Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Have you been craving for a phone which can easily be accessed and used ? If you are,then the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the perfect device for you !

Even though the device is months away from their release,there are some leaks about this new phone. Some people found out that the phone consist a fingerprint scanner which is very convenient for people to unlock their phones. Not only is it easy for access,but it is able to wave through Samsung Pay and Android Pay. It is rumored that the Samsung Note 8 has the dual-camera function trend that the Samsung Galaxy S8 have. There might be a Bixby AI assistant function on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 which might be a priority on other future Samsung Devices.

What is the Bixby AI assistant you might ask,well,it basically functions like the Apple’s Siri. This is also one of Samsung’s best device yet,as it is rumored to have two cameras at the back of the phone and a stylus with a built-in speaker. Apple and Samsung is always competing with each other to see who makes the better product, and each year they make a new device. Apple could also be making a new iPhone product,possibly named as the iPhone 8.Samsung has been conducting this ‘Enhanced Safety Checklist’ due to the Note 7 failures. They found out that there are holes during their battery testing and because of this incident,they have been using this ‘Enhanced Safety Checklist’ for Galaxy S8 and every other Samsung Phone produced in the future.

Despite all the useful functions on this phone,it is extremely expensive. The recent Samsung device,the Galaxy S8 that was out, cost about $1148. So, be prepared that the Galaxy Note 8 would cost much more than the Galaxy S8. The Galaxy Note 8 might have curved sides like the Galaxy S8,which will make it symmetrical whichever side you are holding it. The Galaxy Note 8 might be coming in August or September.The phone might be light and easy to carry around but this is not confirmed.

I would buy this product as it has many unique features despite how expensive it would cost me.

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