of your voice. AirPods provide rich, high-quality AAC audio and wireless charging. It also has sensors to detect your touch so that it can activate Siri with just a double tap, of which can be changed in settings so that the AirPods can do what you what when you double tap.

There are also some complains about the AirPods like the battery’s idle discharge being too high, people thinking that the AirPods can fall out and go missing when in use and the high price of SGD$238. The battery problem has been solve when Apple upgraded the AirPods’ firmware to 3.5.1 while the Airpods falling out is almost impossible as it is made to fit perfectly and for the high price, it is very worth the price that it cost.

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For more info of AirPods, Apple’s latest wireless earphones, click here to go to Apple’s website.

Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear

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While many Sennheiser’s in-ear headphones look ordinary, this however is very well crafted. Being the first in-ear headphones to enter Sennheiser’s Momentum series, this earphone definitely lives up to the premium quality of the other models.


The Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear is available in 2 different colours, black and a semi-red version, where the main parts of the earphones are red. Both of them have a nice matte glossy finish on the housing which helps bring out the already sleek, stylish looking design.  The earphones bodies are however made out of plastic despite looking metallic. On the opposite end of the ear tips are circular shaped metal pieces where the Sennheiser logo sits on.

The wire coming out of the housing is put through a loop sticking out of the back metal piece on the back, which not only helps prevent the wire from being twisted or breaking at the top end, but also gives it a unique look. It is also worth noting that the earphones have flat wires, reducing the chances of it tangling. Going further down, there is a movable stopper to keep the wires nice and tidy.

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The Momentum In-Ear does have an in-line remote located on the right cable, which has three buttons to carry out various things like answering or ending a call and of course controlling the volume. One nice thing to note is that since different phones uses different signals for special functions such as starting voice control, Sennheiser has cleverly worked around it by having two separate models, one for the iOS fans and the other for the Android fans. In short, this means that if you use the correct models, you should be able to use various controls your phone allows, such as enabling voice control. Sadly, not every Android phone is compatible, but the more popular ones like the Galaxy series by Samsung and some others are.

You may have noticed that the Momentum In-Ear has relatively large housing which sticks out quite a bit but I have found that this actually makes it much easier to grab and remove compared to regular earphones.

Apart from making it look fantastic, Sennheiser seemed to put as much effort in making the carrying case. The carrying case that comes with the earphones is square in shape with red stitches around the zip and has the Sennheiser logo on one of the sides. When you first open the case, you are greeted with a hard plastic piece in which the earphones are twirled around, along with a few pairs of ear tips in many sizes, from really tiny to huge ones. I must say that even though the case looks splendid and actually feels especially well made, it seems a bit too large for my liking.

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Having used the earphones for a couple of months now, I can say that comfort is not a problem. The earphones fits nicely and tightly into the ear and it also helps that it comes with multiple ear tips with varying sizes. I could barely feel earphone when I used  it as it is fairly light and compared to most earphones which has a straight housing, this pair however has a body which curves in a direction away from your ear, avoiding any extra contacts with it which could be annoying for certain people.


The Momentum in-ear drivers produce pretty good sound for its price at around 130SGD, creating superb bass at a level that you might not expect from a mid-range earphone and when it is combined with the good treble and sound clarity, this pair of earphone generates excellent lively music. Sure, it may not compare to other immensely ‘bassy’ earphones or those high-end $300 ones, but at 130SGD, it was more than I expected. The treble and bass is pretty heavy but not that strong to a point that it muffles other sounds so you would be able to hear every detail of the instruments playing along with the vocals.


At around 130SGD, the Sennheiser Momentum in-ear headphones produces sound that could potentially match up to other slightly more expensive earphones out in the current market. Being very well designed both aesthetically and ergonomically, I would definitely recommend anyone to pick these up if this is the price of earphones you are looking for.

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iLuv City Lights

There are tons of cheap in-ear headphones now but only a few are actually decent. Such include the Panasonic ErgoFit RP-TC 125, JVC Gumy Plus and of course, the iLuv City Lights.

Even though it may seem like any other ordinary in-ear headphones at first glance, the City Lights is actually pretty decent for a price of below 18 SGD. It is able to deliver relatively strong and deep base powered by its 13.5mm drivers, compared to other earphones of the same price, maybe even better than those that are more expensive.

There are five different colours options to select from, black, white, blue, pink and red, which is great considering most earphones in the market only give you a choice between 2-3 colours, some even none.

There is a built in microphone which allows you to answer calls and of course, control your music. It also comes with 3 different sizes of ear tips, small, medium and large.

However, like every in-earphones, there are cons. iLuv may have focused to hard on the base and had to sacrifice clarity, making the City Lights lack in the crispiness of the sound.

Overall, for a price of under 18 SGD, the iLuv City Lights is excellent, being able to deliver good quality audio and fit comfortably into the ears which definitely impresses me and I would highly recommend anyone to get this.

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Jaybird X2

The Jaybird X2 is a above average headphone that offers an improved sweat proofing compared to it’s predecessor. The X2 is also more comfortable now and offers an improved battery life. It sounds great and offers a steady wireless connection. Although people claim it offers a comfortable fit, but there are a few cases where people claim that it did fit them well. And at $180 it has quite a heavy price tag for a headphone like this. Generally it’s sound and connectivity is improved and it’s will be more comfortable if it fits you.

Jaybird offers many popular sports-orientated headphones. The Jaybird X2 offers one of the best sounding quality compared to other headphones at it’s price range out there. But the headphone only fits a majority group of people, whereas for those who feels that the headphones does not fit them will find it uncomfortable.

Overall, the Jaybird X2 is only a headphone you would want to get if you have the money. It offers good sound quality, but you have to make sure it fits you before you purchase it as it gets quite uncomfortable if it does not fit you.

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Sol Republic Jax







If you are looking for a decent earphone with an average price, the Sol Republic Jax might be it. With a price tag of $40, it can deliver high quality sound and offers a deep bass.

But there is one thing that you can’t deny, which is the fact that this earphone does look cheap and may seem like it looks like a $15 earphones. It has plastic design. It doesn’t have a unique design and looks simple, definitely not scoring in the aesthetic area.

It does have flat cords meaning that it is tangle resistant which is nice. Shoving it into your pockets and taking it out later will only require a couple of seconds of tangling, which is useful when you are on the go. It also has an apple friendly in-line remote to control the volume, the song which you are playing and also answer cell phone calls and aside from those features, there is really nothing else. Nothing comes with the earphones. No carrying pouch, no extra ear tips.

Despite looking cheap, the Jax really scores in the performance area. It is powered by an i2 sound engine that is said to be able to produce high quality and clear sound and also deliver deep bass. It also fits comfortably into the ear for a $40 earphone. It also comes with a huge variety of colours for you to choose from.

If sound quality is the thing you are looking and not an attractive looking earphone and you have a limited budget, then the Sol Republic Jax might just be for you. If I were to rate this out of 10, I would give it a 7.5 rating, only because the sound it produces feels like something worth double the price, which can cover up the non-appealing design.

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Bose SoundTrue Ultra

The Bose SoundTrue Ultra are in-ear earphones designed for both Apple and Android devices. There are different versions for both apple and Android devices and is available in two different colours, black and white. It comes with noise isolation which prevents you from hearing most external noises so you would have minimal distractions.

There are 3 pairs of StayHear Ultra tips that come in sizes of small, medium and large. After attaching the right tip to the earphones, the inner rim of the plastic bud stays away from the opening of your ear canal. These tips rest in your ears comfortability but also secure the earphones so that they would not fall out. They are lightweight so they would also cause minor annoyance.

The earphones are also fairly durable although not having particularly thick cords and are also tangle-resistant which is a convenient feature. Therefore, rolling up the earphones and storing it in a compact space is quite easy. The plug is a straight plug, and not a L-shaped plug, which is small enough in most phone cases. ds

For the performance of the earphones, it is designed to make most music sound good. There’s also ample amount of bass that the sound quality is smooth and clear, although it could use a little more bass to have the extra thump. The max sound volume of the headphones is a little lower than most common in-ear earphones but it is loud enough for most people.

In conclusion, the Bose SoundTrue Ultra are really good earphones if you’re looking for earphones that have great sound quality. However it is quite expensive as they cost around S$208 at retail price which is not recommended for people who are on budgets. The earphones are also really comfortable to wear and do not burden the user much. Thus, this is a great choice for people who are looking for high quality earphones and is not worried about the price.

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Velodyne vPulse

Velodyne vPulse is a brilliant earphone that costs S$97 and it is definitely worth the price. It gives off excellent sound quality and also delivers impressive bass which is no surprise, since Velodyne is known for its excellent subwoofers, making it a good choice if you are searching for earphones that produces good sound quality at an average price or just a bass lover.

There is an inline microphone that works as a volume control and a play or pause button that works on Apple devices and some other devices. It also has flat wires to ensure that it won’t tangle easily even when you just stuff it into your pockets, making it very convenient to bring around.

However, it does not provide as much comfort as some other earphones and may not fit well for some people. But the vPulse does have a nice design with a blue or black metallic finish and a 90-degree 3.5mm jack preventing accidental removals. It has a V logo on both earbuds indicating Velodyne that looks stylish too.

Velodyne does throw in a nifty protective carrying pouch, along with 8 pairs of ear tips in various different sizes, 4 pairs in white and the other 4 in white.

Overall, this is earphones produces excellent sound quality and also gives out an unimaginable bass, built for bass or music lovers. To top it off, the 8 pairs of ear tips and protective carrying pouch makes the earphones more worth it.

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