Razer Blade 14

The Razer Blade 14 is another one of Razer’s gaming laptops. This laptop has made some huge improvement compared to some of the previous gaming laptops they have made. This laptop has a upgraded Nvidia graphics and hugely improved IGXO 3,200×1,800-pixel-resolution touch display.

The Razer Blade 14 has a price tag of $2,399 and it has a 14-inch, 3,200×1,800 screen. It has a 2.2GHz Intel Core i7-4702HQ. And it has a PC memory of 8GB 1,600MHZ DDR3 SDRAM. It uses a 3GB Nvidia Geforce GTX 870M for it’s graphics. It has 256GB of storage. It does not have a optical drive. As for networking it uses Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11ac wireless, Bluetooth 4.0. It’s operating system is a Windows 8.1 (64-bit)

It is 0.7 inch thick and weighs 4.47 pounds and can easily be placed in a bag allowing you to carrying the laptop to wherever you want. The keyboard and touchpad are great, welly placed and responsive. But for gaming you would most probably use a external mouse instead of the touchpad. It also allows you to go on social media and use it like a smartphone thanks to it’s touchscreen. It has glowing green keys which makes the laptop look even more flashy. It also has a Razer logo that glows from the back lid which makes the laptop look very good.

One of the best few features of this laptop is it’s new IGXO 3,200×1,800 display. It is such a great feature as it has such a high resolution screen together with touchscreen function. The new display is glass-covered, brighter, and very vivid, it has wonderful viewing angles, and it is a multitouch.

Games aren’t really meant to be played at such a high resolution though. Steam’s main UI seemed to be downscaling to lower-res. But, as for everyday usage, extra pixels are always good.

But sometimes after playing a game for half and hours causes the bottom of the laptop to get really hot. The battery life also drop quickly. It has around a 90 minute battery life when you play BioShock Infinite at medium graphics setting. Like all other Razer laptops, this laptop is also Razer Synapse 2.0-enabled, too, which saves game setting for the keyboards and peripherals in the cloud and allows deeper customization.

There are three USB 3.0 ports on the edge of this laptop, along with HDMI. It has Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.22ac Wi-Fi and a 2MP Web camera and a microphone which are slightly better than those in average laptops.

The Blade has around 4 hours, 20 minutes of battery life. As when playing games at different settings on battery power will result in between 60 minutes to 90 minutes of life.

So overall, in my opinion I think that this gaming laptop may have a few weaknesses but they are not very major and I think that the good points of this gaming laptop covers it. I think that this laptop is able to be carried around easily. The high res screen of this laptop and the high speed causes it to have a lower battery life but I think that it is worth sacrificing the battery life of this to have a better quality screen and performance of the laptop. So in conclusion, I think that this laptop is worth it to buy if you have the money, you are into gaming and travel frequently but just be sure to bring your charger due to the low battery life of this product.

Photo courtesy of : http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2419746,00.asp



Google Nexus 9

A photo of the Google nexus 9

The Google Nexus 9 is known to be one of the best tablets of 2014. Due to the fact that it came everyone needs. A HD display with incredible performance. It is also the first tablet to run Google’s latest OS, the Android 5.0 Lollipop

Android 5.0 Lollipop offers a “pick up where you left off” function where you can access your songs, photos, applications and even recent searches from one android device to another.

It also comes with longer battery life and it’s easier to manage your power usage as they show an estimate amount of time before it needs to be charged or how much time left before its fully charged.

It also allows you to let your friends or relative use your phone with ease and not have the worry of them messing up anything as it comes with a guest user mode or you’re able to create multiple user accounts to let your friends log in onto your device.

You’re able to interact with your lock screen notifications. An improved quick menu can be accessed by swiping down from the top of the screen and it displays notifications. Swiping down again would expand the menu and shows settings shortcuts like brightness levels.

The Google Nexus 9 comes with up-to-date specs which is one of its greatest features. Specs that it comes with 64-bit version of the Nvidia Tegra K1 system-on-a-chip, 2.3GHz dual-core Denver CPU, 192-core Kepler DX1 GPU, Speedy 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard, Bluetooth 4.1

The performance of the Google Nexus is mind-blowing as it come with fast performance and it has a powerful chip, ready to be thrown with any type of tasks. Even with over 20 apps running, it is able to run large games without any large performance lost.

It also has a solid Wi-Fi connection, for example, browsing through the web is very fast and app downloads are quick.

However, the Google Nexus 9 would occasionally launch apps to a blank and unresponsive screen or would crash consistently. Due to the fact that Android 5.0 lollipop is still quite new and not all apps are still compatible with the new OS.

In conclusion, the Google Nexus 9 is a good and fast performing tablet which are typically for people who does not need to travel a lot and is usually stationed at one area for some time. It has great new functions, however due to the fact that Android 5.0 Lollipop is still quite new and most apps still not compatible with it and has problem loading them or crashes consistently from time to time. It is believed to receive frequent updates, fixing bugs that the came with the phone. However the price of US$339 is still quite cheap for a tablet with great potential. Thus, I would recommend you getting this tablet if the price and current-soon-to-fix bugs don’t affect you.



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LG L60

The LG L60 is a multi-touch smartphone. It has a dimension of 124.1 mm x 66.3 mm x 12 mm and a weight of 119 g which is lighter than smartphones in the market. The physical size of this phone is 4.3 inches. The phone has a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. It has a pixel density of 217 ppi which is quite low compared to other phones.

It has display features such as the light sensor, proximity sensor and many more. The camera of the LG L60 has 5 megapixels and its flash is LED. The camera has some features such as the CMOS image sensor, digital zoom, geo tagging and the panorama.

It only has a dual core processor which is not too common nowadays, however, most phones has a quad core processor. The LG L60 has a system memory of 512 MB RAM and it has a built-in storage of 4 GB. The phone’s battery has a capacity of 1540 mAh. There are some pros and cons for this phone. The pros are the phone has a dual SIM card support and a 4G. The cons are that it have a low pixel density screen, too little RAM memory, low resolution display, low-resolution camera, lacks autofocus and low resolution video capture.

There a a variety of colours which the user can choose from such as black and white. Lastly, many people must be thinking what is the price group of the phone. It is within the lower range of the price group, 2/10.In my opinion, this is a good phone. I would recommend people to buy this product and i would give it a rating of 7.5/10.

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MyFC Jaq

This sleek and stylish – looking device is a portable charger made by MyFC. It is a fuel – cell charger. This means that it mixes salt and water to release hydrogen and produce electricity. The company, MyFC, has also produced a few other fuel – cell products which are meant to be consumer – friendly.

Made up of two parts, the Jaq has a sleeve which is rubberized and a cartridge which is slipped into the sleeve. The cartridge will contain salt and water. The sleeve contains a Micro – USB cable socket so that your phone is able to be connected to the device. In each cartridge, a battery of 2,400mAh is able to be found. This means that most phones would be able to get around one and a half full charges from each cartridge.

Another fuel cell charger which had potential was the Upp Fuel Cell Charge. However, the public felt that the device was not only expensive and huge, its refilling process was very intricate too. MyFC has solved these problems by coming out with the Jaq as unlike the Upp Fuel Cell Charger, the Jaq is surprisingly small. It therefore is able to be slipped into pockets with ease. The device’s unique design and sleek curves is also fantastically eye – catching. On top of that, the Jaq has a variety of iconic colours and its rubberised pouch is very original too.

The price of the Jaq is not confirmed yet but it is speculated to be around $140 while its cartridges would be worth about $3. Overall, this device might be quite unique and original. Improvements could also be seen on the Jaq compared to other fuel cell chargers. I would personally consider purchasing this product when it is released.


Photo Courtesy of : http://winfuture.de/news,86105.html

AD Viso HP50

The NAD Viso HP50 has a few excellent features. It is very well – designed and comfortable to wear. The device also can be folded straight for easy storage. The headphone also has a clean and accurate sound. On the wire, you would be able to find a microphone/remote which is Apple friendly. Another unique feature it possesses is that it has a straight cable. However, Android might not support some features that this device has to offer and this headphone is a little costly.

You would be able to choose from three different colours when choosing the headphone, black, red and white. It can be considered quite lightweight for an over – ear headphone at 226 grams. When buying the headphone, it comes with two 1.3m cables which are detachable, a carrying case and a separate accessories bucket case to hold the cables and airline adapter. One of these two cables comes with an Apple – friendly three – button remote and microphone. Unfortunately, Windows and Android phones are not compatible with some of the remote’s features. The carrying case has a eye – catching design and is well – made to suit the headphone’s design.

The ear cups has a squarish shape, which might not suit everyone’s comfort and preference. The headphone’s ear cups are also plushly padded with memory foam and although the headphone does not offer noise cancellation, the ear cups does a great job at sealing out ambient noise.

The headphone is not extremely aggressive and would be very ideal for audiophiles finding an accurate sound balance as the headphone’s sound is really clear. Compared to other headphones, its sound covers a lot of details at a softer volume. However, the bass on this headphone might not be as strong as the ones on others.

Overall, this is a headphone made for audiophile which does not adore a specific genre of music and its great detail and sound quality makes it an ideal headphone. However, it might not be the best headphones at its sound price of around $400 and you might be able to find headphones of higher quality.


Photo Courtesy of : http://www.hardwarezone.com.sg/tech-news-nad-viso-hp50-headphones-makes-its-local-debut-mook-headphone-festival

HP Spectre x360

The HP Spectre x360 is made up of solid aluminium and has hinges which are smooth. The device also has great display and quite a long battery life. However, it does not has a very light weight like typical hybrids.

The device is a hybrid laptop which has a foldback hinge so that users would be able to convert it into a tablet easily. It is made up of premium metal and has an extremely fantastic battery life for a 13 – inch laptop. It offers both Core i5 and i7 CPUs. Above the Pavilion and Envy lines, the Spectre is considered to be the most premium line.

Without sacrificing its features and design, the device is able to have an extremely long battery life. According to owners, it is able to run for a maximum of a stunning 12 hours. The device contains a 1,920 X 1,080 touch display, Intel Core i5 – 5200U(or i7) processor, a relatively huge 256GB SSD, 8GB of RAM, and costs about $1400. According to HP, there would be a more improved version of it which will cost a little more.

Similar to its rivals, the Spectre x360 is crafted by using large aluminium sheets. This gives a seamless look to its chassis and makes its outer look highly polished. It also has an interior which is matte silver – gray and produces contrast. The laptop however is heavier compared to its rivals such as the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro and the MacBook Air.

The hinges of the laptop is fantastic. They are not too smooth to fail to keep the device in place but they not to stiff to maneuver. The internal mechanism also has a new design which has now three interlocking gears. The device has rounded corners and four edge keys. As it has a IPS device, it would look good from almost any angle, which is great for a hybrid laptop. However, there are some complaints that it reflects too much light.

Overall, the HP Spectre x360 has a nicer design compared to it predecessor and is built from premium materials. It also has fairly good specs but one of its biggest flaws is its heavy weight.

Photo Courtesy of : http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2468631,00.asp

HTC One M9

The HTC One M8 was quite a spectacular phone and left many people in awe when it launched the previous year. Thus, in order to outshine the phone, it would take quite a lot of effort from HTC. In the One M9, it sticked with its all – metal design but had a few of its specs tweaked. With this device, HTC hopes to outperform the coming Samsaung Galaxy S6. It might not exactly be a new phone altogether but more of an evolution to the M8. The price of the phone is not released yet but it definitely would not come at a cheap price at all.

It has 1,920 X 1,080 pixels of full HD which is displayed on a 5 – inch display. Its processor is the Snapdragon 810 octa – core. The back camera of the M8 is now the front camera of the M9. The M9 has a new rear – facing camera which has 20 megapixels. On the device’s body, you would be able to find the phone’s  ‘BoomSound’ speaker which is below the display. Like its predecessor, the M9 is a little rounded and there are plastic lines on the top and bottom of its body. However, it now has angular edges, unlike the older models which had rounded edges. The colour of its edges is also slightly different from the colour of the back panel to give a two – tone effect.

Physically, the ‘BoomSound’ speaker is the same as that of the M8 but they had roped in Dolby to make the sound richer and deeper. The ‘BoomSound’ speaker is an excellent speaker for a phone and compared to other phones, has a really rich sound.

The M9 runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop. However, HTC has customized most of the overall look of it and has a Android Skin of Sense 7. It is quite similar to the Sense 6 which is found in the M8. It is simple and neat and has icons which are well – spaced from each other. Unlike the Sense 6, you would be able to customize more options such as choosing from a range of preset themes, choose different fonts, colour scheme and icon styles. Therefore, this phone would be ideal for users who likes to customize their overall look on their phone completely.

There are also new features that you would be able to find in this new phone. An example this is that the home screen is now able to change the applications displayed depending on the user’s location. For example, the phone would recognise a set of applications that you use frequently in a location and would make these applications easily accessible. This is very convenient and you would be able to access your working apps easily at work. It has a RAM of 3GB. The device is also quite responsive and swift.

Instead of the back camera, the M9 now has the Ultrapixel camera in front, which makes it great when there is a background of low light. The rear camera has 20 – megapixels and is equipped with a dual – LED flash. According to HTC, this new rear camera would improve details in the shadows and would not wash out bright skies completely. The device has a battery of 2,840mAh battery, which is an improvement from that of the M8. With moderate use, HTC assured that the phone would last for at least a day.

Overall, the M9 is quite similar in terms of design and only had a few spec tweaks from the M8. It still fairly is a stunning phone but whether it would be able to outperform its rivals such as the Galaxy S6 remains to be unknown for now.

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Scribblenauts Unlimited

A game which is limited to your own imagination, Scribblenauts Unlimited is a game catered to all ages. The cartoony graphics makes the game enjoyable for both young and old.

Scribblenauts Unlimited tells the story of young Maxwell collecting starities in order to free his sister from a horrible curse. Although the story may be a little lacking, there is actually much more of a story as compared to previous Scribblenaut games in this franchise. The game mechanics are also very simplistic, as it is mainly aimed at a younger audience. Young Maxwell goes around collecting starites in order to help free his sister from the curse. In order to do this, he has to aid others, who will give him starites in exchange for his help. There are no order to the starites one can collect, as it is an open world, and more areas and characters are unlocked after a certain number of starites are collected.

In order to summon an object using Maxwell’s magical notebook, you just type it into a box, and press enter. The object will instantly pop up and can be dragged anywhere on the screen. Adjectives can also be added to the object to modify it, they can range from “invulnerable” to “giant”, and many adjectives can be stringed together to create your ideal object for that situation. They have also added a new feature, which allows one to modify the object, and save it under a name of your choice. As such, many interesting objects have been created and shared. This is especially helpful with the aid of the the steam workshop, allowing users to share their creations with others around the world. Interesting creations can be downloaded and used in game, the creations range from “Master Chief” from the series “Halo” to the famous “Tasmanian Devil” from Looney Tunes.

With over 50 different levels, this game is definitely a game worth picking up and spending sometime on, losing oneself in the world of imagination.

Photo Courtesy of : steam.storepowered.com

Seek Thermal

With the Seek Thermal, one would be able to have thermal vision as long as he possesses a smartphone. It is easy to carry around due to its small and light size. However, it does not come at a cheap price at all. When the users move the camera too quickly, the images would become grainy too. Despite that, it is still quite a useful piece of attachment for outdoor enthusiasts. It can also be used for security to keep any unwanted people away.

There are two cameras which Seek offers. The cheaper Thermal camera and the more expensive Thermal Xtra Range. They are available for both iOS and Android. As its name suggests, the Thermal Xtra Range is able to see objects which are further and has a manual focus function too. Jelly Bean 4.3.1 or higher is needed for Android while iOS 7 or 8 is needed for the iPhone.

The device weighs only 14 grams, is 1.6 inches long, 0.8 inches tall and 0.6 inches thick. On the left side of it, one would be able to find the chalcogenide lens and the connector which users would plug into their phones’ Micro – USB port on the right. Even though the device’s size makes it convenient to carry, it is really quite vexing to take care of such a costly device at such a small size. To help the users with this, users would also get a carrying case with rubber interior for protection of the camera when not in use. There is also a loop on one side to attach the case to a keychain or hang it from a workbench.

The application for the device launches automatically when it is plugged in. It would then be followed by an easy setup which takes only a few seconds. The device will work at any point of the day, with any amount of light. It would pick up any infrared waves emitted which we cannot see with our naked eyes. The maximum temperature it is able to detect is from -40 degrees Celsius to 330 degrees Celsius.

The camera does not really stand out when taking long shots but some details could still be made out. The application needed for the device is where one would be able to look at the camera’s viewfinder and perform other functions such as taking pictures. Users are able to control the colour palettes that the camera displays. Different scene modes are also available. An example of this is the Spot mode, which allows users to find out the approximate temperature of the object in the center of the camera. There is also a High/Low mode where users will be showed where is the highest and lowest temperatures in the camera’s field of view. The threshold mode allow users to customize the scene and show areas which are only above a certain temperature. There is also a Thermal+ mode where a split screen of both the image of the Seek camera and the phone’s main camera would be displayed. There is a slider on the screen of the user’s phone where users can drag to control how much of each image the user sees.

The Seek Thermal is a very interesting equipment which might be quite revolutionary. It is quite suitable for people who are very enthusiastic in the outdoors. One would also be able to check if hot air is escaping your house and is fantastic for home or personal security. With that said, it does come at a very costly price.

Photo Courtesy of : http://thenextweb.com/creativity/2014/09/25/seek-thermals-new-mobile-camera-attachments-let-see-heat/


Sony Xperia E4g

The Sony Xperia E4g was an improvement of the E4. Unlike the E4, the E4g now has 4G services. The phone has a jaw – opening battery life. According to Sony, the device will last for two days without charging and one week with battery – saving settings. There are many settings you can further tweak to prolong the life or the phone. There are power – saving modes such as the Battery Stamina Mode, which disallows functions which consume most battery and the Ultra Stamina Mode will only allow the most basic functions of the phone to continue running.

For users which are not familiar with smartphones, the device also offers a Simple Home interface, which will increase the size of icons and make accessing applications quicker. For some countries, the phone would contain a dual – SIM feature which will allow you to change between phone numbers in the same phone.

The phone has a screen of 4.7 – inch with a resolution of 960×540 pixels, which means that there would be only 234 pixels per inch.  This definitely is not a very high definition and would not offer a great deal of detail as a result. Therefore, this would not be an extremely ideal phone to watch videos or view websites and pictures.

The camera of the phone is of 5 – megapixels and is able to shoot videos with a high definition of 1080p. The default storage space of the device is 8GB and can be expanded with a memory card to the maximum of 32GB.  It has NFC and Bluetooth 4.1 which would allow wireless connection between the phone and other devices.

Although this phone does not have the perfect specs, it compensates that with an extremely long battery life. People who are looking for an affordable phone with a very long battery life would therefore find this phone quite ideal.

Photo Courtesy of : http://www.sonymobile.com/global-en/products/phones/xperia-e4g/