Garmin Forerunner 225

The Garmin Forerunner 225 is a good running watch with a great heart rate tracker. It is always on display and has an accurate GPS for tracking runs. It can track steps and calories. As it is water proof, you can wear it while showering, swimming or when doing other water sports. But while you’re sleeping it will keep track of some data but it lacks information. The heart rate tracking is only limited to workouts and there is no automatic syncing. Runners that hope to track everyday activities and heart rate should consider get the Garmin Forerunner 225

This watch was made to be used by runners, the built in GPS allows user to track pace and distance. It has quite a nice design and a few functions all packed into one watch. The Garmin Forerunner 225 also has water resistance of up to 50m. Compared to other smartwatches and workout watches, it has the a very informative screen so you will be able to see everything you need in that one single page. Even under bright light you can have a good look at the screen so there is no need to block the sun or anything like that. With everything turned on, it has a battery life of 10 hours.

If you are a runner that do not need that many functions, you can get other cheaper alternatives in the market. However if you run a lot and take your running very seriously the Garmin Forerunner 225 is a great option.

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Finalmouse ScreaM One

The Finalmouse ScreaM One is a gaming mice that was surrounded by hype after the famous “They talk about my one taps” commercial played during the MLG Columbus CSGO major.

The ScreaM One has a ambidextrous shape therefore it is able to be used by the right and left equally well.  It is slightly larger compared to other gaming mice on the market right now. Which is why I would suggest players with medium/large hands to give the ScreaM One a go. Despite it’s size, the Finalmouse ScreaM One is pretty light compared to other gaming mice. Razer Deathadder Chroma, Steelseries Rival 100/300, Razer Mamba, Logitech G502 are just a few examples that the Finalmouse ScreaM One was being compared to.

The ScreaM One uses a PMW3360 eSports sensor which offers higher framerate, integrated illumination and enhanced tracking technology. Which is why the 3360 is considered the summit of sensor technology. It is said that the Scream One offers a click response time of 1 ms. Which makes it the fastest in the gaming mouse industry right now.

The wiring of the ScreaM One is high in quality, being able to be kept in good condition for a long time. The wiring of the ScreaM One is braided and when compared to other mice it is a better alternative.

Overall, the Finalmouse ScreaM One is a mouse that was made to make it feel like it is part of your hand. I would recommend it to players with medium/large hands looking for a comfortable gaming mouse that offers a good sensor with a quick click response time.

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SteelSeries Rival 300 CS:GO Fade Edition






The SteelSeries Rival 300 CS:GO Fade Edition is overall, a beautiful looking mouse which comes with great sensor performance. However, it is not suitable for left-handers and there a cheaper version of this mouse which offers the same functions and quality.

The SteelSeries Rival 300 is a Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO) variation of the Rival 300. The Rival 300 CS:GO Fade mouse can be purchased for €79.99 EUR on the SteelSeries website. Whereas the Rival 300 will only cost you €59.99 EUR on the SteelSeries website. Therefore you would be paying slightly more for a aesthetically pleasing mouse.

The Rival 300 CS:GO Fade Edition comes with the mouse, and a set of manuals which gives you instruction on how to go online in order to download drivers. The build quality of the mouse is generally top notch. The USB of the mouse is silver-plated, the shine on it adds a pretty nice touch to it. However, I would have preferred a gold-plated USB as it would give the mouse a generally more expensive and would fit the fade theme of the mouse. Moving to the mouse alone, it has a Fade design which is pleasing to the eye. The gold/yellows at the tip of the mouse slowly fades into a purplish hue at the palm at the mouse. There are close to no mouse with colours similar to this mouse and this is what really what sets it apart from other mouses. If accompanied with a mouse pad with a Fade pattern results in a beautiful set up on your desk.

At the palm of the mouse there is a Counter-Terrorist logo and below it, the mouse is surrounded by a rubber texture with the writing CS:GO on it. The rubber material gets pretty useful if your palms are sweaty, knees weak arms are heavy. On the left-hand side of the mouse, there are two buttons which are customizable. There is another button as well on the top of the mouse which can be customized. The scroll wheel has a comfortable feel to it. The left/right mouse buttons are not too loud therefore it’s perfect for late night gaming.

The Rival 300 CS:GO Fade Edition offers a really comfortable hold for endless hours of gaming. It uses the PixArt PMW3310 which can be found in the Rival 300 as well. The sensor works pretty well allowing you to have precise control of the mouse.

Overall, I feel that the Rival 300 CS:GO Fade Edition is worth it for it’s price due to it’s aesthetics, performance and comfort. It is really a different mouse in terms of design when compared to other mouses therefore if you are looking for a beautiful looking mouse that does not compromise when it comes to performance, this mouse would suit you.

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Razer DeathAdder Chroma

The Razer DeathAdder Chroma offers comfortable usage to ensure endless hours of gaming. The DeathAdder comes with five buttons, the usual left, right and middle mouse as well as two buttons under the thumb. It cost around USD $69.99 which is a good price for a mouse of this quality.

The DeathAdder comes with a 10,000 DPI sensor and 1000 Hz polling. Therefore if you’re looking for a gaming mouse just to play video games casually, the DeathAdder is a good option. As it is really comfortable to use its design is simple yet it feels like an extension to your arm and feels really comfortable. The left and right mouse button and perfect, they are large and allows extra space for your finger to move around. The scroll wheel is huge and really smooth to use. There is also a LED light at the back of the mouse which just makes this sleek looking mouse even better. Therefore if you are looking for a mouse that is good looking the DeathAdder could be a mouse that you might want to consider.

Overall, the Razer DeathAdder Chroma is a great mouse for all kinds of players. People who love using the DeathAdder range from casual gamers to professional video gamers. Therefore if you are looking for a good quality, comfortable mouse which is not too expensive the Razer DeathAdder Chroma is perfect for you.

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Jaybird X2

The Jaybird X2 is a above average headphone that offers an improved sweat proofing compared to it’s predecessor. The X2 is also more comfortable now and offers an improved battery life. It sounds great and offers a steady wireless connection. Although people claim it offers a comfortable fit, but there are a few cases where people claim that it did fit them well. And at $180 it has quite a heavy price tag for a headphone like this. Generally it’s sound and connectivity is improved and it’s will be more comfortable if it fits you.

Jaybird offers many popular sports-orientated headphones. The Jaybird X2 offers one of the best sounding quality compared to other headphones at it’s price range out there. But the headphone only fits a majority group of people, whereas for those who feels that the headphones does not fit them will find it uncomfortable.

Overall, the Jaybird X2 is only a headphone you would want to get if you have the money. It offers good sound quality, but you have to make sure it fits you before you purchase it as it gets quite uncomfortable if it does not fit you.

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Razer Blade Stealth

The Razer Blade Stealth is a laptop that is just great at all aspects. It is slimmer and lighter than most of other similar laptops. It runs on an i7 and it even offers a cool looking Chroma backlit keyboard. But battery life cut due to the 4k screen but it should not be much of a problem if you don’t game much outside. It offers something that not much laptops offer which is a mix of sleek design, great performance and value in a laptop. However, the perfect looking 4k screen gives it’s battery life a major blow.

The design of the Razer Blade Stealth is perfect. It offers a sleek beautiful design which just looks great. It gives the laptop a really professional feel.

The Razer Blade Stealth offers a Chroma backlit keyboard which just fits the laptop perfectly. It is only for aesthetic purposes it may use more of the battery but it does not really use that much.

It has an eye catching 13-inch 3,840 x 2,160 touchscreen display. It offers a 2.5Ghz Intel Core i7-6500U PC CPU. And it runs on a Windows 10 Home (64-bit) operating system. All for the price tag of $1,399

Overall, if you’re looking for a laptop, this is the best laptop you can buy at the price range of $1,399. It offers a good design, good performance and good price therefore the best option for you.

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HP Pavilion HPE h9z

The HP Pavilion HPE h9z is a PC that offers alright expandability and a good set of connectivity options. But there are many better options compared to the HP Pavilion HPE h9z as there are many other gaming PCs which are better and in the same price range. Since it is not really great when compared with others, it is just impossible to recommend it to someone.

It cost $1,049 and these are the things it offers. It’s motherboard chipset is a AMD 970X. And it’s CPU offers 2.8GHZ AMD FX-8100. As for memory it offers 8GB 1,333MHz DDR3 SDRAM. It uses a 1GB Nvidia GeForce 550 Ti for graphics. As for it’s hard drive, it has a 1TB 7,200rpm. And finally as for it’s operating system, it uses a Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)

If you are considering about whether you should purchase this, I strongly advise you to not buy it and get another PC instead. As there are many better alternatives that are cheaper and run much better.

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Dell XPS 15

The Dell XPS 15 is a beautiful outstanding laptop with a 15 inch 4k display. It has a great processor and offers wonderful graphic options. All in a sleek and beautiful body. But the keyboard could be bigger and offer a more comfortable typing experience. And the touchpad could generally be improved. Well there is no doubt that the Dell XPS 15 is a laptop that really makes you feel proud when you own it.

One of the reason that the Dell XPS 15 is really great is that it comes with the best processor and comes with stunning graphics. It offers a 15.6-inch 3,840×2,160 touch display. A 2.6GHz Intel Core i7-6700HQ. As for graphics it uses one of the best which is a  2GB Nvidia Geforce GTX 960M. And it runs on Windows 10 Home (64-bit).

Well in my opinion you are only going to be getting this if you are avid in watching videos. For example watching youtube, twitch, netflix. If you want to get this for gaming I would not recommend it as there are many much better options.

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Pink Clouds EP

Pegboard Nerds, arguably the best artiste in Monstercat has released their EP titled Pink Clouds which consist of five different tracks. The thing that makes Pink Clouds very different from the rest of other Pegboard Nerd’s or Monstercat’s EPs is that it has tracks made of many different genre. Ranging from Pegboard Nerd’s first future bass song to a drum and bass remix of their song Fire In The Hole which came out years ago.

The EP start’s off with the song that every Pegboard Nerd fan was hyped about. It has been teased 1 year from it’s release and the wait was really worth it. The switching of notes at the start of the song was really satisfying and vocals that fit in perfectly to the song. Transition to drop was fitting and not overdone and really happy sounding as well. Just when you think that the song can no longer get better, the second drop arrives. The 2nd drop really reflects Pegboard Nerds’ style in my opinion. Pegboard Nerds’ style is not having a fixed style when making their song which results in lots of wonderful surprises when listening to one of their songs for the first time. Even if you have listened to all of Pegboard Nerds song, you’ll never really know what they would come up with next.


The next song, Pink Clouds featuring Max Collins, is a cheerful track with a deep meaning in it. It has a catchy beat which makes you feel like dancing to it. The vocals were not the greatest and can be done better. But overall a really great song.

Pink Clouds

And Just Like That, we are halfway through the EP. Just Like That featuring Johnny Graves was really well done. It is a really fluid future bass song. Each part links perfectly to each other. Vocals by Johnny Graves were well done. Really nice future bass drop even though it was kind of different from your typical future bass drop.

Just Like That

Even though we are halfway through the EP you don’t have to be Downhearted. Downhearted featuring Jonny Rose is a house song which is  a genre you rarely see the Nerds touching. It has a nice melody to start the song of which leads to the intro vocals which was just angelic and the build up was great. The transition from the angelic voice to the melodic drop was really well done. In my opinion it is the best song in the EP closely followed by Emoji.


As the End Is Near, lets take a trip down memory lane and head back a few years back with a remix of classic Fire In A Hole. End Is Near (Fire In The Hole VIP) is really well made and is truly a master piece and shows how much Pegboard Nerds have evolved over the past few years.

End Is Near (Fire In The Hole VIP)

Overall, I think as long as you’re a fan of EDM, you would love this EP and I can’t wait to see what Pegboard Nerds bring in the future.


Polarity is a first person puzzle game. With both a single player campaign and a co-op puzzle adventure. In Polarity, you play as a high-tech hacking robot. Solve your way through the different levels with this simple concept in mind. Blue passes through Blue and Red passes through Red.

This game takes place in a series of small rooms where you have to solve the puzzles that once solved will give you a huge sense of achievement. Polarity is really simple and you would be thinking about how you would manipulate certain objects, colours. Since it is on the web store Steam, many users compare it to Portal, the puzzle game made by Valve. There are lots of similarities and also lots of differences which makes Polarity stand out. Here’s an analogy for it. Imagine that you have a really fun game in your hand and you cannot wait to play it. But you cannot afford a super fast computer. Instead you only can play on a laptop which has not the best graphics. You don’t get the best you can get. But you get enough so that you can have fun.

Polarity cost SGD$11.50 and is on sale right now for the cheap price of SGD$0.23. So overall in my opinion, this game is a must try for Portal fans. For other gamers that want to try something different they may want to get this when it is on sale.

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