Critical Ops (FPS game)


I will be talking about Critical Ops, a first person shooter. A game with good graphics and nice gun/skins. Critical Ops is a fast-paced FPS that will test your reflexes and tactical skill. There are 18 weapons excluding the knife.

There are 2 game mode, Defuse and Death match. Defuse is a game mode where there are 2 different team, counter terrorist and terrorist, 2 different bomb sites A and B. A game mode where terrorist will have a bomb to plant while the counter terrorist needs to defend bomb sites and kill each other.$800 will be given to each player at first and the money will increase on whether you win or lose, you will need to use the money to purchase guns.

There is a timer of 1 minute 40 seconds, if time runs out without terrorist planting the bomb, counter terrorist wins. If terrorist plants bomb at a site and after 35-40 seconds counter terrorist does not defuse it, bomb will explode and terrorist will win. If you are near the bomb, you will take a lot of damage and might die. if teams kill each other and if all of the teammates dies, the team who survives win.

Death match is a game mode where you get any game you want and there are still 2 teams of counter terrorist and terrorist but this time you get to go wherever and kill the opponent. You will respawn every time you die. There is a timer of 8 minutes, 1 kill 1 point added to the scoreboard. 

The graphics are stunning with a maximum of 60 fps(frames per second) here are some pictures of the maps in-game. Requires Android 4.1, iOS 8.4 or later. Works best with a IPhone 6 or Samsung S6 or up

There is a control setting containing shooting/crouching/jumping/scoping layout settings like changing the x and y sensitivity and where the shoot button will be. There is also missions, complete missions and get around 20-30 credits. You will need 200 credits to buy a case. You can get skins for cases, skins are ranked from tier 1-7 . Tier 1 are commons while tier 5 are the maximum/legendary tier for normal guns, tier 6 are different type of knives without skin while 7 are knives with skins. In-app purchase are:

-240 credits for $2.98

-400 credits for $4.48

-1400 credits for $14.98

-3000 credits for $28.98

-10000 credits for $68.98

Overall i think that Critical Ops is a really good game to try out, it is not pay to win and can relax minds. Killing opponents allows you to relieve stress and have fun. Critical Ops a no-nonsense, action packed first person shooter, playing it can allow you to be amazed.  


Steelseries Rival 95

Steelseries Rival 95

Looking for a new mouse or just tired of your old one? Do you want a cheap yet reliable mouse for gaming? If you answered yes to any of the questions, you might want to consider the Steelseries Rival 95.

You will most likely find the Steelseries Rival 100 online and in stores instead, however as they both have the same specifications.


The Rival 95 is a wired mouse with a wire length of 1.8m. Worry not if you use a claw grip, palm grip or fingertip grip as the Rival 95 has a right hand grip that is comfortable for most grips.

The barely noticeable thumb rest is a plastic padding which is comfortable for your thumb to rest on. Just above the padding are two side buttons, these two buttons can be used for macros in gaming or for quick-switching between pages on the internet.

There is also CPI quick-switch button just below the scroll wheel that allows you to change between two CPI settings that can be customized by the user up to a maximum of 4000 CPI. In order to utilize the CPI quick-switch button, you need to bind the button in SteelSeries Engine, a free customization tool for this mouse.


The mouse feels really smooth when used on most surfaces. Due to it being a wired-mouse as opposed to a wireless mouse, it is more responsive and will not have any delay or lag.


Unlike the Rival 100, the Rival 95 is quite limited on customization and lacks the dynamic LED lighting that the Rival 100 has.

You can change the polling rate which is the interval at which the position of the mouse is reported.  The CPI can be changed up to 4000 CPI.  You can also set mouse acceleration and deceleration. The angle at which the mouse cursor snaps can also be changed, although I would not recommend actually changing this option.


The rival 95 is a pretty decent mouse that can be used for gaming. It is targeted towards less macro intense games like Counter Strike, Overwatch and Call of Duty. as there are only 2 side buttons for macros.

The ergonomics of the mouse makes it really comfortable to use and feels very light and not much of a burden to move, giving a pleasant experience.

The limited customization might be a minor setback to the mouse for those who likes fancy LED lights and dynamic lighting. However, basic customization like CPI quick-switch, key binding, macros are available.

The mouse performs very well as there isn’t any delay or lag. It is also quite precise, making it able to detect the slightest movements, allowing for a smooth experience.

The pricing is also not that expensive at around S$38 at retail price, making it quite affordable.

Therefore in my opinion, if you’re a casual or semi-competitive gamer, this mouse would really suit you.


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Razer DeathAdder Chroma

The Razer DeathAdder Chroma offers comfortable usage to ensure endless hours of gaming. The DeathAdder comes with five buttons, the usual left, right and middle mouse as well as two buttons under the thumb. It cost around USD $69.99 which is a good price for a mouse of this quality.

The DeathAdder comes with a 10,000 DPI sensor and 1000 Hz polling. Therefore if you’re looking for a gaming mouse just to play video games casually, the DeathAdder is a good option. As it is really comfortable to use its design is simple yet it feels like an extension to your arm and feels really comfortable. The left and right mouse button and perfect, they are large and allows extra space for your finger to move around. The scroll wheel is huge and really smooth to use. There is also a LED light at the back of the mouse which just makes this sleek looking mouse even better. Therefore if you are looking for a mouse that is good looking the DeathAdder could be a mouse that you might want to consider.

Overall, the Razer DeathAdder Chroma is a great mouse for all kinds of players. People who love using the DeathAdder range from casual gamers to professional video gamers. Therefore if you are looking for a good quality, comfortable mouse which is not too expensive the Razer DeathAdder Chroma is perfect for you.

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PROLiNK FURAX Illuminated Gaming Mouse


The PROLiNK FURAX Illuminated Gaming Mouse also known as the PMG9002 is equiped with comfortable grips and 7-colour LED that changes forming different coloured rainbows. The mouse is simple, you plug it in any USB port on your computer or laptop and you’re ready to use it.

The PMG9002 is designed for people with relatively larger hands and people with smaller hands might have to claw grip it as I had trouble myself fully gripping the mouse with my palm. There is a rubber-grip pad on the left for your thumb, it is quite comfortable to grip and isn’t very noticeable, this allows longer usage with your hands getting tired.

The PMG9002 has a backward and forward button at left side of the mouse just above the rubber grip, this is a neat addition as it allows users to go back and forth from webpages easily by just moving their thumb a little. The buttons can also be used for macro in games that requires multiple actions at a time and would be proved useful.

There is also a 4-level quickswitch DPI button inbetween the left and right mouse button, you can adjust the mouse’s DPI between 800-1200-1600-2400 DPI according to your preference. The mouse is also fairy durable, as it is estimated to last for around 5 million clicks.

My only complaint about the mouse is that it is relatively hard to clean due to the material is made out of of. If there are scratches on the mouse buttons, it is probably not going away and trying to clean it might cause more scratches. Though some people might not mind this, it is pretty distracting if you’re trying to admire the LED lights of the mouse and notice all the scratches it has.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for decent gaming mouse that doesn’t cost a fortune as this is being sold around S$29.90. It is worth it if you’re looking for a gaming mouse with basic functions like the ability to change DPI or the side thumb buttons. If so, then the PROLiNK FURAX Illuminated Gaming Mouse might be the mouse for you.


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Avegant Glyph

Starting off as a Kickstarter project, the Avegant Glyph’s concept is simple. It brings the movie screen to you. Now don’t be fooled by the way it looks almost identical to a earpiece, there are actually two eye holes inside the head band. The sound does function like a regular earphone though, so you would look like you’re oddly staring at the headband.

The image is projected to the eye hole using a relatively complex micromirror technology by containing chips which contains lots of these tiny mirrors and projecting the image with a precise colour. A resolution of up to 720p is supported.

However, it only works as an external HDMI source so you would need to connect it to another device. This would then mean that you wouldn’t be able to view if you did not have a phone or other external device. But fret not, the Glyph does has a few features to boast about.

For a first, the image quality is relatively decent and a definition of 720p isn’t all that bad either. The device also gives you a really immersive experience, as if you really were watching right from the screen. The fit of the device could be improved however as it does gets uncomfortable after a period of time.

Below the eye holes, there are magnetic nose pads. There is also a cover so that your hair wont be interfering your viewing experience. The Glyph is also sturdy and not that flexible but only to give you a tight and comfortable. This also contributes in removing external sounds but does not have proper noise cancellation features. Nonetheless, it still does its job of giving you that immersive and personal experience.

Setting up the device was not much of a problem as the main focus is only getting the optics right. There would be sliders to aim the image into your eyes and conveniently, you can also tweak the settings if you are vision – impaired, so you wouldn’t have to wear your glasses inside the device.

The result you get is really cinema – like. The areas out of the image are black except below the headband. With the immersive sound kicking in, it certainly does give you a cinematic feeling.

The device also supports 3D viewing if the video source has the feature. This results in a really cool and unique experience as it feels really private and from a first person view it is an amazing experience, as if you were viewing everything again right through your own eyes.

Though being a really creative device, it still feels as if there is still much room for improvement. The device is impressive and unique but it definitely has not reached its top potential yet. That being said, with all its feature, it does come at a overwhelming price of about S$970. Worth it? I guess not. Personally, I would not consider purchasing the Glyph just yet. Waiting for a little more development and stability would probably do no harm at all. That said, this still remains a really exciting product to keep track of.

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Bose SoundTrue In-Ear

As Bose SoundTrue In-Ear nears its retirement,there is no denial that this pair of earphones are really comfortable.Unlike other earphone that has a earbud stuck in your ear, this ‘open’ design basically hangs on the edge of your ears loosely.

Most of Bose’s ‘open’ earphones does not feature noise cancellation with the exception of QuietComfort 20, which costs considerably more than the rest.With this pair costing 186SGD with an inline microphone or 143SGD without it. As this phases out certain colours have a 30% discount online, making them good deals.The buds basically cling around the sides of your ears and does not fall off when running wire which is a good thing for athletic people, but it is not sweat resistant.

The SoundSport In-Ear comes with a round neoprene carrying case (plus a carabiner) while the SoundTrue In-Ear and Freestyle ship with a larger, rectangular case.The design of the remote is well done.The buttons are easy to feel, hence operation by feel is much easier.Call quality was also good, and this headphone works well as a substitute headset.The plug is not l-shaped but straight, which in theory, should be more sturdy. The straight plug is compact, so it’s designed to work with most cell-phone cases.

Performance wise, this uses the same driver as other Bose open earbud-style headphones.Bose does a good job making smooth-sounding headphones that are pretty well balanced with good bass performance. The headphones are like a Jack-of-all-trades headphones, not limited to a specific music genre.If you like to blast loud music, this may disappoint you.The top volume is 10 to 20 percent softer than a lot of in-ears on the market.With a sound-isolating in-ear headphone like the Ultra, you also get some cord noise when the cord rubs against your clothes. The open design of the SoundTrue, SoundSport, and Freestyle In-Ears eliminates the cord noise but lets ambient noise in.

If you really want or need a pair of high quality headphones or like Bose products, this may be a cheap grab for you, especially if you were to buy it online with the discounted colours. I would personally buy this for the cheap price if a have a lack of headphone or earphone to use.

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Quick Fire Rapid-i

The Quick Fire Rapid-i is a keyboard designed for mostly gaming by Cooler Master Storm. The keyboard aims to give the most pleasant gaming experience with almost no lag at all. The Quick Fire Rapid-i uses Cherry MX Blue, Brown, Red switches (depending on which model you purchase) which is able to respond to and recover from any button mashing with no time wasted.

The keyboard is also fairly light at only 932g which is convenient if travel is necessary. It is also small in size with the dimensions of 359 x 138 x 39 mm, so if you are trying to save space, this compact keyboard would be your choice. The keyboard doesn’t come with a number pad so it could be of an annoyance to some people.

The keyboard is also backlit so if you’re in a dark environment or have trouble searching for keys, this would prove useful to you. The brightness of the lights can be adjusted from being blaring lights to it being almost non-existent. Other customisations can be done like the light would stay solid, pulsate or only light up when striking the keys. However, some of the pulsating lights options could prove irritating.

The kickstands at the back of the keyboard do keep it at a very comfortable angle. The keyboard does not come with much unique features. You’re able to set up different profiles but since the keyboard does not come with macro features, the profiling only changes the lighting of the keys.

In conclusion, the Quick Fire Rapid-i is a gaming keyboard designed for people who are short on space but still provide excellent gaming performance. The keyboard is priced at around S$150 which is an average price for a decent gaming keyboard. Thus, I would only recommend this keyboard to people who are short on space and would not mind missing features like the number pad.

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Logitech M105 Corded Mouse

The Logitech M105 is a corded mouse for people who looking for a decent cheap mouse. The mouse is designed so that both hands feel comfortable while using. It is very easy to set up and has high-definition tracking up to 1000 dpi.

The mouse is also really easy to set up as it just requires you to plug it in one of your USB ports and you will be able to use it almost immediately. It is also suitable for both gaming and office work. Although it lacks certain features like side thumb buttons so that it is easier to surf the internet, it’s from mice like this.

It is also very durable and reliable as you would never face any problems like delays in clicking or it clicking twice. It also comes with a three-year limited hardware warranty.

The only complaint I have is that the mice is a little too small as at times my hands would have a hard time holding the mouse comfortably.

In conclusion, this mouse is really suitable for people who are on a budget and is looking for decent mice. This mouse is also really cheap the price of only S$17 at retail price. There is no down sides other than missing features of higher quality mice. I recommend this mice although it is not very advisable for people with large hands to use this.

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Bose SoundTrue Ultra

The Bose SoundTrue Ultra are in-ear earphones designed for both Apple and Android devices. There are different versions for both apple and Android devices and is available in two different colours, black and white. It comes with noise isolation which prevents you from hearing most external noises so you would have minimal distractions.

There are 3 pairs of StayHear Ultra tips that come in sizes of small, medium and large. After attaching the right tip to the earphones, the inner rim of the plastic bud stays away from the opening of your ear canal. These tips rest in your ears comfortability but also secure the earphones so that they would not fall out. They are lightweight so they would also cause minor annoyance.

The earphones are also fairly durable although not having particularly thick cords and are also tangle-resistant which is a convenient feature. Therefore, rolling up the earphones and storing it in a compact space is quite easy. The plug is a straight plug, and not a L-shaped plug, which is small enough in most phone cases. ds

For the performance of the earphones, it is designed to make most music sound good. There’s also ample amount of bass that the sound quality is smooth and clear, although it could use a little more bass to have the extra thump. The max sound volume of the headphones is a little lower than most common in-ear earphones but it is loud enough for most people.

In conclusion, the Bose SoundTrue Ultra are really good earphones if you’re looking for earphones that have great sound quality. However it is quite expensive as they cost around S$208 at retail price which is not recommended for people who are on budgets. The earphones are also really comfortable to wear and do not burden the user much. Thus, this is a great choice for people who are looking for high quality earphones and is not worried about the price.

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Sony MDR-1A


Sony’s new headphone, MDR-1A is the successor to the discontinued MDR-1R a “premium” over-ear headphone. Just like its ancestor, the 1A did inherit some of its traits.

The MDR-1A is just like the MDR-1R, being very, very comfortable. They both look really similar,  but thanks do design changes, 1A beats its ancestor. The earcup design is subtly different, with softer padding and cushions that are slightly angled to confort to the user’s head better, the finish on the MDR-1A is also a bit more textured. But the biggest change is that the earcups can rotate in an opposite direction from the MDR-1R’s. Which means, that the headphones can rest flat,(pads down), which makes it more comfortable when it is resting on your neck.

Now for the stats. Only being 225 grams light and fitting somewhere between snugly and not too snugly, this pair of headphones can fit well to all sizes of heads. The sound quality is quite balanced( the bass, midrange and the treble is really smooth), the stereo soundstage is spacious and the dynamic range is quite dynamic. It is not bass boosted whatsoever or zippy treble it is just there, balanced and all-rounded. And it is just so comfortable that fatigue will happen after listening to music after quite some time.

What you will get from its box is 2 standard 1.2 meters long,one of which has a one-button inline remote and microphone. It is also geared towards Android but it works well with iPhones but you are unable to adjust volume on the iPhone. But if you use an Android phone, you can use Android’s free app SmartKey to customise the button control. A carrying pouch is also included. Sony do sell 3 higher end cables if you want even better sound quality.

All in all, Sony’s MDR-1A is a very balanced headphone that balances clarity with just enough of laid-backness to make it a very versatile headphone that is well worth for a headphone in the SGD400 range, SGD417 to be exact.

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