Corsair HARPOON RGB Gaming Mouse

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Corsair has been at the top of the market in many different areas and this includes their computer mice. However, Corsair has mostly been releasing mice with a somewhat high price tag of over 55SGD, such as the M65 PRO RGB, Scimitar PRO RGB. If you are a Corsair fan or just a person who wants to upgrade their mouse with a budget of lesser than 50SGD, you might want to consider Corsair’s Harpoon RGB Gaming Mouse.

Priced at around 55SGD, this is a great mice if you are looking for a mid-end mouse. The first thing that you would notice after you have tried it is how incredibly lightweight it is. At 85 grams, it is much lighter compared to many other mice in the current market. This lightweight design would be ideal for those first person shooter players or those who just prefer a lightweight mouse when gaming.

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On the left side of the Harpoon lies two side buttons that are placed in a position where it is easy to press for those with smaller than average hands. The buttons feel very well made and sturdy compared to some other mice which as side buttons that feel very flimsy. The mice also has a textured rubber grip that stretches out on both the left and right side of the mouse for additional comfort and to allow for stronger grip.

The back of the Harpoon has a pretty good curve that allows for a especially comfortable grip that feels very natural. And of course, the Corsair logo which has RGB LED lighting sits on the back.

Now on to the front of the mouse. The left and right buttons both feel very smooth on the surface and feel very responsive. In between the buttons is the scroll wheel that feels quite rigid which may bother some people. Right behind the scroll wheel is where the DPI button as usual, where you can switch between five settings, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, and 6000. It is also good to note that these number can be changed with a software in multiples of 250. In addition to being able to change up the numbers, you are also allowed to change the LED colour based on which DPI setting you are on. This is very handy as you can just check what DPI you are on right of the bat just by glancing at the mouse.

The bottom of the Harpoon has a Pixart PMW3320 Optical sensor and four PTFE skates which lets the mouse glide smoothly on surfaces.

Overall, the Harpoon is a very well designed mice and with a price tag of around 55SGD, this mice is well worth the price. However, if you have more money to spare for a mouse, I would suggest that you go for some other Corsair gaming mice rather than this one as they are much more unique and superior.

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Logitech Wireless Mouse M510

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If you are sick of using your laptop’s touchpad, the cheap mouse that comes with it or you are just looking for a mouse, then you should consider the Logitech Wireless Mouse M510 in your list.

When you first look at the mouse, it may seem like any other ordinary office mouse. But when you start to use it, you will realize why this is a highly rated product.

The Logitech M510 comes in 3 different colours; black, red and blue. The mouse feels very natural on your palm when you grip it and your thumb and pinky fingers are able to rest on the rubber grip very comfortably.

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Aside from having two side buttons on the left for going back and forward in the browser or to switch between songs, it also has horizontal left and right scrolling, which is very useful for people who may use applications such as Microsoft’s Excel for example.

One very useful thing that this mouse has is Logitech’s “Darkfield” laser sensor, which essentially lets you use it on almost any surface. This would mean that there would not be a need to pack a mouse pad into your bag if you are going to travel with your laptop.

Logitech has said that the M510 is able to run on just 2 AA batteries that provide power for a duration of 2 years. Even better, this mouse is able to run perfectly well with only 1 battery.

Overall, at a price of around 60SGD, this is an relatively affordable mouse  that you might want to consider purchasing. It is comfortable to use, highly portable due to its size and does not require a mouse pad to use and has a very long battery life.

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Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear

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While many Sennheiser’s in-ear headphones look ordinary, this however is very well crafted. Being the first in-ear headphones to enter Sennheiser’s Momentum series, this earphone definitely lives up to the premium quality of the other models.


The Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear is available in 2 different colours, black and a semi-red version, where the main parts of the earphones are red. Both of them have a nice matte glossy finish on the housing which helps bring out the already sleek, stylish looking design.  The earphones bodies are however made out of plastic despite looking metallic. On the opposite end of the ear tips are circular shaped metal pieces where the Sennheiser logo sits on.

The wire coming out of the housing is put through a loop sticking out of the back metal piece on the back, which not only helps prevent the wire from being twisted or breaking at the top end, but also gives it a unique look. It is also worth noting that the earphones have flat wires, reducing the chances of it tangling. Going further down, there is a movable stopper to keep the wires nice and tidy.

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The Momentum In-Ear does have an in-line remote located on the right cable, which has three buttons to carry out various things like answering or ending a call and of course controlling the volume. One nice thing to note is that since different phones uses different signals for special functions such as starting voice control, Sennheiser has cleverly worked around it by having two separate models, one for the iOS fans and the other for the Android fans. In short, this means that if you use the correct models, you should be able to use various controls your phone allows, such as enabling voice control. Sadly, not every Android phone is compatible, but the more popular ones like the Galaxy series by Samsung and some others are.

You may have noticed that the Momentum In-Ear has relatively large housing which sticks out quite a bit but I have found that this actually makes it much easier to grab and remove compared to regular earphones.

Apart from making it look fantastic, Sennheiser seemed to put as much effort in making the carrying case. The carrying case that comes with the earphones is square in shape with red stitches around the zip and has the Sennheiser logo on one of the sides. When you first open the case, you are greeted with a hard plastic piece in which the earphones are twirled around, along with a few pairs of ear tips in many sizes, from really tiny to huge ones. I must say that even though the case looks splendid and actually feels especially well made, it seems a bit too large for my liking.

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Having used the earphones for a couple of months now, I can say that comfort is not a problem. The earphones fits nicely and tightly into the ear and it also helps that it comes with multiple ear tips with varying sizes. I could barely feel earphone when I used  it as it is fairly light and compared to most earphones which has a straight housing, this pair however has a body which curves in a direction away from your ear, avoiding any extra contacts with it which could be annoying for certain people.


The Momentum in-ear drivers produce pretty good sound for its price at around 130SGD, creating superb bass at a level that you might not expect from a mid-range earphone and when it is combined with the good treble and sound clarity, this pair of earphone generates excellent lively music. Sure, it may not compare to other immensely ‘bassy’ earphones or those high-end $300 ones, but at 130SGD, it was more than I expected. The treble and bass is pretty heavy but not that strong to a point that it muffles other sounds so you would be able to hear every detail of the instruments playing along with the vocals.


At around 130SGD, the Sennheiser Momentum in-ear headphones produces sound that could potentially match up to other slightly more expensive earphones out in the current market. Being very well designed both aesthetically and ergonomically, I would definitely recommend anyone to pick these up if this is the price of earphones you are looking for.

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MOBA (muliplayer online battle arena) games are without a doubt, currently dominating PC gaming. with League of Legends and DOTA2 taking the top spots on the most played PC games currently. League of Legends has grown so much that it has 70 million players playing the game a month, clocking over an amazing billion hours of playtime in total by the players.

However, a good MOBA game for mobile hasn’t appeared until late 2014, when Super Evil Megacorp released Vainglory on the Play Store and on the App Store a few months later. It is said by the developers to be a “MOBA perfected for touch” and it certainly lives up to that.

Vainglory is a free to play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game, where players fight against each other in 2 teams of 3 in an arena, the Halcyon Fold. Players get to pick between 27 different heroes (as of 17 September 2016) and fight against each other , leveling during the match and gaining gold to buy different items to ultimately destroy the enemy’s vain crystal and secure a win.

One thing I love about vainglory is that it is entirely skill based, which means that no matter how much money you spent on the game, it doesn’t give you an advantage in the match. The game has a free hero rotation every week, allowing players to play the heroes for free. You can however spend glory which can be obtained by completing objectives given to you daily and completing matches, to buy heroes which then allow you to play the hero whenever you want. There is also a currency called ‘ice’ in the game that can be bought in the store for real money, allowing you to also purchase heroes too, saving you time from farming up glory just to get that one hero you really want. There are ‘skins’ in the game which are basically a cosmetic item, giving a hero a special look, which can be obtained by ice or ‘weaving’ them with cards you get while playing the game.

Now on to the gameplay. Players can play along with their friends or alone, facing off in 2 teams of 3. You will get to pick one of the heroes, each with different abilities, weakness and strengths. When the game starts, you and your teammates run off to one of the 2 general places on the maps, the lane or the jungle. Unlike League of Legends and Dota2 which have 3 lanes, Vainglory has 1. Players level up their characters and upgrade their 1 of 3 skills that they have and also gather gold from the enemies’ minions or from jungle camps in, well, the jungle. The aim of the game is to destroy the enemies’ vain crystal crystal and to also protect yours. Along the way are turrets placed on the lanes that you are required to destroy.

Just like the game, the developers are also great and seem very devoted in improving the game. They are really putting in a lot of effort in the game, updating and adding in new things and also brand new heroes consistently.

Do I recommend this game? Yes, definitely, even to people who don’t really enjoy MOBA games on the PC like me. Its great to play along with your friends and there is an abundance of features such as guilds, competitive rank, opals that I have not even touched on. The game has so much depth in it, with thousands of different skill combinations that can be executed. Vainglory is truly a remarkable mobile game and you should certainly download it, since its free anyway. Who knows, this might be your next favourite game.

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iLuv City Lights

There are tons of cheap in-ear headphones now but only a few are actually decent. Such include the Panasonic ErgoFit RP-TC 125, JVC Gumy Plus and of course, the iLuv City Lights.

Even though it may seem like any other ordinary in-ear headphones at first glance, the City Lights is actually pretty decent for a price of below 18 SGD. It is able to deliver relatively strong and deep base powered by its 13.5mm drivers, compared to other earphones of the same price, maybe even better than those that are more expensive.

There are five different colours options to select from, black, white, blue, pink and red, which is great considering most earphones in the market only give you a choice between 2-3 colours, some even none.

There is a built in microphone which allows you to answer calls and of course, control your music. It also comes with 3 different sizes of ear tips, small, medium and large.

However, like every in-earphones, there are cons. iLuv may have focused to hard on the base and had to sacrifice clarity, making the City Lights lack in the crispiness of the sound.

Overall, for a price of under 18 SGD, the iLuv City Lights is excellent, being able to deliver good quality audio and fit comfortably into the ears which definitely impresses me and I would highly recommend anyone to get this.

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Corsair Gaming Scimitar RGB Mouse

If you are an avid MMO or even a MOBA gamer, you might want to consider getting this beast. This device is equipped with a key slider system, which is a movable side panel that holds 12 mechanical buttons that are fully programmable which will definitely appeal to those who are dedicated to MOBA and MMO games.

This mouse has an extraordinary 12,000 DPI optical sensor and, as the name already tells us, there are RGB lighting in 4 zones. This RGB lighting can be adjusted and modified using a powerful and comprehensive software that may be complicated but easy to grasp on. It is able to adjusted to 12.5 million different colours in all 4 zones, the Corsair sails logo, front, mouse wheel and on the side panel.

Expanding on what I said about the side thumb buttons, they are in a 4×3 grid and are mechanical and programmable. They are somewhat curved to fit your thumb perfectly, giving it a nice feel.

The Scimitar has a sleek curved ergonomic grip on the right side for the ring finger and a plastic body with a rubbery grip finish. The mouse is relatively light, due to it being made out of plastic, and fits nicely and comfortably into the palm of the hand.

With a solid build, RGB lighting system and a movable slider with 12 buttons for your thumb, this mouse is pretty good compared with the current mice that are available in the market. Even though this mouse is directed to MOBA and MMO gamers, I would highly recommend the Corsair Gaming Scimitar RGB Mouse to anyone.

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Seenda IBT-C04

The Seenda IBT-C04 music mouse has a really unique and interesting concept to it. With “music mouse” in the name, you can kind of guess what it is already. The mouse functions like any other and also doubles as a speaker and microphone which makes it stand out in today’s market where people would usually just buy mice from Corsair, Logitech, Razer etc. But a mouse with a speaker and a microphone? That makes mouse stand out from all the others.

The Seenda IBT-C04 is a 2.4GHz wireless mouse and is relatively inexpensive at a cost of about S$41, making it great gift for someone if you ever looking for one. This mouse would be useful for someone who has a laptop with broken speakers or if you are out and the speakers in your laptop suddenly fails.

The Bluetooth speaker and mic will get muffled by your palm and is probably more useful for Skype calls when you are hands free from the mouse. When paired with your smart phone by Bluetooth you can easily accept calls or return the last call. This could be useful when you are struggling to find your phone in your bag in the office when there is an important call you have to accept. The mouse connects to your PC via Bluetooth 3.0 USB dongle.

The mouse is built with ABS plastic and comes with 5 different colours, black, red, blue, silver and gold for the users to choose from. A rubber grip is under your right thumb (sorry left-handers) with the buttons to answer calls and control the speaker’s volume are located right above. The mouse is 121mm long, 70mm wide and 38mm tall. It weighs reasonably light at 125 grams by itself even though it may not be as portable as others available out there. The DPI selector sits right in front of the scroll wheel.

The 900mAh rechargeable Li-Po battery is charged over a micro USB cable and within 3 to 4 hours it reaches a full charge which it can play music for up to 6 hours and about 70 hours for a standard use depending on the user’s usage.

Seenda definitely produced something unique and different. The mouse is relatively inexpensive and has features you would never expect you might need in a mouse and could come really handy in many situations.

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The Beginner’s Guide

From the creators of Stanley parable comes another incredible story, The Beginner’s Guide. First off, The Beginner’s Guide is not a game, but more of a story. Not an interactive one and you can’t affect the outcome. If you can’t grasp the concept of this maybe this game isn’t for you. It may seem a bit dull at first but as you play through and get deeper into the story, it makes you really think about what you are experiencing and what everything in the game really means. Davey Wreden, the creator of Stanley Parable and the narrator too, tells a really fascinating and emotional story that lasts about 90 minutes. This game is partially based on Wreden himself, during the time after Stanley Parable was made. There will also be a couple of spoilers but not too much to ruin the game if you intend pick it up on Steam.

It tells a story of how the narrator, Wreden, met a person named Coda who is also a game developer. Wreden tells us about how Coda is a really mysterious dude, who locks himself in isolation while making many tiny little games that hides a message and part of what Coda was thinking about when he made the games. The game addresses some heavy issues that many of us will face in life. Depression, anger, loneliness and many others are also tackled. However Coda never releases the games to the public and they just sit on his computer forever. Wreden even tells us that Coda once jokingly renamed his recycle bin to “Important games folder” But why does Coda make the games when he knows that no one is going to see it? Why does Coda not want to show his work to the public? Why? As you play the games made by Coda Wreden tells us what he thinks they mean and maybe even have a different answer yourself.

Some of the games made feel like they are abandoned mid development. For example, the second game Wreden shows us is a game about you on a space ship or station as you navigate around while holding a gun. The absence of enemies makes you question the point of the gun. At the end of the game you sacrifice yourself to a thing called the Wisper Machine. A bug in the game then makes you float up. Coda didn’t even bother to fix it. Wreden tells us maybe Coda could have thought that the game is already finished and that “we should talk about what the games are and not for what they are not.” These sentences that Wreden says really makes you think about the game and these will pop up every now and then. As you progress through the games they slowly become more complex but also more explicit. Wreden’s voice will also change and it will not be as calm as before and you can feel the frustration and anger inside.

Some of the games Coda made are unplayable. One example has a staircase that leads up to a room but as you go up you are eventually slowed down to a halt and a door opens up at the top. Wreden however alters the game to allow you to go back to the normal speed allowing you to reach the top where loads of ideas for games await. There are many other games like that each with their own special element in it. As you play through you have to analyze it and it really makes you think what goes through the mind of Coda when he made it.

After finishing the game I just sat down and started thinking about the whole story even when I know it is fictional. That 90 minutes was a really great experience for me and left me struggling with my thoughts on Coda’s games. The Beginner’s Guide really expresses the frustration when trying to understand depression in ourselves and in others while trying to fix mistakes made. Overall, I was definitely blown away by the plot and whether it will be of interest to anyone I can’t really tell. Everyone has a completely different opinion about it. Some may dislike it and some will applaud it. Some maybe even both.

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SteelSeries Apex M800

To most PC gamers out there, a keyboard is may be just as important as the hardware in the computer. However, with a huge variety of keyboards out there, which one should we pick? Is there really any difference between cheap ones and those that cost a hundred dollars? Well of course! Different keyboards comes with different components and some having fancy functions. If you are looking for a great keyboard and you have a huge budget, I would recommend the SteelSeries Apex M800.

First off, this is a mechanical keyboard which is much better than membrane keyboard. This may increase the price but mechanical keyboards are better. They are much more durable and can be repaired easily. You can easily remove and change a key on a mechanical keyboard but on a membrane based one, much harder. They are also much more customizable. Like I said, you can easily replace the keys. But instead of replacing with a normal key, try it with a key with a heart or a sword icon!

Like most gaming keyboards now, they are all backlit. However, unlike some keyboards that have fixed lighting, all keys are individually illuminated with 16.8 million different colours to choose from. For example, you could make certain keys light up blue if they are the mana-related, red if they are health-related. Apart from this, there are also pre-sets that you can use.

To the left side, there are 6 macro keys that are labeled 0 to 5 which will come really useful if you are playing an MMO. You will also notice the oversized but narrow space bar which is to probably make it easier to hit. There are also 2 rubber feet of different height that you can attach to the back of the keyboard.

The Apex M800 also packs quite a punch in its hardware. First off, it has not one but two processors inside, dedicated to processing key presses to ensure that there is no lag. Secondly, there is an anti-ghosting feature that allows you to press 256 keys at once. If you don’t know what ghosting is, it is keys not responding when too many are pressed down. Considering you don’t have more than 256 fingers or keys pressed at once, this should not be a problem. Finally, it is made with newly designed switches called QS1 switch which basically makes the keys react much faster than other gaming keyboards.

The keyboard does cost a hefty S$282 which is worth its price. If you are looking for a keyboard and have a huge budget, why not buy the Apex M800?

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Sol Republic Jax







If you are looking for a decent earphone with an average price, the Sol Republic Jax might be it. With a price tag of $40, it can deliver high quality sound and offers a deep bass.

But there is one thing that you can’t deny, which is the fact that this earphone does look cheap and may seem like it looks like a $15 earphones. It has plastic design. It doesn’t have a unique design and looks simple, definitely not scoring in the aesthetic area.

It does have flat cords meaning that it is tangle resistant which is nice. Shoving it into your pockets and taking it out later will only require a couple of seconds of tangling, which is useful when you are on the go. It also has an apple friendly in-line remote to control the volume, the song which you are playing and also answer cell phone calls and aside from those features, there is really nothing else. Nothing comes with the earphones. No carrying pouch, no extra ear tips.

Despite looking cheap, the Jax really scores in the performance area. It is powered by an i2 sound engine that is said to be able to produce high quality and clear sound and also deliver deep bass. It also fits comfortably into the ear for a $40 earphone. It also comes with a huge variety of colours for you to choose from.

If sound quality is the thing you are looking and not an attractive looking earphone and you have a limited budget, then the Sol Republic Jax might just be for you. If I were to rate this out of 10, I would give it a 7.5 rating, only because the sound it produces feels like something worth double the price, which can cover up the non-appealing design.

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