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Corsair has been at the top of the market in many different areas and this includes their computer mice. However, Corsair has mostly been releasing mice with a somewhat high price tag of over 55SGD, such as the M65 PRO RGB, Scimitar PRO RGB. If you are a Corsair fan or just a person who wants to upgrade their mouse with a budget of lesser than 50SGD, you might want to consider Corsair’s Harpoon RGB Gaming Mouse.

Priced at around 55SGD, this is a great mice if you are looking for a mid-end mouse. The first thing that you would notice after you have tried it is how incredibly lightweight it is. At 85 grams, it is much lighter compared to many other mice in the current market. This lightweight design would be ideal for those first person shooter players or those who just prefer a lightweight mouse when gaming.

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On the left side of the Harpoon lies two side buttons that are placed in a position where it is easy to press for those with smaller than average hands. The buttons feel very well made and sturdy compared to some other mice which as side buttons that feel very flimsy. The mice also has a textured rubber grip that stretches out on both the left and right side of the mouse for additional comfort and to allow for stronger grip.

The back of the Harpoon has a pretty good curve that allows for a especially comfortable grip that feels very natural. And of course, the Corsair logo which has RGB LED lighting sits on the back.

Now on to the front of the mouse. The left and right buttons both feel very smooth on the surface and feel very responsive. In between the buttons is the scroll wheel that feels quite rigid which may bother some people. Right behind the scroll wheel is where the DPI button as usual, where you can switch between five settings, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, and 6000. It is also good to note that these number can be changed with a software in multiples of 250. In addition to being able to change up the numbers, you are also allowed to change the LED colour based on which DPI setting you are on. This is very handy as you can just check what DPI you are on right of the bat just by glancing at the mouse.

The bottom of the Harpoon has a Pixart PMW3320 Optical sensor and four PTFE skates which lets the mouse glide smoothly on surfaces.

Overall, the Harpoon is a very well designed mice and with a price tag of around 55SGD, this mice is well worth the price. However, if you have more money to spare for a mouse, I would suggest that you go for some other Corsair gaming mice rather than this one as they are much more unique and superior.

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Milestone Pod

Over time, smart watches and fitness trackers are getting relatively trendy while foot pods hasn’t been as popular. However, this does not reduce the reliability and functionality of foot pods and you should definitely consider the Milestone Pod if you are looking for one.

To start off, it records a wide variety of information that will be very useful for your physical activities. You would be able to view these data after syncing the device to your iOS or Android device. It can measure a variety of information like running pace, distance, duration and it is pretty consistent too.

One of its big plus point would indisputably be its incredibly light weight. It only weighs a meagre 9 grams which provides immense convenience to runners.

It also has sensors which will start recording when you beginning running and stop when you are stationary. Its waterproof feature also means that getting caught in the rain will not be much of an issue.

The pod is Bluetooth – enabled so that syncing is available. However, it does not sync automatically and you have to sync it by opening the app every time you use the pod.

The pod is also fairly accurate and its calculation is about 93% or better. The device is not chargeable as it uses a coin battery which typically lasts between 6 and 10 months.

In conclusion, the pod would be a good consideration for new runners to try out. Though its functions are not as in – depth as modern smartwatches or other forms of trackers, it has an excellence performance given its very affordable price.


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Dell Inspiron 11 3000

Nowadays most budget laptops you find could be of poor quality and is hard to actually find a decent one. This could be your solution with the Dell Inspiron 11 3000.

As expected from budget laptops, they’re hardware are fairly outdated. As this laptop has a low-performance Intel Celeron processor, 2GB of memory and 32GB of solid-state storage, and the 802.11n wifi standard. As for the battery, Dell promises at least 10 hour of battery life for the laptop. This is good if you require to travel quite often and not be able to charge your laptop.

The keyboard on the laptop is pretty decent where the buttons are spread out far enough so that you won’t find it a problem to press other buttons accidentally. The touch pad is quite nice too and isn’t an annoyance to use.

The plastic construction of the laptop feels solid and durable too. However the anti-glaring screen doesn’t have great viewing angles but it isn’t much of a nuisance. If the specifications of the laptop doesn’t sound appealing, you can pay extra for better parts. You can get up to 4GB of memory, 500GB of storage (or a 128GB solid-state drive), and a quad-core CPU.

The laptop also weighs around 1.4 Kg which is fairy lightweight and would not be much trouble to carry around especially if you’re on the move often.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for  a cheap computer where you can use for your office work, then this computer would suit you. This could also be beneficial as a first computer for people who are still studying and requires a laptop to use for education. The computer is currently priced at S$210 at retail price which is easily affordable by most people. Thus if you need a cheap laptop for work or education then this would suit you really nicely.

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ELAC Debut B6

With an amazing sound, this bookshelf speaker has lots to boast about. It has stunning sound quality at its price range of about S$390. The product definitely entered the market with a boom, surprising even audiophiles as it had an almost unmatchable sound quality for a budget speaker.

The device only comes in a black vinyl finish with secured pins on the speaker’s front baffle. A single bass port is also visible on the rear panel of the speakers. Also on its rear is a set of golden metal binding ports which work with speaker cables. The impedance of the Debut is 6Ohms and each speaker has a weight of around 6.5kg.

Like most speakers, the sound quality differed depending on the height of the platform the device was placed on. According to users, the quality was the best when it was placed at about the same height of their ears. However though, it interestingly doesn’t distort or show any signs of disturbance when the volume was increased greatly, which is pretty unique especially for a budget speaker, explaining the outstanding reception it received when the device was released.

The Debut sounds really clear compared to various other speakers and handles loud volume very well. It also has amazing bass quality, even superior compared to speakers not in the budget range, which gives the speaker an edge over many other speakers.

Overall, the Debut shows an outstanding performance at a really low price. The speaker just goes to show how quality might not definitely be measured by price, and really raises the expectations of all budget speakers out in the market. This device is most probably what everyone would consider as a must – get for audiophiles. Therefore, if you’re looking for a budget speaker with exceptional quality, be sure to include this in your option list.


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