Apple’s iPhone 7

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The new iPhone 7  has a new and improved front and rear cameras that take higher quality pictures(12-megapixel camera)(Digital zoom up to 5x), especially in low lighting. It has a faster processor and slightly better battery life. It is also waterproof now. However despite the upsides, there is always flaws to phones.The new iPhone does not have a headphone jack and the jet black version of it is easily scratched. If you already own a decent iPhone and want to upgrade it, the iPhone 7 plus may be a better choice.

Even though this iPhone is not really “new”-no new features and seems like a copy of the iPhone 6, it is faster, more waterproof so now if it drops in a cup of water it would still work. The camera is now better in low light, and the battery life increase is slightly noticeable. Take note that the main screen button is now touch screen so it will not physically click then you press it.

If you are not rushing to get a new phone you can wait to September of 2017 when it is Apple’s tenth anniversary and it is rumored that there there is a major design change in the new iPhone then.Who knows maybe this model is purposely made not as impressive as it could have been so that the ten year anniversary phone would stand out much more as it would be much better than this model.

Overall I think that you should not buy this iPhone if you are not going to use the new camera a ton, as i think better feature that matters more. The new processor (A10 processor) may be better than the iPhone 6 but keep in mind that the iPhone 6’s processor (A8 Processor), the  is already pretty impressive. So there really isn’t anything new in this iPhone.

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Apple Macbook (2016)

It was designed to be small and lightweight but, in the process, it lost to other similar models in terms of other functions. It, even though was designed to be light, was still defeated by Lenovo LaVie Z HZ550 which weighs 0.85kg compared to the Apple MacBook which weighs 0.9kg. Its dimensions are 0.52 by 11.04 by 7.74 inches or 1.3 by 28 by 19.7 centimetres. Considering this, one will have no problem fitting it in a 13-inch laptop bag and maybe even a bag made for 10-inch tablets. It has the butterfly-keyboard, Forcetouch track pad and uses USB-C, which may or may not be bad depending on the user for the following reasons. Firstly, most reviews on the Force touch trackpad was negative but many of them were due to the users not being used to it. Secondly, it uses USB-C and most people don’t have it, many are forced to buy USB-C-to-DisplayPort and USB-C-to-Ethernet cables from third party companies. Lastly, the butterfly-keyboard will feel uncomfortable for a varying period of time depending on the user. The keys are larger causing the gap to decrease but the key’s centre to centre is still the same. Thunderbolt 3 support is also not added into the MacBook even though it uses the same port as the USB-C.

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iPad Mini 2

I’m sure everyone has heard of the iPad by now, some people may want a tablet but find it too big for them, well the iPad Mini 2 might be for you. With its light and thin design, it would not be much of a burden to carry it around and is also easy to keep.

It uses the iOS 9 which is the most recent and secure version of the operating system. There is a 16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB models where you can choose from.

Don’t let the size of the iPad fool you, it is still able to perform basic tasks like surfing the internet or playing casual games. It is installed it with the A7 Chip which is quite responsive, powerful and power efficient, having a battery life of around 10 hours (may vary from users).

Using 802.11n with MIMO, it is able to provide a faster internet connection making streaming videos more enjoyable as the chance of it buffering is severely reduced. It also supports 4G which is small but makes a big significance as you’re able load things more quickly and stream videos on YouTube or any media sharing platform in high quality.

It comes with a 7.9-Inch Retina Display which are able to capture sharper and detailed photos. The screen is sharp and colourful so that it is enjoyable for viewing.

When you purchase the iPad Mini 2, it comes a Lighting to USB cable and a USB Power Adapter.

Overall, the iPad Mini 2 is good budget iPad if features aren’t a problem. Some who had used certain Apple Phones and Tablets may know that it comes with a TouchID Sensor which the iPad Mini 2 lacks. The iPad Mini is cheaper than most Apple products where it costs from S$398.00 to S$648.00. In conclusion, if you’re looking for a tablet to do basic functions like surfing the web, streaming videos or play casual games, this maybe a perfect tablet for you.


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Mac Pro

The Mac Pro has powerful hardware, and can output up to three 4K displays simultaneously. However it has a hefty price of around $3000. It is meant for professional use and not very suitable for home use. So it is probably not the best idea to purchase it for home use as it is pretty costly.

This new version’s interior space has about a tenth of the old Mac Pro and it is very significant when put side by side. It can still be used for home-use however it is not recommended as it is costly as I mentioned and it is not the best way to spend your money. The smaller design is aimed to be more efficient and cooling. The noise level of this item is also more quiet than the Mac Mini. It is appealing in design and performs greatly.

Overall, I personally will not purchase this product to use as leisure due to its price and you can probably use the money on another computer without as much features that we do not use. However it can be incredibly good when for professional use as it in most cases work well and faster than most other high-end Windows desktops.

Audeze Sine

Looking like an ordinary headphone, the Audeze Sine actually has lots of quality up its sleeves. For a first, it features planar magnetic drivers. This technology is meant to lower the device’s rate of distortion, get stronger bass and have more responsiveness by making use of electromagnetic force. Next it also offers a Cipher Lightning headphone cable which you can choose to purchase together with the headphone. Thus you would be able to listen through the lightning cable if your device contains the Lightning port.

The Sine looks relatively simple. Covered in leather with earcups made of sturdy metal, it doesn’t have a really complex and unique design to make it stand out but it does have some small details which makes it really convenient. For example, its cord is tangle-resistant and is also detachable so you will be able to switch between the Lightning and the default cables. The Lightning cable is also said to improve the headphone’s performance. However, this performance boost does come at a cost of taking up more battery from your phone. The Lightning cable also has an integrated microphone, which is unfortunately not available on the standard cable, so that you would be able to make calls with it.

The Audeze Sine sounds really revealing and clear so it’ll sound really similar to the source itself. Compared to other headphones at this price range, the Sine performs really well and really shows its worth in this aspect. Along with its planar magnetic drivers its sound really proves how its popularity did not come by luck at all.

Spearheading the new technology of planar magnetic drivers, the Sine is definitely a headphone you should consider if you are looking for something high – end sounding but yet not all that unaffordable. Even though it doesn’t have spectacular features or unexplored technology, I strongly believe that the Sine is worth a listen.


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iPhone 6S Plus

The iPhone 6S plus has a bigger battery, a larger screen than an iPhone 6.The Plus gets you a 5.5-inch display instead of the 4.7-inch one of the iPhone 6S. And while the Plus’s camera sensor and resolution is identical to that on the smaller iPhone, it adds optical image stabilization, which can deliver more blur-free photos in certain light conditions (especially if you’re zooming).I think it is suitable for gaming , watching videos and stuff like that due to the big screen.

This iPhone has better speed and the new A9 and 2GB RAM makes it feel faster than normal phones the apps also load better and faster.The camera is upgraded but if you are such a serious photographer that you take note of the small difference , you might as well get a camera.The only obvious difference is when you take a picture while zooming in.

However , this iPhone still cannot replace an iPad or tablet.Also some apps still do not optimize for the iPhone 6S Plus’s larger screen.In my opinion its battery life makes up for that as it can last throughout the day even without using power-saving mode.

Its average price is around $870 and if I could afford it I would definitely purchase it.For its better speed larger screen and camera performance although the camera is not much different than the 6S. Its battery life still can be improved though.

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iPhone 6S

The iPhone 6S has vast improvements from the previous model from last year where although the model looks very similar to a iPhone 6 but inside the device it has been modified greatly. The device has a stronger chassis, a better and sharper camera and many more new features.

The size and design of the device is exactly the same as the iphone 6 that you could even put on a phone case on both of them. It also uses the 7000 series aluminium which is the strongest material used for the iPhone. The screen is also more durable and would not break when dropped on the floor.

The phone still weighs really light and is comfortable whilenot being a burden to carry.  The resolution however is at 750p resolution at 326 ppi while most other smartphones that are much cheaper offer 1080p resolution screen. This does mean the device can be thinner and battery would last longer though. The display of the iPhone 6S is really colourful but lacks certain things like the contrast ratio and brightness where it would make the display more stunning and appealing.

There’s also improvements to the CPU and GPU and comes with 2GB of RAM now. For example the iPhone 6 used the Dual-core 1.4 GHz Typhoon (ARM v8-based) while the iPhone 6S used the Dual-core 1.84 GHz Twister. The TouchID Sensor is also improved where it detects your fingerprints faster.

In conclusion, the iPhone 6S is a really handy smartphone to have if you don’t own one yet or you’re not using an iPhone 6. As the iPhone 6S is greatly similar to the iPhone 6, it is not wise to upgrade to the 6S right now as it is at a hefty price of around $1048 at retail price. Thus if you’re on a budget, this would not really be an ideal purchase. Instead, I recommend people who still have iPhone 5S or below to upgrade to this phone.

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Assassin’s Creed:Pirates


When someone think about Assassin’s Creed in general, one will visualise  a hooded figure doing parkour in a famous time era, brutally assassinating enemies. However, taking out the naval combat of Black Flag and Rogue, the basic formula for Pirates is made.

In basic, there is no land combat at all, thus putting this game in the Everyone and Teens section of ESRB. The main focus is its naval combat. The story in brief is that, you play as Alonzo Batilla, a budding pirate who just so happen to rescued by other pirates and together, they hunt down a Piece of Eden(some holy artifact that had special powers, the Sword of Eden in Unity can shoot arc bolts everywhere, for example) with some famous people then, like Blackbeard. The storyline may however inter-twine with Black Flag mainly die to Blackbeard’s appearance(I have not completed the game yet).

The gameplay was spectacular as they kept the main weapons from Rogue and Black Flag naval conflicts. The missions were usually a hunting mission, although some times it will be different. Sadly, the missions had a steep difficulty slope, meaning it would be hard to catch up after doing a mission , thus having a feeling that you have to do long grinding game time or simply pay to win(you can buy currencies and material). The sidequests and missions are pretty enjoyable to play, but the assassination mission in the pain in the neck.As you have to drag your ship through guards from a birds eye view, your finger size does matters heavily. The Mayan temple escapes are ridiculously difficult as the controls just simply does not work.The only sheer thing that makes me still want to play this game is the ‘love’ for the Assassin’s Creed franchise and missing out Black Flag. The graphics are outstanding too. Adding to the immersive gameplay to its naval only gameplay.

All in all, if you really love Assassin’s Creed Black Flag and Rogue’s gameplay, and just could not get enough, just download Assassin’s Creed Pirates. It is free to play anyways. It is available to download from Google Play or Appstore.

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Recently, a new web based game became extremely popular. has gained the attentions of young and old gamers both casual and hardcore gamers. The game has a very simple concept. You start of as small and speedy cells. You eat smaller cells and become a bigger cell and climb your way up the leader boards.

You can split your cell into half while chasing a faster smaller cell and your cell if your split cell is larger than the cell you are chasing. There are also spiky green object that you can shoot mass into. If it hits a large cell, the cell will split into many other smaller pieces which you can eat to become way larger. Another feature in is it’s skin. Key in the right username and your cell will have a different kind of skin. For example if you key in North Korea you will get a cell with the North Korea flag on it. If you are a huge cell, you need to keep eating other cells if not your cell will start decomposing and losing mass.

Overall, is a simple and fun game for people of all ages. It’s a very easy game to pick up. I would recommend this game to both casual and hardcore gamers. You can just play this while waiting for your AAA game to download or if you just want to have some comical fun.

A Dark Room

A Dark Room is a role-playing text-based game developed by Doublespeak Games. A Dark Room was originally released on PC in 2013 by Candy Box before releasing it in the App Store for IOS devices in 2014.

When you first start up the game, it gives a feeling of being cheated by the developer as noticed by most people who had just started. You will be thrown into a dark environment with only the option to “light fire” and almost immediately after clicking it the environment becomes brighter. You will have the option to “stroke fire” to make the room brighter.

Suddenly a stranger stumbles into your “firelit room”, not long after you are able to enter a silent forest to gather wood. The stranger then introduces herself, saying that she can build things for you. From then on she is known as the “builder”

The builder will construct items for you that will be beneficial for you. Some of the items are the traps to get meat or a one-time-build cart to allow you to cart wood instead.

Once your builder constructs a hut, you’re able to start housing wanderers from the wild to join your village. As your village progresses it grows even bigger and random events will pop up and it gives you some options for you to choose.

At one point of the game you’re able to travel out into the wilderness. This makes the player realise that A Dark Room is in fact a hybrid of two genres. Inside the room and in your village it is a text adventure while travelling out into the world it is a Rougelike with RPG elements.

Out in the wilderness, you will face many enemies to battle and as you travel out you will require food and water which can either obtained in an outpost that you captured or from your village.

While playing A Dark Room, there aren’t any bugs or glitches that I had encountered so there wouldn’t be anything game breaking from stopping your progress. It is well optimised and can run smoothly on most devices without much performance lost. The story is really intriguing and will be sure to make you satisfied at the end. Although it can be really long and time consuming but you do not need to sit through it all in one session as stroking the fire saves your game.

In conclusion, if you’re really interested in hybrids like A Dark Room, you’ll be really pleased to play this game. Despite its simplicity, it is still fun and yet engaging. It cost S$2.58 on the Appstore but it would definitely be worth the cost.


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