LG V30

The LG V30, a phone that made everything possible. It has the best-sounding smartphone that’s ever been made, and it also has LG’s finest industrial design to date. The LG V30 is distinctive, modern, and stacked with desirable features, a phone seemingly destined for inevitable stardom. A awesome device with great performance, long battery life, an amazing camera and a headphone jack. And is also has water resistance, wireless charging, micro SD expandable storage and support for any cellular carrier too, awesome right?

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Until now, i really thought that the above can only be possible by Samsung’s Note 8 and s8 but the LG V30 surprise me by having all these functions, and so Samsung might just have another rival. Though it is not cheap, it has a sleek, durable handset, a new OLED screen, thinner build, improved dual cameras and a quad digital-to-analog audio converter built into the headphone jack, LG’s has just made it as both a luxury phone and a content creator’s dream, with particular focus on videographers (who can shoot pro-style Log format video) and so i think its worth the price. Just like the s8, it too, has an unusually tall screen that extends practically all the way to the top and bottom edges and a smooth glass back and a shiny aluminum band like the note 8.

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The LG V30’s dual cameras take killer photos. They’re crisp, full of life, and as often as not better than ones took side by side with a Samsung Galaxy s8 Plus, with more detail and less splotchy noise if you zoom in. You can thank the additional megapixels, 16 mega pixel compared to 12 mega pixel and slightly larger lens aperture, f/1.6 compared to  f/1.7 for that. In the daytime, the LG’s second wide-angle camera is a special treat, letting you capture more of your surroundings in every frame. You just can’t get these photos with any other phone camera

Overall, i would recommend you to buy LG V30, its worth your money and a real shocker once you get to hold it in your hands.




OnePlus 5T

Just like the previous One Plus 5, One Plus 5T comes in with a bang, being an awesome phone with the right price, making it one of the best value phones you can buy anywhere. With dual cameras which allows better pictures to be taken. Optimized for low-light and portrait photography. A highly rated 16 + 20 MP cameras that help you capture crystal-clear shots.

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One Plus 5T and One Plus 5 has almost the same name, but what is the difference? One Plus 5T has a larger display, measuring 6 inches instead of 5.5. With the aspect ratio has going from 16:9 to 18:9. Like iPhone X, One Plus 5T has Face recognition system with really helps with people that are lazy to unlock their phone by typing. It also has few software tweaks which are useful in small ways. With all this, it makes One Plus 5T a great and affordable phone . 

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Having a 6-inch AMOLED display, you can see web pages clearer and bigger, which is awesome people that does not have good eyes. Now lets talk about One Plus 5T’s design. With an industrial aluminium uni body design, even if it’s basically the same as the One Plus 5’s. The edges are nicely curved, it’s not too big and it’s really thin. The biggest design change  from One Plus 5 to 5T is that the fingerprint scanner now sits below the rear camera sensor, rather than on the phone’s front. One Plus having to go through multiple variations of this scanner just to get it right and had even tried colour matching it completely to the device, but in the end it stuck with the same ceramic construction as previous phones. But scanner itself is on the small side for my liking, but it’s perfectly positioned just where your finger naturally rests. 

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The only thing i find odd is its slightly odd 2160 x 1080 resolution which i think does not work well. Further more, about the bad things the phone’s face unlock doesn’t authorize payments and its dual camera’s digital rather than telephoto zoom is a step back. There’s no expandable storage, and it’s not rated for water resistance.






Asus ZenFone AR

Asus ZenFone AR looks Daydreamy

Lets talk about the Asus ZenFone AR, a phone that amazes many. The first ever first phone that lets you use Google Tango AR and Google Daydream VR. Tango lets you see more of your world. Just hold up your phone and watch as virtual objects and information appear on top of your surroundings and also allow us to measure the distance between the chair and the coffee table by overlaying line segments in real time on the phone’s display. While the Google Daydream takes you on incredible adventures in virtual reality.

Daydream View

The phone also has a faster Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor and 6 or 8GB of RAM and this allows more apps to be kept running at the same time. Faster speed to run games, allowing smooth gameplay and able to enjoy your time. Its screen is a 5.7-inch screen that’s just a bit taller than the iPhone 7 Plus and also with a “Tri-Cam” systems that combines motion, able to sense depth and a 23-megapixel camera. The camera can take 23-megapixel photos and 4K videos which is pretty impressive. 

Now lets talk about its appearance and materials. With a glass front and a soft leather back with a ugly-like rear camera which made the phone looks like something out of a mad scientist’s laboratory.

With a affordable price of  $599 seems worthy and a much better offer than a Apple phone in my opinion.With a raised home button that doubles as a fingerprint sensor makes it look like a more modern, advance  andriod phone.

In my opinion, purchasing the Asus ZenFone AR is a good choice out of all phones. Although the Asus ZenFone AR  is lightly skinned with the version of Android Nougat 7.0, setting up Tango and Daydream will be easy and straightforward taking only a few minutes.

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Samsung Galaxy View

The Samsung Galaxy View is a multi-touch tablet. It has a dimension of 451.8 mm x 275.8 mm x 11.9 mm and an extremely heavy weight of 2650 g, which is much heavier than an average tablet that has a weight of 498 g. Next, I will move on to the display of this tablet.

Firstly, it has a big physical size of 18.4 inches and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. This tablet also has a pixel density of 120 ppi. It has a high screen-to-body ratio of 75.70%. There is also a light sensor on this tablet. The camera of this tablet is 2.1 megapixels.

Secondly, it has an octa-core processor hence the tablet can load applications quite quickly. Additionally, it has a system memory of 2048 MB RAM and a built-in storage of 64 GB. The battery capacity of this tablet is 5700 mAh. The advantages of this tablet is that it has a high screen-to-body ratio (75.7 %) and a fast mobile data support (4G). The disadvantages of this tablet is that it has an extremely heavy weight and there is no rear camera.

Lastly, people who are interested in this product must be wondering about its price. Now, I shall list down the prices. The device is now up for shipping and currently offers 32 GB and 128 GB Wi-Fi options for $799 and $949 respectively. While the 128 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular model will cost you $1,079. In my opinion, this is a great tablet if the weight is not too heavy and it should be light enough for people to carry it around without much effort. Comparing the advantages and disadvantages, I would say that this tablet should be given a rating of 7/10.

Photo courtesy: http://cdn01.androidauthority.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Samsung-Galaxy-View-Hands-On-AA-3-of-36-840×473.jpg

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+



The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is not just a larger version of the original Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. In fact, it is just a small upgrade from its smaller counterpart, it adds a shortcut menu to the edge screen for quickly opening apps, in addition to the existing menu for contacting your favorite people.

Sharing the exact same specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5,  which includes a strong 16-megapixel camera, 4GB of RAM and an octa-core processor of Samsung’s own design (that means it has eight computing chips for completing tasks). Besides its snazzier design, though, the Edge+ lacks the Note 5’s signature stylus. That leaves potential buyers having to choose between the Edge+’s inviting curves or the Note 5’s scribble-friendly practicality.

As of now, the S6 Edge+ comes in gold, silver, black and white, though different regions may carry different colors. Prices vary by retailer and country, but this Edge+ will cost more than the Note 5 overall. The design of the Edge+ are as follows:5.7-inch display; 2,560×1,440 pixels (518 pixels per inch), metal and glass construction, 6.1 by 3 by 0.3 inches (154 by 76 by 6.9mm), weighs 5.4 ounces (153 grams).If the regular Edge’s curved screen and thin edges are familiar to you, you should know how the Edge+ looks like.

Unlike the other Galaxies, this one does not have a removeable battery or microSD card.The curves on the screen, unlike previous curved-screen Galaxies, are not merely ‘cosmetic’ but a function. A special display utilises the curves on the screen.Hence, it hides from view until you pull it out, so most of the time, you don’t see it. When you do want to summon the edge display (which you can now do from any screen, not just the home screen, as was the case with the original S6 Edge), you grab a slim onscreen tab that tastefully lies low on whichever side you put it, and swipe to reveal the full menu. The settings menu also lets you turn on a newsfeed, so you can see various alerts and news headlines in the sidebar as well as through the customary notifications tray up top. The benefit here: the edge screen’s longer window lets you see more text, without expanding the alert the way you would with the notifications shade.

In my opinion, this is basically a Note 5 with a slighty larger Edge cover with extra features. Worth the price of more than the original Edge? If you really need a new phone and or have the money, this probably will suit you. If not, I’d say skip this phone.




The LG G4 is a multi-touch smartphone, its main body is made up of plastic. It has a dimension of 148.9 mm x 76.1 mm x 9.8 mm, with a weight of 155 g and it is slightly heavier than the average(146 g) among other smartphones in the market.

The LG G4 has a big display of 5.5 inches and a high resolution of 1440 pixels x 2560 pixels . It also has an extremely high pixel density screen of 538 ppi. There are some display features such as the light sensor, proximity sensor and scratch-resistant glass. Nextly, the camera is 16 megapixels and it has an LED flash. There are 5 different shooting modes such as burst mode, High Dynamic Range mode (HDR), panorama, RAW image capture and macro mode. It also has a front-facing camera of 8 megapixels.

It runs on an hexa-core processor and it has a system memory of 3072 MB RAM, with a built-in storage of 32 GB. Lastly, you might have wondered about the battery life of this phone. Here’s the solution to your question. The battery capacity of this phone is 3000 mAh with a stand-by time of 15 days and the endurance rating of this phone is an estimated amount of 54 h. Not to mention that there are a few colours to choose from. It is available in metallic gray and ceramic white with genuine Leather.

In conclusion, this is a phone worth to buy since it have many good functions and many pros. For example, the pros are big display (5.5 inches), high-resolution display (1440 x 2560 pixels), extremely high pixel density screen, over 430ppi (538 ppi), high-resolution camera (16 megapixels), lots of RAM (3072 MB RAM) and fast mobile data support (4G). Lastly, lots of people must be wondering the pricing of this phone. Now, I shall say the price group for this phone, it is 8/10. This means that the price of this phone is above the average among other smartphones. I will give it an overall rating of 9/10.

Photo courtesy of: http://o.aolcdn.com/hss/storage/midas/cfdbbe1092f428f287a68097284be415/201845078/lg-g4-leak.jpg

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0-inch

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2(8.0-inch) is a multi-touch tablet. It runs on Android OS and has a dimension of 198.6 mm x 134.8 mm x 5.6 mm. The tablet is also light-weight and has a weight of 272 g which is lighter than the average of 368 g.

The main body of the tablet is made of metal. The tablet has a physical size of 8.0 inches and a resolution of 1536 x 2048 pixels. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 have a pixel density of 320 ppi. There are also some extremely useful functions such as the light sensor and scratch-resistant glass.

The camera of this tablet is 8 megapixels. There are also some exclusive features and settings for the camera such as face detection, autofocus, geo tagging, exposure compensation and white balance presets. The front-facing camera for this tablet is 2.1 megapixels which is used for people who would like to take selfies. It runs on an octa-core processor and has a system memory of 3072 MB RAM. The built-in storage for this phone is 64 GB. And, most important of all, the battery life. The battery capacity for this tablet is 4000 mAh.

In my opinion, this is a good tablet since it have many pros and only one con for this tablet. The pros are it have a high pixel density screen, high screen-to-body ratio, lots of RAM(3072 MB), 4G and thin body(less than 7.5mm). The con is that the camera lacks flash, so the photos taken in the dark or at night might not be too good. Hence, in my opinion, I will give this tablet a rating of 9/10.

Photo courtesy of: http://i-cdn.phonearena.com/images/phonesize/9207-logo/Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-S2-8.0-inch.jpg

Lenovo YOGA Tab 3 Pro

The Lenovo YOGA Tab 3 Pro is a multi-touch tablet. It runs on Android OS and it has a dimension of 247 mm x 179 mm x 4.68 mm. This tablet has a physical size of 10.1 inches and a resolution of 1600 x 2560 pixels. It weighs around 665 g which is quite reasonable to carry it around. Just for extra information, average tablets weigh around 800 g so as you can tell this tablet is lighter than the average.

The pixel density for the tablet is 299 ppi. Next, the camera of this tablet is 13 megapixels and the camera also have some features such as autofocus and geo tagging. It runs on a quad core processor and furthermore, it has a graphic processor. The system memory of this tablet is 2048 MB RAM and it has a built-in storage of 32 GB.

In addition, the tablet has a battery capacity of 10200 mAh(milli ampere-hour) which is quite a high battery capacity so it should be able to last very long. The battery of this tablet is non-removable. It also have some features and sensors too, such as the light sensor, accelerometer and compass. It runs on a quad core processor. And lastly, the tablet have some pros and cons. The pros are the tablet has 4G, a thin body, measuring less than 7.5mm, good battery and a great sound quality. The cons are that the camera lacks flash and the cylindrical spine makes it awkward to hold in landscape orientation.

In my opinion, I will give the Lenovo YOGA Tab 3 Pro a rating of 8.5/10 since it have very good functions such as a thin body which is nice to hold around hence it is convenient for people to use for their daily lives.

Photo courtesy of: http://www.technobuffalo.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Yoga-Tab-3-Pro_1-1280×867.jpeg

LG G Pad X 8.3

The LG G Pad X 8.3 is a multi-touch tablet. It has a dimension of 216.7 mm x 126.5 mm x 8.6 mm and weighs 369 g which is slightly heavier than the average tablet of 360 g. The difference in weight is around 9 g. The physical size for this tablet is 8.3 inches, so it is a small tablet and with an affordable price.

It has a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. This tablet has a pixel density of 265 ppi. The tablet have a light sensor and accelerometer. The camera is 8 megapixels. The camera have many features such as face detection, digital zoom, voice activation, self-timer, autofocus, touch to focus and geo tagging. There are many different camera modes such as burst mode and high dynamic range mode. It has a sharp focus, though things get fuzzy in low-light situations and colors are on the dull side.

It runs on 8 core processor and it has a system memory of 1800 MB RAM. The tablet has a built-in storage of 16 GB and a battery capacity of 4800 mAh. There are some pros and cons for this tablet. The pros are it have a 8-core processor and a fast mobile data support. The cons are the battery is not user replaceable, the camera lacks flash and the gaming performance is slow, for example if you play Nova 3, the phone will definitely lag. It applies to all large games. The good thing about the LG G Pad X8.3’s speakers is that there is two of them. The bad news is that they are located on the back, directing the sound away from your ears.

Lastly, the tablet has a 4,800mAh battery.In my opinion, this is a great tablet because of the 8-core processor as it can run applications or the Internet very fast, hence I would give this tablet an overall rating of 8/10.

Photo courtesy of: http://i-cdn.phonearena.com/images/reviews/143512-thumb/LG-G-Pad-8.3-Review-TIa.jpg

Microsoft Surface 3

The Microsoft Surface 3 is a multi-touch tablet. It has a dimension of 267 mm x 187 mm x 8.7 mm and a weight of 621 g which is a lot heavier than the average of 360 g. The physical size of this tablet is 10.8 inches and it has a resolution of 1920 x 1280 pixels.

It has a pixel density of 214 ppi. It also have features such as light sensor and proximity sensor. The camera is 8 megapixels and has autofocus but lacks flash. It runs on a quad core processor and has a system memory of 4096 MB RAM. It has a built-in storage of 128 GB.

The tablet is released on 1st May 2015. It cost SG$1,108.00. There are some pros and cons for this tablet. The pros are it runs on quad core processor, it has lots of RAM and a fast mobile data support. The con is the camera lacks flash.

In my opinion, this is not a bad tablet but it is heavy and needs some effort to carry it around. I would recommend people who is not a camera lover or a person that takes photos with their tablet. This tablet lacks flash so when it is under darkness, it is not clear. I will give it a rating of 8/10.

Photo courtesy of: http://i.nextmedia.com.au/News/Microsoft-Surface-Pro-3-1024×576-0eba08dfaacd05a5.jpg