Motorola Moto G4

The Motorola Moto G4 is a budget phone that is claimed by many to also be good. Certain key features that might seem interesting is that the phone is able to survive being dunked into water and will not turn off immediately after it comes in contact with water. This is really useful for those who have tendencies of spilling or are generally much clumsier.

The Motorola Moto G4 is also pretty thin which is handy if you want to keep and take out of your pocket easily. The Motorola Moto G4 has a 14cm screen with a HD display with 1080p resolution. The colours are well saturated which is ideal for usage.

The Motorola Moto G4 comes with a battery life of around 13 hours which is quite a long usage time for an average user and is really useful if you’re unable to charge the phone. There’s also a fingerprint scanner at the front which is a nifty function as it is more convenient for those who finds typing in the passcode repeatedly to get into their phone a burden. Do note that this is not a home button and some long time apple or android users may mistake the fingerprint scanner for it.

The Motorola Moto G4 comes with octa-core processors which are adequate for video streaming or playing casual games. However, if you’re planning on using this phone for gaming, this phone isn’t ideal for it.

The camera of the Motorola Moto G4 is a 13-megapixel camera which produces generally satisfying images that are acceptable by society’s standards. Even in bright lights, it will still produce really decent images.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a cheap yet decent phone to use for your everyday social media needs and have a battery that lasts for a long period of time. The phone can be bought at around S$269.99 at retail price. However, do not expect much from it if you’re using it for gaming.

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iPad Mini 2

I’m sure everyone has heard of the iPad by now, some people may want a tablet but find it too big for them, well the iPad Mini 2 might be for you. With its light and thin design, it would not be much of a burden to carry it around and is also easy to keep.

It uses the iOS 9 which is the most recent and secure version of the operating system. There is a 16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB models where you can choose from.

Don’t let the size of the iPad fool you, it is still able to perform basic tasks like surfing the internet or playing casual games. It is installed it with the A7 Chip which is quite responsive, powerful and power efficient, having a battery life of around 10 hours (may vary from users).

Using 802.11n with MIMO, it is able to provide a faster internet connection making streaming videos more enjoyable as the chance of it buffering is severely reduced. It also supports 4G which is small but makes a big significance as you’re able load things more quickly and stream videos on YouTube or any media sharing platform in high quality.

It comes with a 7.9-Inch Retina Display which are able to capture sharper and detailed photos. The screen is sharp and colourful so that it is enjoyable for viewing.

When you purchase the iPad Mini 2, it comes a Lighting to USB cable and a USB Power Adapter.

Overall, the iPad Mini 2 is good budget iPad if features aren’t a problem. Some who had used certain Apple Phones and Tablets may know that it comes with a TouchID Sensor which the iPad Mini 2 lacks. The iPad Mini is cheaper than most Apple products where it costs from S$398.00 to S$648.00. In conclusion, if you’re looking for a tablet to do basic functions like surfing the web, streaming videos or play casual games, this maybe a perfect tablet for you.


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HTC Desire 520


HTC’s latest budget-friendly smartphone is one of the cheapest available. On the surface, the phone looks appealing to average consumers.It’s when you dive deeper that you see a dated operating system, limited storage and poor battery life. While it may be cheaper than the competition, the Desire 520 sacrifices more to get there. For that reason, I don’t recommend it.

Sense gobble up most of the phone’s 8GB storage, leaving you with 3.25GB of storage for all of your apps, music, videos and photos. Luckily, there’s a microSD card slot under the back cover for added storage. Like many other recent budget-friendly phones, the Desire 520 lacks NFC, which means you can’t make mobile payments through Android Pay.

Overall,I think it is definitely not worth the money as its performance is extremely poor and its camera and battery life is not any better.It’s small, which makes it comfortable to hold, but the sleek backing which may cause it to slip from your hand more than once. The camera lens also protrudes slightly from the back which means you will have to worry when placing it on a rough surface. I would personally not purchase the phone due to its shortcomings.

Immedia Blink

Though it may not look like it, this is in fact a security camera. Simple and compact, this camera alone costs less than a S$100. Though lacking features that puts it up on a different level compared to other security cameras, I feel that this is forgiveable considering that it falls into the category of a low-budget camera

The device is cordless and battery operated. Despite its relatively low price, the Blink definitely does not neglect performance for its price. It had a solid connection with Wi – Fi and did not have interruptions. Though, the application for the camera was not flawless and gets frequent lags due to its system being busy.

Being in the shape of an exact square, the Blink measures approximately 7cm on each side. Along with the camera, two AA lithium batteries, a stand and mounting hardware will also come along with it. Made to be placed indoors, the Blink isn’t exceptionally durable largely due to the fact that the device is made from plastic. The lens has a 110 degree field of vision and has image quality worth 720p. It is also equipped with a motion sensor, infrared LED made for night vision and a micro-USB slot.

Together with the Blink, customers would also get a Sync Module, a white square accessory which includes a power adapter and performs various rather unique functions. For example, it would communicate with the Blink servers to prevent extensive draining of battery. Whenever the uses wishes to stream live videos, the Sync Module will change the performance mode of the Blink in order to maximize its performance via a radio channel. Furthermore, the Sync Module also has a USB port which can be used to install updates and setup the Blink application on the user’s phone. The application is relatively simple to set up. All you need to do is connect the Sync Module to any device and with Wi-Fi, the setting up should only take a moment. The Sync Module does help with connection and ease the camera of having a USB port but at the same time, this is at the cost of carrying the two devices around. In my personal opinion, I feel that the camera would do just fine without the Sync Module and it would actually be much simpler if everything was done on the Blink itself.

Though it has a pretty eye-catching price tag, its features aren’t really that much to brag about as it just lacks more unique functions to put itself in a league above the rest. There is also minor flaws in the motion sensor as it is unable to differentiate between a person, a pet or any other moving object. Compared to its rivals in its price range, there really isn’t much that sets the Blink apart from the rest but do expect more from the camera in future as Immedia has stated that more features and functions would be added to the Blink. However, as it is right now, the Blink does not stand out. Therefore, if you’re looking for a budget security camera, don’t take the Blink out of your consideration but taking a look at others would not be an unwise decision. With that said, I honestly would not put the Blink at the top of the list of budget security cameras.

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Dell Inspiron 11 3000

Nowadays most budget laptops you find could be of poor quality and is hard to actually find a decent one. This could be your solution with the Dell Inspiron 11 3000.

As expected from budget laptops, they’re hardware are fairly outdated. As this laptop has a low-performance Intel Celeron processor, 2GB of memory and 32GB of solid-state storage, and the 802.11n wifi standard. As for the battery, Dell promises at least 10 hour of battery life for the laptop. This is good if you require to travel quite often and not be able to charge your laptop.

The keyboard on the laptop is pretty decent where the buttons are spread out far enough so that you won’t find it a problem to press other buttons accidentally. The touch pad is quite nice too and isn’t an annoyance to use.

The plastic construction of the laptop feels solid and durable too. However the anti-glaring screen doesn’t have great viewing angles but it isn’t much of a nuisance. If the specifications of the laptop doesn’t sound appealing, you can pay extra for better parts. You can get up to 4GB of memory, 500GB of storage (or a 128GB solid-state drive), and a quad-core CPU.

The laptop also weighs around 1.4 Kg which is fairy lightweight and would not be much trouble to carry around especially if you’re on the move often.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for  a cheap computer where you can use for your office work, then this computer would suit you. This could also be beneficial as a first computer for people who are still studying and requires a laptop to use for education. The computer is currently priced at S$210 at retail price which is easily affordable by most people. Thus if you need a cheap laptop for work or education then this would suit you really nicely.

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Logitech M105 Corded Mouse

The Logitech M105 is a corded mouse for people who looking for a decent cheap mouse. The mouse is designed so that both hands feel comfortable while using. It is very easy to set up and has high-definition tracking up to 1000 dpi.

The mouse is also really easy to set up as it just requires you to plug it in one of your USB ports and you will be able to use it almost immediately. It is also suitable for both gaming and office work. Although it lacks certain features like side thumb buttons so that it is easier to surf the internet, it’s from mice like this.

It is also very durable and reliable as you would never face any problems like delays in clicking or it clicking twice. It also comes with a three-year limited hardware warranty.

The only complaint I have is that the mice is a little too small as at times my hands would have a hard time holding the mouse comfortably.

In conclusion, this mouse is really suitable for people who are on a budget and is looking for decent mice. This mouse is also really cheap the price of only S$17 at retail price. There is no down sides other than missing features of higher quality mice. I recommend this mice although it is not very advisable for people with large hands to use this.

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Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3

Looking for a low – budget phone without compromising functions? Then the OneTouch Idol 3 from Alcatel might just be the phone you are looking for. It has great speakers which are able to handle loud volumes and takes great photos which are relatively more remaarkable then other budget phones. Above that, it also runs on the Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Unlike the older models of Alcatel, the OneTouch Idol 3 shows an exceptional improvement in its consistent performance and better specs. It offers decent photography taking into consideration that the device is a budget phone. It has a LCD screen which is about 14cm in length, 1,920 X 1,080p worth of HD resolution. The whole phone has a measurement of 15.3 by 7.5 by 0.74cm and weighs 142 grams. Its resolution might not be something really worth to boast about but definitely is a plus point for a budget phone.

The Idol 3 has a smart – looking design with its slim plastic body and rounded corners with a dark grey finish. The battery of the device is also embedded in order for the phone to appear even slimer and more presentable. At the top and bottom edges, you would be able to spot out a pair of extended JBl speakers. This extension feature really contributes in the quality of the sound as the speakers are therefore able to play loudly while maintaining a certain level of clarity, proving itself suitable if you’re the type of person that likes to jam out to tunes at home or even outside.

On the right side of the phone, you would be able to find a thin button which controls the volume while the phone which locks or power ups the phone is on the left of it. Further down, there is a SIM card tool which pushes out the card tray which holds both the micro-SIM and microSD card. Meanwhile at the back of the camera, the camera is located at the top left corner with 13 megapixels while the front camera has 8 megapixels.

An interesting feature that the Idol 3 has to offer is undeniably the reversible mode, which orientates your phone wherever you rotate it. For example, if you’re making a call with the phone upside down, the speaker and microphone would swap positions accordingly, which according to users is pretty convenient in the sense that they do not need to be conerned with the orientation while picking up calls. Another unique feature that isn’t present in all smartphones would be the ability to double tap to turn the phone on and off. When you slide down again in the notifications menu, the quick – access menu would be available.

However, the device has also implemented a few features which users felt that was unnecessary such as the camera application which doesn’t give you a feedback after a picture is taken, this leaves you uncertain if you have actually already taken one. Users therefore will need to swipe the screen in order to view the pictures. Also, videos will start recording instantly when the phone is switched to video mode, which get a little annoying especially if you switch the mode accidentally.

Overall, the Idol 3 is a really impressive improvement compared to the older models of Alcatel. On top of that, the phone does have various plus points such as the additional unique features and the good camera quality. Thus, if a budget phone with refreshing features and consistent performance is what you’re looking for, this phone might be the one you are looking for.

ELAC Debut B6

With an amazing sound, this bookshelf speaker has lots to boast about. It has stunning sound quality at its price range of about S$390. The product definitely entered the market with a boom, surprising even audiophiles as it had an almost unmatchable sound quality for a budget speaker.

The device only comes in a black vinyl finish with secured pins on the speaker’s front baffle. A single bass port is also visible on the rear panel of the speakers. Also on its rear is a set of golden metal binding ports which work with speaker cables. The impedance of the Debut is 6Ohms and each speaker has a weight of around 6.5kg.

Like most speakers, the sound quality differed depending on the height of the platform the device was placed on. According to users, the quality was the best when it was placed at about the same height of their ears. However though, it interestingly doesn’t distort or show any signs of disturbance when the volume was increased greatly, which is pretty unique especially for a budget speaker, explaining the outstanding reception it received when the device was released.

The Debut sounds really clear compared to various other speakers and handles loud volume very well. It also has amazing bass quality, even superior compared to speakers not in the budget range, which gives the speaker an edge over many other speakers.

Overall, the Debut shows an outstanding performance at a really low price. The speaker just goes to show how quality might not definitely be measured by price, and really raises the expectations of all budget speakers out in the market. This device is most probably what everyone would consider as a must – get for audiophiles. Therefore, if you’re looking for a budget speaker with exceptional quality, be sure to include this in your option list.


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Lumia 640 XL LTE

The Lumia 640 XL LTE is a budget phone. Usually the camera of most budget smartphones are not that great and it is not cost-effective to get better lenses for it. However, Microsoft has managed to get a quality camera in this big screen phone without making it really expensive.

The phone comes with 4G connectivity and has a 3,000mAh battery inside to ensure a long lasting battery life. The battery life can last up to 10 hours of  web browsing time.

There are variations of the Lumia 640 XL LTE like one with a single SIM slot and an LTE 4G modem. You can also get it in different colours such as black, white or cyan. The colour cyan stands out most among most other smartphones that usually come in either black or white making it quite unique.

The Lumia 640 XL LTE does feel like plastic but it is quite solid and the casing adds a small amount of texture so it doesn’t slip off your hand that easily. It weighs around 171g and thus it is not much of a burden to hold on to as it is not that heavy.

It has a resolution of 1280×720 pixels and the colours are rich and bright with great contrast so it is easy to read it under bright sunlight. It runs on Windows Phone 8.1 and comes with 1GB of RAM.

It has quite smooth and great performance for basic use and the only time when it is usually slow is when it is turning on as it takes around 25 seconds from pressing the power on button. However it is not going to break any records.

In conclusion if you’re looking for a great budget smartphone that has not only long battery life but also comes with a great camera that is able to take photos with solid detail and great colours then the Lumia 640 XL LTE is great choice for you. Although the 720p resolution makes the pixel density lower and the performance is not great if you’re a power user, it is priced at around S$322.88 and might vary from different retail stores. I really recommend this phone for people who are wanting a cheap yet great phone.


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Creative Sound Blaster Jam

The Creative Sound Blaster Jam is a budget headphone.It is a bluetooth headphone.It cost $50 and sounds great.It is light and portable and produces good sound quality.

The Creative Sound Blaster Jam weight 2.9 oz which is acceptable for a headphone.It may not be super light, but it is quite comfortable to wear.

The Creative Sound Blaster Jam does not have a very unique design.But the design is makes the headphone comfortable.The headphones cannot be folded but it is still quite portable because of it’s mass.

It may not look very sturdy but it is actually durable so it would not spoil very quickly.In my opinion, paying $50 for a durable headphone with good quality is very worth it.

There is a pause/play button which can be used as a answer/end button for mobile phone calls.There is also volume control buttons.And when you hold down on these button, it can be used to advance track back and forward.There is also a bass boost button which boost the bass but reduces clarity slightly.

There is also NFC tap-to-pair technology for the Samsung Galaxy phones that supports it.Otherwise, it will just pair up with any Bluetooth phone or audio source when you press and hold on the pairing button

This headphone has a solid battery life of 12 hours usage which is great for music lovers that travel a lot.

The sound quality of it is also very good.It is relatively clean and dynamic for a bluetooth headphone.Bass is strong even without the enhanced bass turned on.The bass is even stronger with the enhanced bass turned on but it lacked a little bit of clarity.

So overall, in my opinion I would purchase this headphone rather than other more high end or budget headphones as this headphone has good quality and is cheap.It is very worth it for it’s specs.I would recommend this headphone to all type of people that uses headphone as this headphone is good for office work and listening to music.So if you are looking for a budget headphone you should buy this.Or if you are looking for a high end headphone you might want to consider buying this instead.

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