Razer BlackShark

A promotional picture of the Razer BlackShark.

The Razer Blackshark.

The Razer BlackShark is one of the many headsets that the established gaming peripheral giant, Razer has released. The Razer Blackshark’s aesthetics were modelled after real-life military headsets and has padded and insulated earcups made out of memory foam. Its mic has 3 seperate degrees of rotation and can be adjusted so as to suit the user of the headset. The microphone itself is also detachable and can be used as a boom mic. Many reviewers have praised its look, calling it ‘stylish’ and ‘modern’ and that it is one of the most unique headsets Razer has released. Furthermore, its cables can be swapped to accomodate both the console gamer and the PC gamer, thanks to its handy audio-microphone splitter. While its looks and aesthetics are definitely breathtaking, the comfort, audio quality and mic quality it offers are rather mediocre for its price but it is a small price as the headset itself is built with reinforced stainless steel, giving its bands a durability far higher than those of competing brands. In conclusion, this Razer headset, while stylish, is rather mediocre for its price range and as such if you really desire the best of the best, I would advise against buying the Razer BlackShark and instead take a look at the Razer Tiamat, another headset that offers 7.1 surround sound and improved mic quality.

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Huawei Ascend Mate 7


The Ascend Mate 7 is the China-based company Huawei’s newest entry into the market, featuring a 6-inch Full HD display, one of its latest additions to its large product list of large-display smartphones. Huawei has always been producing smartphones which have been competitively priced, and equipped with Huawei’s custom software. This time, however, the Ascend Mate 7’s main selling price to consumers is a long battery life, due to its enormous 4000 mAh battery, which allows for hours of use even under heavy load.

The Mate 7’s hardware specifications include a octa-core processor, as well as a 13-megapixel camera that allows for quality images with balanced colours and plenty of detail. The camera also has a HDR mode which works effectively and has allowed for better shots under the right conditions. It’s octa-core processor, which is made up of two different hardware processors, also has enough processing power to run most high-end Android games found on the Play Store at high framerates with little noticeable lag. The enormous 6-inch display mentioned earlier also displays images in vibrant and vivid colours, and the high pixel density from the Full HD display has also allowed for more details when viewing videos. The screen is very bright as well, and consumers will face no problems with dim screens in the Ascend Mate 7.

The Huawei Ascend Mate 7 has its own flaws as well, however. The bloatware and custom software include by Huawei is not very user-friendly, and has somewhat affected the overall experience of the phone. Also, the Ascend Mate 7 still runs 4.4.2 of Android KitKat, which is a few versions away from the latest version of Google Android, 4.4.4. This flaw is more jarring in the Ascend Mate 7 due to it being a higher-priced high-end smartphone targeted at consumers with higher budgets, and is thus less acceptable. In conclusion, the Huawei Ascend Mate 7 is a excellent smartphone, which, despite its flaws, stands out to consumers with its excellent battery life and display.

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Pokemon FireRed

There may be some spoilers in this, viewer discretion is advised.

Probably one of the oldest pokemon games,it only has 151 pokemon(If you include Mew).Now there is over 70o. It is just like any other pokemon game but with lesser pokemon and graphics that are not as good. At the start of the game you pick either Squirtle, Bulbasaur or Charmander. There are multiple towns,cities and islands. There is Pallet Town the town you start in, Viridian City where you find the ground gym(that is closed), with the gym leader also the leader of team rocket. Than there is Pewter City, Cerulean City, Saffron City, Celadon City,Lavender Town,Vermillion City, Fuschia City,Cinnibar Island and Indigo Plateau.

There are lots of possible good teams in Fire Red just like in any other pokemon game.However many teams do not include legendary as although they may be strong they don’t have a great move set at the start unlike legendary in other games. Except Mew and Mewtwo. By the way mew can learn any move.Although mew is not in Fire Red, you can get it with codes.

In Fire Red you are the protagonist and your enemy is team rocket.You know the one that loses every fight because a lack of either good pokemon or a brain.

When you finish getting all 8 badges you can go to indigo plateau to challenge the elite four and champion to become champion yourself.The elite four members are Lorelei who specializes in ice pokemon, Bruno in fighting, Agatha in ghost, and lance in dragon.Finally Your rival unlike the others, has a diversity of different type pokemon, making him the most “difficult” to beat.





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